MY NOTE: okay so I am trying to make a new story,which is nothing new..but this one is supposed to be funny. I hope and so I came up with this story with my friends at school who thought it would be funny. And it is but in a way you had to be there to listen to us come up with all this crap to laugh along with us. So anyway in the story Julia is trying to be black (no offense to anyone out there who is, cuz I love everyone..And I do not hate anyone and I'm am not racist nor sexist..if i spelled that right.) and Lili is a short-termed-memory loss person (no offense to those who are, in fact I wished that they weren't like that, and hope they find a cure to help those who are and prevent those who might become like that.) and all the other crap I come up with I will try my best to explain to you what it


"hey Julia." Lili yelled out for Julia who was walking quickly down the hall trying to get away from her. "Julia!" Lili yelled out again.

"oh man." Julia started to run towards the girls locker room. She pushed the door open as she ran into Asuka.

"OWWWWW,...GIRL WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING?" Asuka yelled as her and Julia crashed to the floor hard. Julia quickly covered Asuka's mouth with her hand.

"shut up for a moment okay." Julia glanced around to see if anyone was around. "i'm trying to get away from Lili." Julia whispered to her.

"oh girl don't get me started on her." Asuka snapped her fingers while waving her arm around.

"she just, like won't leave me alone." Julia told Asuka.

"who are we talking about?" Lili popped her head between Julia and Asuka.

"AHHH!" Julia and Asuka yelled backing away from Lili. Asuka shook her head back and forth.

"you know what, thats really weird how you do that!" Asuka told Lili.

"so what,.. your like the only friends I have!"

"lucky us!" Julia said as she quickly grew quiet and stared towards the lonely shower room.

"oohhhhhhh, oh,..oh yes." a girl was moaning but tried to keep quiet. Julia glanced toward Lili and Asuka and grinned broadley.

"ohhh." the girl moaned again.

"hey lets see who it is in there." Asuka whispered to Julia and Asuka. The girls slowly eased up to the shower stalls as the girls continued to groan.

"oh yes!" the girl threw her head around with her hair tossing around and blocking the view of her face.

"did you see who it was?" Lili asked.

"no.., so lets get just a little closer." The girls continued easing up to the shower stall and was able to spy on the person or people.

"oh yes, more.., more... more...yes...oh yes!" Julia, Asuka and Lili all laughed and watched the girl throw her head back again.Ling Xiaoyu groaned again and stepped out of the shower stall.

"XIAO!" the girls stared at her as Ling backed away from them.

"what are you doing in here?" Xiao asked embarrassed.

"YOUR EATING A LILLIPOP!" Lili said disappointed.

"this is my free and personal time alone and you invaded it!" Ling yelled at them pushing back a tear.

"your eating a lillipop!" Julia told her.

"look friends aren't supposed to invade their friends privacy." Xiao told them again taking another lick of her lollipop.

"MAYBE YOU DIDN'T KNOW THIS, BUT YOU ARE MAKING OUT WITH A LOLLIPOP!" Asuka yelled it loud enough at her shaking her head. Xiao pulled the lolipop out of her mouth and quietly put it back in her paper.

"well, I'm a young teenager, plus I asked Jin and he wouldn't make out with" Ling showed the lolipop back to the girls as they held up their hands and backed away.

"nah, were fine.." They said as the P.E coach marched down the stairway glaring at them.

"GET YOUR ASSES UP TO THE GYMNASIUM NOW!" the coach yelled at them and ran back up the staris again.

"well lets get dressed for heck!" Julia blurted out as she sensouly took her shirt off and put her gym clothes on which was a tank top and blue sports pants.

"Julia your not all that as you put on!" Asuka said as she turned the stereo on and tried to change sexily. Lili laughed and then stopped staring into space.

"what are we doing again?" Lili asked as we stared at her.

"uhhhh...were changing for gym." I told her and put my track pants on.

"ohhh...okay." Lili paused again. "since when do I have gym." she asked again.

"errrrr." we sighed as we dressed and Lili ran around doing crap and tripping over her feet.

"haha..I hit my head." she smiled and stood there watching us.

"i'm heading up." Asuka told us as she ran up the stairs with Lili following her.

