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// Author's Note: Hey everyone! I've started a new fanfiction... this one will be multiple-chapter, though the chapters will (obviously) be shorter than my one-shots. So Don't expect super-long chapters, but this will be quite a long story so I hope you'll enjoy! .

It's different from my usual romance-style of writing, as it is more fun, light-hearted, and humorous. I think you'll all like it. I will start each chapter with an Author's Note, cause there will be quite a few notes to make about this story.

First of all, this is a story about the Harvest Moon Magical Melody, and Harvest Moon Back To Nature/Friends of Mineral Town characters in High school. That means, the Mineral Town villagers and the Flowerbud Village villagers all in a modern-day high school, (which is not named Harvest High, btw! XD). So one thing I'd like you to keep in mind is that this is High School. All the characters are in the 16-18 age range, meaning any relationships that occur in the story are... well, not official. That means that if I decide to pair up Eve with Cliff or something, don't take it seriously and flame me to death XD. It's all high school, they're still young and It's fairly common for people who date in high school to not end up together 'for good'. So please, if you don't like the couple, just try and deal with it and enjoy the fic.

This is, as I said, a High School fic. While it'll be really fun and light and stuff, it will also contain some other aspects of High School that I think should be added in. There won't be too many sexual references, though some to alcohol, smoking, and other aspects. Though I probably won't have much about drugs and sex, there will be some not-so fun stuff that is still a part of High school.

Another thing - this fanfic is using MM and FoMT characters (and some AWL too), and some have very similar names. Which is why some characters will have different names. (For example, Maria from MM will be 'Mia', so she isn't confused with Mary from FoMT). So yeah, I'll always post a 'new names' list at the beginning of a chapter that involves new names.

Other than that, enjoy! Don't forget to read the Author's Notes for each chapter so that you don't end up horridly confused or something like that. As long as you can follow, I'm sure you'll enjoy it! End Author's Note //

Disclaimer: I do not own Harvest Moon, its characters, etc. They all belong to the wonderful folks at Natsume and Marvelous Interactive, so thank them! This is, after all, fanfiction, and not really affiliated with them in any way. Enjoy!

Characters Notes:

Lloyd Croswell Jack from MM

Meghan Winslow Jill from MFoMT

Sasha Yachiko (Sacchun) Jill from MM

Chapter 1 - First Day Back

It was early in the morning. Too early, anyway. An usual time for anyone to be awake. The sun glared against his eyes. How could the sun be up this early...? he thought to himself, continuing to walk. He walked, and walked, and walked. His eyes barely even open, he continued to walk. He walked until he could see it - his destination was in sight now. Quickening his pace, he continued to walk, feeling a twinge of excitement, though mostly feeling anxious. He was almost there, and --

CRASH. - A girl with dark brown hair, tied in two cute pigtails bumped into him.

"Owwwwwww... Why did you have to do that, Sacchun?!" Lloyd cried.

"Hehe! Look alive, Lloyd! It's the first day of school! Time to get our schedules, meet our new teachers, find a new spot to eat for lunch It's all so much fun!" she replied perkily.

"How can you be this excited for school? Don't forget the homework, the projects, the wasted energy, the boring classes. Emphasis on 'boring'." Lloyd complained to her.

"Stop being such a pessemist. You're just actin' all grumpy 'cause youre tired. Your eyes are all bloodshot and... tired. What were you doing last night?"

"Joe and I... stayed up late... playing video games." he said groggily. He continued to walk to school, the sun still glaring uncomfourtably and now shouldering regrets of staying up last night playing a hardcore Super Smash Bros. Melee marathon with his best friend, Joe.

Him and Joe lived at the student houses, small apartments for two that were rented out to high school students who wanted to live independently from their parents. Though the student houses were still within the school's area, even though they were seperate from the main building. While this of course meant more responsability and maturity, but also meant... less discipline and nagging parents. Which was exactly what Lloyd and Joe had wanted in the first place.

"I see." Sasha Yachiko said - most of her close friends just called her Sacchun. "Lemme guess. Joe totally kicked your ass with Link again!" she laughed.

