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He was a monk. A simple monk. He had taken his vows. He was to remain chaste. He was to hold no one in higher regard than anyone else. He knew this extremely well. But he did not care. Ever since he had awakened from his slumber in the iceberg, he found it hard to think of anyone else.

Katara. His sweet Katara. He hadn't told her how he felt, and he wasn't planning to.

'What are you so afraid of, Aang?'

'Aside from the sheer and utter embarrassment or possibility of rejection? Not much'.

It was a constant battle in his head. He was breaking his vows just by thinking of her like this. All he knew was that he loved her. And he didn't care. He didn't care what the other monks would have thought. He didn't care what the spirits had to say. He wanted her. He needed her. But as far as he was concerned, he couldn't have her.

What do your vows mean now, Aang? Nothing! You are the last of the air monks. You are the last of an entire civilization. Who will scorn you for falling in love?

No one!

And with that last sentence his mind had to say, he knew what he had to do. He couldn't let his past bring him down. He would tell Katara how he felt.

"Hey Aang, are you ok?" Her voice was beautiful. He could have listened to Katara's sweet voice for the entire century he was stuck in that block of ice.

"Helllooooooo! Earth to Aang, come in, please!"

"Huh! Wha- oh. Sorry." He had been staring at her again. She had been sitting across from him, on the other side of the camp fire. He couldn't stop himself from looking. She was always so calm and peaceful at night. He could feel the warm blood rising to his face. In a desperate attempt to hide his blush, he made an excuse to get up.

"I'm going to get some water from the river. I'll be right back." And with that, he was off; not knowing it was possible to get up so fast without the help of his bending.

"Aang! We have 2 canteens full of water!" She yelled at him loud enough so that she could be heard as he was speeding away. She just settled down again and sighed.

Sokka had been observing the whole time, which is odd, considering his attention usually never left his dinner. All he could do was roll his eyes. It was so obvious to him why Aang acts so strange. And while he didn't like the idea of ANYBODY being with his little sister, he secretly helped Aang try to get closer to her. If anyone was gonna be dating his sister, he would have been glad that it was Aang. He has seen the way Aang looks at her. He knew Aang would protect her and take care of her.

But it wasn't only Aang. He had seen some of the glances the two of them exchanged, and he knew that Katara had feeling for Aang as well. She was just better at hiding them. But a blush escaped her every once in a while.

"What do you think that was all about?" Sokka asked Katara as he stared formulating a plan to get them together.

"I don't know. He has been acting very around us strange recently…" She was so oblivious to the fact that Aang likes her that it almost made Sokka start laughing.

"Hmmm, I wonder why…?" He asked almost menacingly. He couldn't help but toy with her mind.

She had a confused look on her face, trying to understand what Sokka meant by that. After a moment she just yawned.

"I'm going to sleep, Sokka. Good night."

"Good night, Katara" Sokka said trying his best to sound apathetic.

" G'Night Katara" Toph said loudly from the earth tent she was lying in.

Katara entered her tent and soon you could hear slow, even breathing coming from inside.

Looking around to make sure that Aang was still at the river, Sokka slowly got up. He approached Toph's earth tent and knocked lightly on the wall.

"Hey Toph! It's Sokka! I need to talk to you. Can I come in?" He asked outside the earth tent in a barely audible whisper.

"Sure Snoozles." She said as she lowered a portion of the front wall to let him in.

"What's up?" She asked. You could tell there was a hint of curiosity in those

almost-never-changing-hazy-blinded eyes.

"I've got a great idea, and I need your help."

"Is it about those two?" She asked, referring to Katara and Aang. She had been listening to what was going on outside, around the fire. She could tell a lot about people's emotions just from the sound of their voices.

Being blind will do that to you, I guess. Her mind told her. She just shrugged it off.

"Yeah, it's about them" He said with a small amount of satisfaction in his voice.

"I'm in!" Toph said, excitedly. She knew that the 2 belonged together, and she was willing to do whatever it takes to get them that way…

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