"hey Julia. why is Lili short termed memory again?" I asked as I threw my clothes in the locker.

"ahh...she got hit in the head with a rock, thats why shes so retarded!" Julia waved her hands around, and bobbed her head back and forth. I giggled knowing that was a lie.. I think?

" lets go." we ran up to the gym awating the horrible day ahead.


"okay people we are going to run twenty-four minutes.NO WALKING, NO TALKING, NO MAKING OUT WITH YOUR LOLLIPOPS..." everyone stopped and stared at Xiaoyu.

"what?" she asked and shrugged her shoulders.

"SO...WHEN I SAY GO, START RUNNING!" he stared at us for a moment. "GO!" we all started running and I made sure my boobs were situated for the jog ahead.

"hey girl." Hworang whistled and yelled out at me. He slapped my butt.

"hey my home boy." I replied and started jogging.

"RUN FASTER!" the coach yelled at Jin.

"Screw you!" Jin yelled back and kicked him in the face. The coach started twitching.

"alright Jin!" I persuaded him and ran up beside him.

"take that Bitch!" Jin kicked him which gave me a adrenaline rush. " thats right." Jin told me.I walked up to the coach and looked down on him.

"YEA I'M BLACK!" I kicked the coach stomping him into the ground.

"Policeman!" a kid yelled out. I turned to se the policeman was coming after me.

"white folk start gettin murdered round, I outta here!" I started dashing away from the poiliceman as I passed by Asuka who grabbed my arm and pulled me back.

"JULIA,.. YOUR NOT BLACK!" she reassured me and I glared down at the floor.

"why you 'dissin me girl?" My voice grew high at the last part and I snapped my fingers.


"YAY THE BELL!" Lili and Xiao yelled and ran down the stairs to change.I also traced my way back to the locker room now letting my true self out. I hope you become yourself again by the end of second period.

"so you wanna start something?" I yelled at her

"maybe I do!"

"bring it white trash!" I pushed her down as she tore at my shirt and brought me down with her.

"whats their problem?" Lili asked as her and Xiao started walking out of the locker room.

"I dont know?" Xiao replied ignoring us and left for second period.


"hey Hworang what do you think they will do to Jonny for missing the homecoming game?" I turned my attention to Jin who was my football teammate. We both had on our blue and green jerseys and was sitting on top of our desktops.

"they'll drop him, hes a fatass!" I said out loud as the teacher looked up at me and was about to say something but decided not to even try to argue with me anymore. Since the first argument we had he has givin up all hope. Just in time Asuka walked in and grabbed her seat near the gang.

"sup Suka?" Jin lifted his head to signal what was up(duh.yall would know

"Xiao was caught making out with a lollipop again." we all shook our heads no except for Jin.

"hey Jin why don't you just make out with her for once, I mean if Xiao wanted to make out me with, I'd be more than happy to do so." I asked Jin as he shrugged at us.

"I don't know, I'm afraid that if I do that she will get carried away." Jin shook his head. "you remember what she did to me in The Principals Daughter Is Off Limits!" He gave us a certain look and stared at Xioa who was taking her seat next to Jin.

"hey baby." Jin smiled at her and she grinned back at him.

"hi honey." she rubbed his back and they started talking about mindless crap.At this time Julia walked in with Steve and Lili who was bumping into things accidently,..well not actually accidently since she was viewing her crappy ugly face!

"hey Hworang when are you going to ask Julia out?" Asuka said out loud as Julia took her seat next to me and stared at me for a long time.

"Asuka I don't like her." I whispered lowly. Asuka gasped and covered her mouth.

"you mean.." she grew louder. " YOU LOVE JULIA EVER SINCE KINDERGARDEN!"

"ASUKA!" I yelled at her as Julia jumped up and gave me a tight hug. I turned to face her.

"oh Hworang. I love you too!.." she let go of me. " I will date you as long as you can get down with my true black self!" she waved her arms around while snapping her fingers.

"uhhh." I was trying to think of an excuse when Xiao pipped in.

"hey if you can finally date Julia, then I can makeout with Jin!" she became excited and jumped on top of Jin as they started rolling in the floor.

