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Chapter One.

Ashlee looked out at the long line of girls and sighed. She'd always been so proud of her husband but when he forced her to come to autograph signings like this it made her questions his motives. The long line of excited girls, the kissing, the hugging and the flirting was all that ever went on at these things and Ashlee sometimes wondered if Randy only brought her to show her what he could have if she ever threatened to leave him again. Many girls would probably give their life to be married to one of WWE's finest wrestlers, thinking he was the absolute perfect guy. But they'd be wrong and sometimes Ash wanted to tell them. It wasn't like he treated her badly..not in an abusive sense anyway. But he never gave her the love and affection he'd once given her so many years ago. The honeymoon phase was definitely over for them. Sad thing was they hadn't been married for that long.

He looked over at his wife and flashed that famous Orton smirk at her and she melted. It was exactly one year ago that they had met. She had driven her sister and best friend to a live wrestling event, and although she'd never been too into it she had stayed. Her best friend had wanted her to meet her boyfriend that night. Ashlee promised and she wasn't one for breaking promises, especially to her best friend. She'd sat and watched the show with Kristen and Alicia that night laughing at their screaming and cheering along with the crowed. They'd all gone backstage after the show to meet Chris, Kristen's boyfriend of a few weeks and it was then, standing there talking to her best friend, that she had saw him. Tall, dark and amazingly handsome. Her eyes had instantly drowned in his beautiful blue ones. He flashed his smile at her and she swooned. He excused himself from whomever he had been standing with and walked over to her little group. Kristen was still talking away, but Ashlee had kind of zoned out. As he approached she felt herself smile.

"Randy.." He said with that amazing smile.

"Ash..Ashlee." She managed extending her hand.

He'd take it in his and placed a small kiss on it. "Nice to meet you Ash..Ashlee."

"It's just Ashlee." She smiled.

"I know sweetheart, I was teasing you."

'Oh god he can tease me all he likes.' Were the thoughts that came into her head. Obviously she hadn't said them aloud but somehow she felt like he could read her mind because he flashed that smile yet again. She laughed lightly and let her hand drop.

"We need to go out sometime."

Ashlee looked at him. She was completely unaware of her sister, best friend and best friends boyfriend still standing there, looking at her like they were.

"Oh..uhh sure. That would be cool." She smiled. Kicking herself for sounding like a kid in high school being asked out for the first time.

He'd taken her out that very night. Kristen had been excited. Alicia was a little worried her sister was rushing. But Ashlee wanted to live on the spontaneous side, and that's what she did. They shared a wonderful dinner by candle light, followed by dancing. For someone of his body size Randy could sure as hell dance. After dancing he'd taken her hand and they shared a moon lit walk along the beach. That was their first dated. After that they were inseparable. Six months after that dated Randy had taken Ashlee back to the beach they'd walked on and he'd asked her to marry him.

So, here they were. Married for 5 months and Ash didn't know if she was happy anymore. This was supposed to be the honeymoon phase, she knew that. Randy signed his last autograph and left the table.


Ash nodded. He walked to the exit door and she sighed again, following him with her arms crossed.

"Why do you have to act like that?" Randy asked as they walked to the car.

"I'm not acting like anything Randy."

"You are acting like a brat, Ashlee. I told you I had to work today."

Rolling her eyes she got into the car and buckled up. "I know, but you didn't have to insist I come along with you."

"I wanted you here. It's our anniversary today and I wanted to spend the day with you before tonight's show."

She didn't say anything after that, just stayed silent for the rest of the car ride. She wished, hoped so much that there was someone out there who could pick her spirits up. And then she saw him. John Cena.

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