chapter 4


After the pain and suffering they caused and who they still served,the Turks walked through Tifa's front door. A gaping mouth was on everyone's face(exept Vincent's of course). Reno,Rude ,Elena,and a a iracible Tsung walked through the door.

"Well look who it is."The always happy Tifa announced. Naturally,she wasn't going to turn away the people who in her mind,were forgivin. After all,the Turks were the ones who had helped out in the geostigma crises. The rest of the gang though,weren't as pleased to see the people who had destroyed the seventh sector in Midgar.

Well,Reno still has that stupid smirk on his face. I have to wonder,is he drunk or is he up to somthing? If it's the second option,then what is he up to?

I honestly wouldn't know and I really don't care.

Awwwwww. But you would have to care considering you was the one who saved Blondi and the you wannabe from a horrible death at the hands of the pretty-boy gang.

So,you're saying that I care about the Turks all because I saved them from Kadaj,Loz,and Yazoo. I don't care about anyone from the campany that highered Hojo. I just didn't like Kadaj more.

Whatever Vinnie.

Sigh...can't you just shut up for five minutes. I'll even say please.

Ok. So it turns out that Reno was drunk annnd Cloud was getting there sooo...yeah,trouble was on the horizen. First,Reno poked cloud saying that he was funny looking. Then,Cloud poked Reno back saying that he was ugly. At fis,Tifa tried to seperate them but as soon as she turned her back to them,they were at it again. After five minutes of them poking each other and throwing insults,they started wrestling on the floor. This resulted in Reno giving Cloud an atomic wedge and Cloud giving Reno a hydrogen wet-willie. Yuffie and the rest were laughing their butts off,Vincent could only stare with a lack of inthusiasm.

Hilarious isn't it?


But your team leader is acting like a two year old with red.

that is only because he's intoxicated.

The chocobo head made himself that way.

"YOU KNOW WHAT! I DON'T REALLY CARE WHAT CLOUD DOES OR HOW HE ACTS! YOU'RE THE ONE I CARE ABOUT WITH YOU'RE DUMB COMMENTS AND STUPID INSULTS!" People could only stare at the the normally collected gunman's sudden outburst.

"V-Vinnie? Why are you yelling at tin air about Cloud and someone's stupid insults?" Yuffie had dared to ask. Vincent could only stand in shock. Even Cloud and Reno had stopped to stare.

Why did I just suddenly yell like that?

Beacause. You're a hobo and you think that you can control yourself but in truth,you need to lighten up,get a life, let go a little,and overall be yourself. If you don't let go and keep bottling yourself up...and I really shouldn't say this'll lose complete control eventually. You'll just go mad. Oh,did I mention you're a hobo?

At this,all Vincent could do was storm off to his guest room with everyone's stares following him.

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