Ninja Karaoke

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Naruto or any of the characters.

"Ok…" Kakashi stares around the room at the different people there. "Who in the world managed this?" The question was based to the closest person in the room, Sakura, who was hiding behind him.

Sakura looks up and moves her short pink locks out of her face with a nervous hand. "I-it was Naruto and Tsunade-sensei!" she murmurs. She looks around the room before continuing. "They decided that everybody, even major enemies, had to participate. Very few managed to get away…"

"Oi! I heard that, Pinky!" Orochimaru snaps. He obviously didn't like how she said 'even major enemies'. "Watch your mouth, cherry-blossom-head!"

Kabuto quickly bows and murmurs a quiet, "Please forgive him. He is in a foul mood about this whole think, Sakura." He turns to Orochimaru. "Master Orochimaru…you better watch what you say. She IS the pupil of Tsunade. Who knows what she is capable of?"

"Yes…" Orochimaru hisses, glaring at the girl hiding behind her former sensei. "Watch your mouth, though."

"Ulp!" Sakura hides behind the masked Jounin even more than she already was.

Tsunade stood on the stage, held the microphone to her mouth and belted out "Ladies and Gentleman! Leaf-nin and Sound-nin! Sand-nin and Missing-nin! Demons and Snakes! Those who are supposedly dead, as well! I am glad to introduce a night of karaoke fun!" She sounded even louder than an announcer, so most people had to cove their ears. Kiba's hurt the most.

"Yeah! We'll have so much fun, believe it!" Naruto added, walking up to stand beside the female Hokage. "This will be a night to remember. Everybody has to sing and NOBODY kills ANYBODY! Got it?" he chirped cheerfully. Everybody nodded. "Great!"

Tsunade shoves the fox-boy over (Right off the stage) and adds, "We'll be going in alphabetical order."

The next thing everybody knows a purple-haired lady storms up to look Tsunade right in the eye. "That is not fair!" Anko belts out. "I start with 'An'! That means I gotta go first!"

"Exactly!" Tsunade and Naruto (Who crawled back on the stage after Anko barged up) chirped at the same time. Anko just fumes.

What will Anko sing? Who's all there? Read next time to find out!