Hinata's new boyfriend becomes extremely violent do to his jealously of other guys even looking at her, yet alone being around her. Which causes problem since Hinata's best friend is a guy. Can anyone save her from her boyfriends fits of jealously? Starts off SasuXHina and ends in GaaXHina


Chapter 1: The First Time

Hinata's POV

I walked into school wearing a black pleaded skirt that went just above my knees, with a formfitting white button-up collar shirt. I was getting all kinds of states from the guys in the hallway as they check my legs out. I could feel the heat raise to my face from all the attention I was getting. I normal wouldn't wear something like this to school but my boyfriend said I would look cute in it. This is my first boyfriend and I don't want to disappoint him. I've already been enough of a disappointment to my family, and I don't want to become anyone else's disappointment too. So that's way am wearing it. I was so lost in thought about not being a disappointment that I didn't even notice my best friend was walking next to me. He was giving all the guys looking at me death glares. My best friend can be pretty intimidating. He has wild red hair, blue-green eyes with dark circles around them making him look like a raccoon. His name is Gaara. We've been friends ever since middle school. His been with me through thick and thin. I know it's a little strange to have a guy as your best friend. Sure girls have guy friends but guys aren't the ones you usually spill all your problems to. I looked up at Gaara and just smiled.

"Are you okay?" Gaara ask passively

"Just fine!" I replied

"Your werid."

"AM WERID!!! Your one to talk." I laugh as I gave him a light push.

"Here comes your boyfriend. You know how I feel about that guy so am gonna go. See ya in class." And with that said Gaara left. I saw my boyfriend coming towards me but something wasn't right. He didn't look too happy to see me, causing my heart to sink.

"Hinata. We need to talk. In private." he grabbed a hold of my arm and pulled me to a near by conner.


Sasuke was standing next to his girlfriends locker talking with his buds, Naruto and Shino, when Naruto whistle and stated,

"Damn!!! Sasuke your girl is looking HOT today! Look at all the stares she getting. If your not careful someone might steal her way from ya."

"Shut-up, dobe." Sasuke was getting pissed at the way all the guys were looking at HIS girlfriend.

"Sasuke why do you have to be such an teme?" Sasuke just gave Naruto a death glare causing Naruto to shutter.

"Sasuke, what's the deal with Hinata and that Gaara guy?" For once Shino actually spoke. Sasuke looked over to see Gaara next to Hinata as he was glaring at any guy who looked at Hinata. Sasuke knew that Gaara was her best friend, but he didn't like that guy or any guy being around Hianta.

"There just friends." he said threw clenched teeth.

"Well they look close so ya better not mess up or he might take her away." Sasuke's anger wasn't subsiding as he looked at the two interacting with each other. His jealously took over and he stormed over to them. He notice as he go closer that Gaara saw him and left. Which cause Sasuke to question what they were talking about.

"Hinata. We need to talk. In private." he grabbed a hold of her arm and pulled her to a near by conner. He threw her against the wall hard causing a loud 'thud' sound. She winced in pain from the impact of the wall. Sasuke had both of his arms on each side of her face pinning her in between them. Hinata had small tears coming from her shocked eyes. Sasuke looked at her with hate and disgust written all over his face as he spat,

"What the hell are you wearing?"

"I-I... you.."

"Are you trying to look like a slut?"

"B-B-But you said..." Hinata's body was trembling as she saw his cruse mark started to spread across his left side of this body. His face was only inches away from hers when he warned her,

"If you ever dress like that again, you'll be sorry. Got that!" Hinata just shook her head in agreement as the tears rolled down her face.

"Am sorry..." she sob softly. Sasuke cupped her face with his hands as he wiped away the tears with his thumbs. His mood doing a 180 as he lovingly said,

"Shhh... It's okay... I just got a little jealous that's all. I love you so much that am afraid someone might try to take you away from me. I 'd just die if anyone took you away from me. Just do as I say then I wouldn't get mad and yell at you, okay?" Hinata nod in agreement as Sasuke gave her a small kiss on the lips. He let go of he face and took her hand and walk to class as if nothing happen.

Hinata didn't know what to do. This was the first time since they've been going out he has acted like this. It's like he was a change person. When Hinata first met Sasuke he was the sweetest guy she'd ever met. He'd help her out with assignments and when she forgot her lunch he could buy her something to eat. He was always kind and gentle to her. That's why she was so happy he asked her out. Now she was questioning his actions. 'Well he did say he sorry...and it was the first time this happen. Maybe its nothing. I mean this is my first relationship and I've heard guys can get jealous easily when other guys look at their girlfriends the wrong way. That it. Because of all the stares I was getting he got a little up-set is all. Yeah, he'd never intentionally hurt me.' And with that thought Hinata thought nothing of it as they walked into homeroom together. She had a small smile on her face as she looked up at Sasuke who looked at her and gave her a smile back as he mouth the words "I love you."

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