Ghost From the Past (1?)
PG-13 (I think)
Word Count: 858
Disclaimer: I own House. Um, right. That was a lie. I don't own anything. Except season 1 & 2 on DVD and my own insanity.
Summary: In the middle of a case, a figure from Cameron's past arrives, creating complications and confusions in her life.
Author's Note: As I said, this is my first House fanfic. The characters may be very, very OOC. It is possible. I have no medical experience, therefore anything I write is probably very wrong. I have no beta, so all mistakes are mine.

Ghosts weren't living people. They didn't breathe. Their hearts didn't beat. But when Cameron looked at the man, she paled like she had seen one. Her mouth opened a little, a gasp of surprise escaping her lips, and she stopped. Chase had been reading a file, and when she stopped, he bumped into her, sending the file skidding across the floor. He went to retrieve it, but Cameron's ghost picked it up first. He handed it back to Chase, his eyes never leaving Cameron.

"Allison," he said warmly, smiling at her fondly. If House had been standing there, not Chase, he would have made some sort of crack.

"Joe," Cameron whispered, staring at him. Other than that one word, she didn't seem capable of speaking. Chase looked between the two of them. There was some sort of history here, a history that House would instantly butt into, but to Chase, it was tense, about as awkward as when House figured out that he and Cameron had slept together. He looked between Cameron and the mysterious ghost again.

"I'll go check on the labs," Chase said to Cameron, but she grabbed his arm, forcing him to stay. He glanced at her hand. Her knuckles were white.

"Joe, this is Chase," Cameron introduced them unnecessarily. He frowned, wondering why Cameron had chosen to introduce them when Joe's presence made her so uncomfortable. "Chase, this is Joe, my husband's best friend.


Husband? Chase was doing his own turn of staring. At first, he'd wondered about introducing them, but the word husband overrode everything else. Cameron hadn't said anything about being married. Chase might have been weak, but if he had known that she was married… Why hadn't Cameron sought out her husband that night? And if this was her husband's best friend, no wonder she looked like she'd seen a ghost.

"Robert Chase," he said, recovering enough to offer Joe his hand. Cameron was pretending nothing had happened, and he thought it best to do as well.

"Joe Stanton," he said, "You're one of the doctors in charge of my niece's case."

Cameron jerked, startled. "Elizabeth is your niece?"

"Yeah," he looked at her pleadingly, "can you tell me what's wrong with her?"

"Uh," Cameron began. She looked like finding out Elizabeth was Joe's niece was the worst thing that she could have heard. Having this man here had completely disconcerted her. She pursed her lips, searching for something to say other than we have know idea what's wrong.

Chase looked down at the file. "Our current theory is a form of meningitis, but we're waiting on the results of her tests."

"But…Allison…She's so sick," Joe began, looking lost, "Is she—"

"She…she should be fine," Cameron stuttered. "We need to get those results. We'll let you know as soon as possible."

She ducked her head and started walking away. Chase followed her until Stanton's voice made her stop. "Allison, promise me you will take good care of her."

Cameron nodded. "I promise."

Chase was staring at her again. He had done it when they delivered the LP results. Surprisingly, House didn't notice, but then he was wrapped up in Elizabeth's case and arguing with Foreman. All the while, Chase stared at her. It was disconcerting enough then, but it was still happening now, while she, Chase, and Foreman gave Elizabeth an MRI. She wanted to ask him, but it was bad enough having Chase's eyes on her. If she asked…

She couldn't ask.

She also couldn't think about Joe. It wasn't easy to keep her mind off of him. Just knowing that he was in the hospital, possibly waiting up by Elizabeth's room, made her nervous. She had seen him. He had been so close to her, close enough to touch. She had denied herself his touch years ago, and she couldn't ask for it now, not when his niece was their patient. They couldn't be what they had almost been.

She wasn't married anymore. She could date whom she pleased. She could sleep with whomever she pleased. She couldn't help looking at Chase when she thought that. She caught him staring and forced him to look away. Now she would have a few minutes of peace.

"Are you sure that you should stay on this case?" Chase asked.

She sighed, but it was partially out of relief. She knew why he was staring, so he would stop. "No. It's fine."

Foreman looked up. "Whoa. Why would you have to excuse yourself?"

"I know Elizabeth's uncle," Cameron said, studying the MRI. "It's not a problem. So don't tell House."

"Why should I bother?" Chase asked. "He'll find out anyway."

Foreman laughed. Cameron rolled her eyes. She looked at the screen. "It's clear. There's nothing here."

"There goes House's theory," Foreman muttered. "I'll go tell him."

Chase nodded. "I'll take Elizabeth back to her room."

He was up and out the door before Foreman got up. It was unlike Chase, but then she couldn't help but be grateful. If she went back with Foreman, she could avoid seeing Joe again. She wanted to see him.

But she didn't. She followed Foreman.