"sup my homies" I slammed my lunch box down on the table awaking the gang from their nap.

"what time is it?" Asuka stiffled out a yawn.

"it's lunch time babe." Steve told her as she blushed and put her finger up to her lips obviously thinking hot and steamy thoughts.

"move over bitch!"I said to Jin who unpleased scooted over. I plumped my buttocks on the seat and forced my lunchbag open.

"hey Julia, could you scoot your chair over a bit, so I could throw away my trash?" Hworang asked me nervously.

"uh uh!" I waved my index finger around and shook my head no. "uh excuse me!"

"what I just asked if you could scoot over a little." he gave me a mean look.

"oh no you didn't!"

"I just asked."

" what did you say...huh what did you say." I moved closer in his face.

"look I just want to throw away my trash."

"what was that? way am I a TRUE black gonna to move for you!"

"please I just want.."

"shutup!" I yelled at him and stood up gaining the students attention. "come on you piece of trash I'll take you on...Cuz I'm headstrong honkie!" He tried to stand up too but unsucessful fell on the ground.I ran to his side and gasped covering my mouth.He looked up at me and placed his head on his hand.

"oh...Hworang are you alright?" he gave me a droop dead gorgeous smile.

"yea I'm alright."

"good, thats what I wanted to hear." I kicked him in his ribs.

"owww crap...what was that for?" He stared up at me as I glared down at me.

"YEA I'M BLACK DIC(it rhymes with Rick) I continued to kick him as he cried like a little girl. "come on white trash! get up and fight like a manly woman that you are!" I mentally and physically abused Hworang when:

"COPS! Julia run!" I turned to see two cops approaching me with a taser.

"white folk gettin the crap beat out of them, I outta here!" I started to blaze my way out of there when Xiao grabbed me by my arm.

"JULIA, YOUR NOT BLACK!" She yelled it at me.

"and what gives you permission to say I'm not black? B!" (it rhymes with itch!) I tried a high kick on Xiao who evaded it with exceptional skill.

"crap white girl STAND STILL!" I tried to order Xiao but she just laughed at me. "so first you diss me and now you laugh and point makin fun o me.." I stalked to her motioning with my arms.

"maybe I am." Xiao did the same motion as me which made my blood boil with anger. "alright that's when it gets outta hand YA LIL' NASTY!" I grabbed her head and did a head lock on her.

"owww.B(rhymes with ditch) She tore my shirt off as I fell to the ground.

"oh no you didn't!" I ripped her shirt completely off revelaing that Xiao wore some naughty lingerie bra.

"ahhhh." Xiao screamed with embarassment and tried to cover herself. The students around us at first gasped at her and then made a I KNOW THE REASON BEHIND THIS face and stared at Jin.

"What?" Jin asked and shrugged his shoulders.

"You are going to pay for this!" Xioa yelled at me as she jumped on top of me punching me in the face.

"get off of me, you Jin lover, misses screw!" I decided to say that to make her mad.

"yea well...YOU BACK OFF BLACK WANNABE!" she smiled knowing that would make me even more mad.

"THAT IS IT! IT'S GONNA GET ALL UP N PERSONNAL IN HERE!" I tore at Xiaos pants hoping I could rip them in half.

"RRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPP! Her pants tore off as I held them high in the air. She gave one look at them and tore at my skirt. She too held them high in the air as the students especially the males cheered for us. She glave a kick to my face sending me flying into the air as I swiped a low kick to her ankles bringing her down in the floor with me. We rolled around puching and kicking each other pulling one anothers hair out of Whack. As the two police men stopped to watch us fight. They crossed their arms viewing the show as one leaned to whisper something in the others ear.

"hey...Its not everyday that you get to watch two girls fighting in their thongs." he smiled and cheered.The other one nodded.

"I know, this is why I love my job." he grabbed his camera and filmed us smiling and trying his best to hide a little erection.

"yea...fight, fight,fight, fight."they cheered as a lonely but brave man pushed the students out of the way to see what was going on.

"what the heck is going on here?" the principal yelled over the noise which made everyone shutup except for Xiao and Julia. The principal gave a sour look and holsted up the two girls from the floor.

"and why are you two young ladies fighting ?" the principal grinned and eyed my body all over.

"whoah.." the principal gulped.

"she is being a true white person!" I yelled causing Xiao to throw a puch at me.

"STOP IT BOTH OF YOU!" the principal yelled and glanced towards Xioa to have to double take on her.( double take is a second look, just saying in case you didn't understood what I typed )

"she started it with her black crap and stuff..." Xiao crossed her arms and huffed at herself. "now I wished I never watched that black movie with her." she shook her head as I remembered the time we watch back in black together which inspired me to my true self today.

"uhhhh...well" the principal gulped again. "uhhh Xiao didn't you say you was having difficulty in gym. She turned back to him and nodded.

"yea..why?"she asked and the principal smiled.

"show us how you do jumping jacks then.. you know to see how far in the gym are." he talked slowly as Xiao escaped his grasp. Xiao walked out in the middle of the cafeteria and did a cheesy cheerleader stance.

" READY...OKAY!" she started doing jumping jacks with her hair tossing all around her face and cleavage.

"OH YEA!" the boys cheered and she smiled goofy waving at them.

"oh yea baby you would look fantastic on my science class of anatomy!" Xioa turned to him

"hey thanks...owwww." she stopped jumping and tears coming to her eyes watched as her humongus ( fingernail slowly broke off and fell in the floor.

"ohh...oh..oh...oh." she wimpered and the boys gasped and slowly creid with her trying to sooth her. She started moaning for some odd reason.

ohhhh...ohhhhh...ooohhhhh nooooo my red hot, sexy fingernail that is supposed to attract the opposite sex has fallen off.." Xiao let her hair rest on her shoulders and cleavage as the males started drooling slightly and approached her easily.

"hey its okay..." one boy said as many of the males came about her.

"yea you still got it goin on!"



"YYYYYYYEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAA!" the boys yelled and cheered for her as I rolled my eyes not believing this bull crap. The principal once again made his way through to Xiao also tugging me along with him.

"uhh I'll need to see you both in my office." he blushed as Xioa jumped up and down excited that everyone was telling her she was doing a great job and plus her boobs were hitting the principal in the face! The principal loosened his tie and answered his cell.

"sir you have a meeting in two minutes." the male voice reminded him.The principal smiled at Xioa and I.

"Cancell it, I have some other matters I need to tend to." he pointed a finger to us so we would follow him and then quickly walked to his office every once in awhile jumping up and clicking his heels together.

"wow for an okd guy he can surely jump high..huh?" xiao said walking up next to him.

"yea he probably thinks he's gonna get some." We both laughed at him.

RRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG the bell sounded and Xioa and I wlaked out of the luchroom with a new bound friendship.

"you know Julia.."Xioa said as I stared back at her.

"I think that this is the beginning of a new frindship." she smiled at me.

"wow talking about Deju Vu!" I returned her smile and continued walking beside her. "yea as long as you don't have a problem of gettin down with my true black self, I have no problems of being friends with you." Xiao glanced at me.

"JULIA...YOUR NOT BLACK"she stared at me as I glared back at her.

"so what are you tryin to say?" that I'm not black...get some glasses Xiao!" I tripped her and proceeded to the principals office.

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