"No way! Zelda totally killed Link! ... I think. I can't really remember."

"I think Kirby kicks all kinds of ass."

"...Kirby's too cheap and pink and puffy. No super melee fighter can be pink and puffy."

"You just suck at using Kirby."

"Do not!"

"My, what a stimulating conversation." interruptted another girl, walking between Lloyd and Sacchun.

"MEEGGG!" Sacchun squealed and nearly jumped on her. She was really hyper sometimes.

"Gaaah, Stop! I finally got my hair the way I wanted it, now get off me!" Meghan Winslow exclaimed. She was also living in student housing, her room mate being Sacchun.

"Jeez, Sorr-rry..." Sacchun said, rolling her eyes.

"Where's Joe anyway? Wasn't he walking with you guys?" Meg asked, looking around for Joe.

"Maybe he fell asleep and is curled up on the side walk a few blocks back or something?" Sacchun said, giggling.

"No, I think he kind of trailed off while we were passing Gwen and her clique of popular people." Lloyd said, still tired.

"So she's the most popular girl at school again?" Sacchun asked.

"Looks like it. Oh! But Karen's really popular too." Meg added.

"Looks like it'll be battle of the posse's again this year." Lloyd yawned.

"It's gonna be a fun year!" Sacchun said happily, slapping Lloyd on the back.

"OW!! How do you have so much energy in the morning?" he said, rubbing his back.

"It's called not-staying-up-all-night-playing-fighting-games." She teased.

"Hey! It's not my fault I couldn't get to sleep. My sleeping pattern got butchered over the summer." Lloyd said, rubbing his eyes. It was true, almost every summer night he and Joe were up well past midnight.

"Well, better get back into school mode." Meg said, walking ahead of them.

The three of them finally arrived at Flowerbud High School, which they attended. Sacchun had gone off to glomp more people she hadn't seen over the summer, so Meg and Lloyd had continued on inside to get their schedules and find Joe.

"Ah, the old smell of the school corridors. Haven't you missed it?" Meg said, breathing deeply.

"...No." said Lloyd honestly.

"Well, I did! The whole ... school atmosphere is exciting!" she said.

"...No, you're just weird."

"Oh come on! Lighten up, it's the first day! Who knows what exciting things might happen this year." she said, her eyes practically twinkling.

"You're starting to sound like Sacchun!" Lloyd laughed, poking her in the cheek.

"Oh hush. She starts to rub off on you after rooming with her for like a whole year." Meg reasoned.

The two of them walked into the entrance hall, where different desks were set up with teachers handing out schedules.

"Huh... I'm 'Winslow', so I'm in that line." she said, pointing to the last line. "Come see me after you get your schedule and we'll see what classes we have together!" Meg said cheerily and ran off. Lloyd, still feeling half-asleep, walked into the A-F line. He saw Ann, a red-haired girl who had been in his class last year. She was great at math and wanted to be an inventor.

"Hey Lloyd! How was your summer?" she said, noticing he was standing right behind her.

"Not bad, Ann. Camping, vacationing, playing videogames with Joe... Hey, speaking of which, shouldn't Joe be in this line?" Lloyd said suddenly, looking around. Joe still hadn't showed up. He had left the building with Lloyd, and they were both half-asleep, and Lloyd must have been too sleepy to realise whatever had happened to Joe.

Well, if it was anything serious, I think I would've noticed. Lloyd reasoned. He grabbed his schedule, since he was next in line. Walking out of the line with Ann, Lloyd said,

"Jeez, if I have math as homeroom, I'll kill myself...", before pulling out his schedule and scanning it for his homeroom class. "...Ann, can I borrow your gun? I need to shoot myself now." he said, annoyed. Math was his homeroom!

"Math isn't that bad, Lloyd."

"Yeah, says you."

"It's your attitude about the whole thing! Just... go in there and give it your best!" She said happily, before running off to join her own friends.

"Yeah. Whoohoo." Lloyd said sarcastically.