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Chapter XII: Papers and Promises

Thursday morning announced the departure of the Daily Planet reporters. The entire Fenton clan, plus Sam and Tucker, were there to see them off.

Clark and Jack shook hands. "Well, it was nice being here," Clark said. He had to forcibly relax himself as Jack suddenly grabbed him in a giant bear hug.

"We'll miss you two," said Maddie, hugging Lois goodbye. The luggage was already loaded up in the little rental car.

"We wish we could've stayed longer," said Clark. "But duty calls."

Over in the corner, Tucker snickered. "He said 'duty'." Clark frowned, but didn't say anything.

Danny stepped up. "About that news article you two were doing. I hope it turns out really good."

Lois couldn't help it. She ruffled Danny's hair like she had seen Jazz do once, and he slapped her hand away, annoyed, but amused at the same time.

"It'll be a great article. We'll send a copy to you in the mail."

"Hey, Lois," said Sam suddenly. Lois turned to face the girl, who was, surprisingly, smiling. "I guess you're not as bad as I thought."

"Thanks," said Lois as she got into the passenger side, and Clark slipped into the driver's side. Waving good-bye, they drove off.

They boarded the airplane that would take them back to Metropolis without any major problems, although one of the baggage checker boys had made the mistake of leering at Lois in front of Clark. As they walked past, Clark shot a quick laser burst, hitting his belt and causing him to drop his pants. He tripped, turning bright red. Clark though that boy would never ogle another woman as long as he lived.

When they walked into the newsroom Friday, it was to the usual sounds. Jimmy scrambling, Perry shouting, phones ringing off the hook. Lois sighed. She was so glad to be home.

The article was out for the evening edition, front page.

"Danny Phantom Innocent!"

True Intentions Exposed!

By: Lane and Kent

For two years, the ghost of Amity Park, Illinois, known as Danny Phantom was assumed to be a malevolent ghost like any other. Recent evidence, however, has come into play to suggest this innocent ghost was only trying to protect the town he cares about. In this interview, he shares his true loyalties:

L/K: Why are you still here?

DP: I consider it my job to protect the citizens of this town. I died years ago to protect them, and it's sorta ingrained into me.

L/K: If you had a choice, would you choose to move on now that your name's been cleared?

DP: No way! The ghosts are still here, so Amity Park still needs protecting.

L/K: What really happened last year with the mayor?

DP: I was framed! Another ghost named Walker was determined to have me in his prison for a crime I didn't commit. Since it hadn't worked in the Ghost Zone, he decided to make my life terrible here. It worked. He overshadowed the mayor to ensure the town's hatred of me. It worked too.

L/K: What is overshadowing?

DP: Overshadowing is when a ghost takes over a human's body. It can happen to anyone. If someone you know is behaving oddly, they might be possessed. It isn't a pleasant feeling. From what I've heard, of course.

L/K: Have you ever overshadowed anyone?

DP: Yes, but it was for their own safety, whether they realized it or not.

L/K: What is the Ghost Zone?

DP: It's an area where almost all of the ghosts live. Some of them break out to cause havoc, while others like me are not safe there.

L/K: Are there any friendly ghosts?

DP: (laughs) No Caspers if that's what you're asking. There's only a few truly good ghosts. There's Dora the dragon ghost; Wulf, whose name I think says it all; Cujo the ghost dog, but he's not mine, contrary to belief; the Dairy King up in Wisconsin, and Clockwork, Master of Time.

L/K: Who's the most annoying ghost you've ever fought:

DP: Box Ghost, hands down.

L/K: Who's the most dangerous ghost you've ever fought?

DP: I'd rather not say. What I can tell you is I'm here to stay. I don't intend on abandoning this city anytime soon. No matter who or what tries to force me to leave.

Valerie threw the offending paper in her wastebasket. She would love to blast it to pieces, but with her dad listening in on her, she couldn't afford to make him suspicious.

She heard the doorbell ring, and her father's voice answer. A few minutes later, he came up to her room, a garishly decorated box in his hands.

"Package for you, Valerie," said Mr. Grey, putting it on her bed. "I think it's from Star."

Surprised, Valerie said, "Thank you," and her father left. She opened up the package, wondering why Star would send her anything. Once the box was opened, however, she understood perfectly. A plain brown box sat inside the colorful present. Picking up the note attached to it, she read:

Dear Valerie,

Sorry I haven't been in correspondence. I've been rather busy, and only just reentered the United States from a short trip. I read the Daily Planet newspaper article today, and I must say I was quite shocked. You and I both know that Ghost Boy is trouble. It may be possible he's overshadowing Lane, Kent, or even Superman. Either way, both of us know this cannot be allowed to continue.

Valerie temporarily tore her attention away from the note to the box. Opening it up, she saw a plain pistol, but as she checked the bullets, she noticed that there were three glowing green bullets inside instead of the regular cartridge. Picking up the note again, she finished reading:

These bullets are made of a rare rock called Kryptonite. If you suspect Superman is being overshadowed, you can shoot him with these and knock the ghost out, but it may kill Superman in the process. Be thrifty though. These are the only bullets available. Use them well, and I hope everything goes in your favor.

Your friend,

Vlad Masters

Valerie grinned fiercely. Now she could have her revenge on that Ghost Boy. And from the way it sounded, it might be very soon. Very soon.



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