A Starry Night

He was sitting under a tree with many memories for him.Vincent Valentine remembered the time when his beloved Lucretia had wanted to have a picnic with him.This time however,he was alone.All he had to keep him comany in his eternal existance was his pesky demons,constantly trying(and failing)to take control of him,and the stars,flickering in and out forever.

Will I ever find someone to love me for as long as I can love them without having to suffer the heartache of their loss?


I wasn't talking to you Chaos.

So.You asked a question and I answered.That's what I'm here for right?

No,you're here to torture me for eternity.

Well,yeah mabey,that too.

Vincent hated his demons.All they did was torture him and do things to him in his head.Everyone wondered why Vincent was so quiet.It was because the demons(especially Chaos)was always chattering away and throwing partys and playing strip poker.(He was confused about the poker because it's not like the demons wear clothes.)And all of this was going on in Vincents head.

I'm sure glad that Yuffie isn't in here too.That would suck.

Why would it suck.I mean sometimes I just want to rip her guts out 'cuz she's so annoying but still,Yuffie's hilarious.

Only to you because she likes to pester me.

Well of course V.V.

Don't call me V.V.,you know I hate that.

Fiiiinnnne then.Be that way Vinnie.

Don't call me Vinnie either.That name makes me sound like a mobster.

You were problably one yourself you're so old.

While all this arguing was going on,noone less than the great ninja Yuffie was using her shinobi skills to sneak up on the gunslinger.

"Hello Yuffie."

"Hey!How'd ya know it was me!You always ruin all the fun Vinnie!"

"Why are you here?"Just what he needed.If anything was more annoying and troublesome then Chaos,it was Yuffie and she would take that as a compliment.

"Oooohhh.Where should I start?"It was a whole four years after the first Sephiroth incident.Every year on the day that Sephiroth was defeated,Tifa would throw a reunion party.Vincent hated the reunion party,but then again Vincent didn't like having to associate with other people period.

"Weeelllll,youknowthatTifa'sthrowingapartyandwantseveryonetocomeincludingyouVinnie."Man he despised how Yuffie would trow all of her words together like that.

So,you goin'?

Shut up of course I'm going.Tifa's one of the few people that NObody can say no to.

I bet I could.

I bet you'd lose your manlyhood too.

That really hurts when you say mean things like that.

You really think I care?

"SSSooooo?Are ya comin'?"


"Hey at least you can answer me."Vincent just started walking off towards his chocobo "Nightstalker".