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Chapter 5: Failed Escaped

Gaara's POV:

I couldn't wait to see Hinata, specialty after having that nightmare. I hope that I'd be able to walk with her to school, so we could talk. Ever since she's been going out with Sasuke, its becoming harder and harder to talk to her.

'Sasuke sure is a jealous bastard. I don't know what she sees in him?' I thought as I walked out of my house.

'I know its her first boyfriend and he is the school's heart throb. I hope that at least she would become more confident about herself. A guy who could have any girl in the school picked her. Yeah, I was upset that she said yes to him, but I couldn't blame her. Not many guys asked her out during middle school. Which I must say was my fault. I had a reputation for being a cold hearted murder. A monster.'

I began to frown at the thought of my past. I was always hanging around Hinata. We had become best friends. So, people were scary to even approach her. I even over heard some girls say that I must be forcing her to be my friend. Threating her.

My head began to hang low as I continue to dwell on the past. I was deeply hurt by their comments. I was becoming a burden. But being the sweet angel that she is, Hinata told me that she was glad to have a friend like me. She said she never had a lot of friends and those who have become her friends are very dear to her. I began to smile at the thought that I was precious to someone.

End of POV

Gaara got to the school about ten minutes until the bell was to ring for homeroom. Once inside the hallway he spotted Hinata. He was about to wave to her but notice that Sasuke was there. He had his arm snaked around her waist, holding her in a very protective hold. Gaara rolled his eyes as he thought

'I'll talk to her during homeroom. There's no way I'm going over there with that bastard there. GOD!!! How I wish I could just rip that stupid smirk right off his face.' Gaara clenched his fist so hard that his knuckles turned white. Silently, Gaara walked past them and went into homeroom. He took a seat in the back next to a window.

Gaara stare lazily out the window. His homeroom was on the second floor. Then the warning bell rang. He watch as the students scurry to their homeroom class. The front of the school was clear of all students by the time the bell for class to start rang. Gaara looked around the room and didn't see Hinata anywhere.

"Great!" Gaara mumbled to himself. "I bet that bastard is making her late to class, once again. Hn."

Gaara rested his chin into his hand that was propped up on the desk and glanced out the window. As Gaara's eyes scanned the area, he notice two people standing by a tree. He couldn't make out who they were. And it look like a guy and a girl. The guy was obviously yelling at the girl who look like she was crying.

The guy started to walk away but the girl grabbed a hold of his arm. He stop and looked at her for just a second before he flung her to the tree. Gaara watch with wide shell-shocked eyes as the girl's small fame hit the tree hard enough for her to ricochet off it and fall to her knees.

The girl was now holding herself as the guy rushed over to her and try to help her, but she tried to push him away. This wasn't a good idea because then he hit her in the stomach, causing her to pass-out. Then the guy was carrying her towards the school.

Gaara was now standing. His body trembled at what he just saw. But what really freaked Gaara out was that as the guy carried the girl he would tenderly kiss her forehead and hold her close to his body as if she was a fragile porcelain doll.

'HOW SICK IS THIS GUY?!!!' screamed Gaara's mind.


Gaara looked to see who had screamed his name and it was the teacher.

"Gaara would you please take your seat. Your disturbing my class!!!" Anko-sensei had her hands on her hips as she scowled Gaara.


"Unless you want to have detention for a week you WILL take your seat!!!" hissed Anko-sensei.

Gaara reluctantly took his seat and was lost in his thoughts of what happen to notice that Hinata didn't show up at all for class. The bell rang and Gaara went to 1st period science. Hinata was already there sitting at their lab table, for they were lab partners. When Gaara saw her he couldn't remember if he saw her come into homeroom.


"Ano..Hi, Gaara." Hinata's head was hanging low. Gaara's brow raised as he asked,

"Did you make it to homeroom. I wasn't paying attention."

Hinata began to nervously play with her fingers. Her brows creased together as she stutter,

"Uh...w-well...I...y-you...see...what...h-happen w-was...that...I-I past out. S-S-Sasuke had to take me to the nurse..."

"Are you okay?" worry written all over Gaara's face.

"Yes...I'm better now.." Hinata whisper.

Gaara wasn't so sure. She looked a little pale, but she has a very pale complexion as it is. Class went by pretty fast. They had a lab on mitosis and had to look through a micro scope and identify the stage. Gaara notice that every time Hinata leaned over to look into the microscope and her stomach touch the tables edge, she would give a small whimper.

"Is your stomach okay?" Gaara question. His brow raised.

"Oh...yeah...just a little sore...uh...from...doing too many sit-ups. Trying to stay strong and in shape" she gave him a weak smile and that last part came out way to fast. But Gaara just shrugged it off. 'She'd have no reason to lie to me. We're best friends. She can trust me.' Gaara thought to himself to reassure himself. The bell for class to dismiss rang. Hinata hurriedly gather her things and turn to Gaara to say her goodbyes.

"I've got to go. Sasuke's waiting for me. I'll see ya during sixth. Bye." And with that said she scurried out of the room. Gaara continue to put his things into his bag as he mutter, "That lucky bastard."

Hinata saw Sasuke waiting for her by her locker. She hung her head low as she approached him. Once she was close to him he reach out to touch her but she flinched. Sasukes' smile fell.

"Are you still scared?" irritation in his voice.

"A...little." Hinata didn't look at him.

"I told you I was sorry." he spat.

"I...know...but.." her voice began to crack.

"Damn it, Hinata!!! I love you!!! You know I'd never intentional hurt you. I told you time and time again not to make me angry. I can't control it!!! You did this to yourself. You should be glad that I put up with you. You know I could have any girl in this school. But I pick you. Please...just do as I say and we wouldn't have to worry about me getting angry and you getting hurt." Sasuke's hands were folded across his chest.

Hinata had streams of tears running down her face. "I'm sorry Sasuke... Maybe I'm not the one for you...hiccup...maybe you should...sniff..." Hinata couldn't finish her sentence because Sasuke had place his lips on hers and was kissing her fiercely. Hinata's eyes wide with shock as the tears continue to run down her face. Once Sasuke broke the kiss he looked Hinata in the eyes for a few seconds. Then he leaned his head down to hers. His lips brushing against her ear as he whisper "I'll never let you go. No matter what. You will always mine."

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Chapter 6: A Savior

Hinata wasn't for sure if it was his breath against her ear or his words that sent chills down her spine, but what she did know was that he was serious. And that's what scared her. Sure she loved him, but this relationship was becoming unstable and she thought she had a way out when he said he could have any girl. It hurt to hear him say that, but after what happen this morning by the tree, that pain was a lot more tolerable than having to walk on eggs shells around him. But to no luck, he still wanted her. Causing the fear and tension to rise inside her. What she need right now was a savior.