"ahhhhh mom help me, shes doing it AGAIN!" Xioa gave him a hard,long kiss. "wow, hey thats not so bad!" Jin held onto her as they made out in the floor.

"nice." Asuka said below her breath. I turned back to Julia as she too was getting ready to jump into my arms.

"catch me!" she said as she jumped high into the air barely being visible to our eyes.

"uhhh.. okay." I held out my arms and quinched my eyes shut. I could hear her falling down from her long jump. okay Hworang buddy, if you catch Julia then that means your dedicating yourself to her...adn if I don't catch Julia...then I can live with that... I glanced up to see she was coming down fast.

"nooooooooo." I dropped my arms as Julia fell through the floor causing the floor to slightly cave in. She fell to the first floor of the school with was thirty four floors.

"HWORANG!" we could hear Julia yelling at the top of her lungs.

"ohh your in trouble." Asuka said to me which made me feel scared for my life.

"clump,clump, clump." I heard cowboy boots climbing up the stairs as the door flew open and Julia appeared out from the door with her clothes tore and hair messed up. She gave me an evil smile as she slowly made her way towards me.

"AHHHH MOMMY HELP ME!" I screamed like a little girl as I ran in the opposite direction from Julia.

"HELP ME...CAN'T YOU SEE SHE WANTS TO KILL ME.." I cried for help as I kept running and Julia somehow kept up with me although she was walking. I glanced outside the window to see lightninig strike a tree. I turned to face Julia but kept backing away from her.

"come on Julia it was just a little joke see, haha." she grinned as fangs showed through her evil smile.

"BRROOOOOOAAAKKKK!" thunder sounded and the lights went out.

"NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I screamed like a little girl as the lightning shone through the window to reveal Julia was right in my BAM SHE'S RIHGT IN MY FACE.BAM. The cry for help became mute as the lights flickered and then came back on to show Hworang was nowhere in sight.

"hey where did Hworang go?" Asuka asked. Jin and Xiao popped up from the floor.

"i dont know."

"yea me either." Xioa agreed.They glanced at Julia who was smiling innocently. Jin approached her carefully.

"uhh.. Julia where is Hworang?" Julia gave a scowl look

"do you wanna be where he is right now?" she asked threateningly.

"uhh no." Jin backed away as Julia threw up her hands towards the sky laughing maniacally.

"ah haha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha." she stopped and put her hand on her chest.

"BBBBBBBBBUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPP" a piece of Hworangs jersey flew from her mouth as she put her hands behind her back and swayed back and forth like a child. Jin grabbed the pieced of shirt and eyed it scarecly.

"uhhh." he showed it to Ling, Lili, Steve, and Asuka.

"whoah, thats like, totally whack!" Asuka said aloud.

"DEAL WITH IT IN THERAPY!" Julia barked back at her and strolled to her desk, studying her textbook.

"I'm putting her in my MUST AVOID LIST!" Lilli pronounced to us.

"wow Lili will you remember to do that?" Jin asked her.She stared at them for a moment

"do what?" Lili asked and shook her head walking to her desk beside Julia. Julia beamed a smile to Lili and they started working on their assignment.

"well..." Jin said finally breaking the silence. "we will look into this later."

"yea." they all agreed and sat at their desks completing their studies. But deep down in the school awaited I, Hworang calling out for help here people.

"hello is anyone up their?" I yelled out hanging onto the ledge of the ceiling. "hello." I glanced down to see my class mates which were girls who desperately wanted to make out with a total hottie like me.

"ohhhh Hworang you are all fine and all mine!" a girl said wiggling her ponytail at me.

"nooo." I climbed up higher avoiding their pleas for me to come down and trying to to escape their clutches from pulling me down and doing who knows what to me.

"man I wish Julia hadn't ate my cherry flavored jersey, I'm gonna freakin starve, and plus it was my favorite flavor cherry.

MY NOTE: I hope everyone likes this cuz I'm trying to write a funny story here. And if you get confused about Hworangs shirt, well its supposed to be like that lingerie that you can like, something...and it has different flavors and stuff...well I heard about it and thought that it would be funny to have lingerie flavored football jerseys...IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN heh? yea I don't get it