Author's note: I know I should be working on Murphy's Law, but I'm a bit stuck at the moment. I'm still trying to work out a few kinks before I get back to it. In the mean time, this idea popped into my head! Hope you enjoy!

"Hold still, Bren. I've almost got it." Angela said, struggling with the offending zipper.

Brennan winced, "Angela, I think it's too tight."

Angela pulled upwards, the zipper finally giving and pulling up nicely. "There. Now turn around," she said twirling her finger.

Brennan sighed, but did as her friend asked. She turned slowly in a circle. The long dress was a tad tight, but the bottom flared just enough to not cause the wearer any difficulty with walking. Brennan stepped over to the mirror in her office to check her reflection. She cocked her head, studying her trim figure in the deep red halter-style dress. She had to admit, Angela had picked out a great one. The soft silky fabric crisscrossed in front, hugging her breasts tightly, the back open, but not dipping scandalously low. "Ange, it's…"

"Classy, and still incredibly sexy?" Angela supplied.

Brennan nodded, still unsure about the fit. "Are you sure it's not too tight?"

Angela waved her hands, "Please sweetie, it's perfect. You'll be the sexiest maid-of-honor ever."

Scoffing, "I don't think so, Ange."

"Well believe what you want. At least you don't have to try on these last two," she said lifting two hangers draped with flowing gowns.

Brennan made a face, apparently glad that she did not have to go through another painful process. "Tell me again, why we are doing this here?" she asked.

"Uh, because I still have a lot of things to get before the wedding and getting kicked out of yet another bridal store is not going to help any." Angela smirked.

"It was only one store and those people were being completely unreasonable about the entire thing."

"Sweetie, you made two brides-to-be cry! TWO!"

"It's not my fault they were overly sensitive to my opinion about societies views on marriage."

Angela held up her hand, "Whoa, Bren. Let's not go there right now. We still have to pick shoes."

"Do we have to do this now? I think our lunch break was over 15 minutes ago, and you know Booth's picking me up for the court soon."

Sighing, "Okay, we'll save shoes for this weekend."

"Does this mean I can take the dress off?" Brennan asked.

"Yeah. Are you sure you like it? I don't want you to be uncomfortable…even though it looks absolutely perfect."

"I love it, Ange. I just feel weird wearing it here at work." Brennan turned away from the mirror and moved back towards the couch, where her clothes laid. She reached behind her and tugged on the zipper, "I still can't believe you and Hodgins are getting married."

"I know!" Angela gushed, "It's so weird, we're so different…but it works for us you know?" she sighed, "God help me, but I love the nut."

Brennan pulled the zipper down, "You never told me what…" she began, but stopped when her office door swung open.

"Hey Bones, I've got the-whoa! Sorry!" Booth's eyes swept over the scene in front of him. Brennan stood with one hand behind her back, clutching the dress close while her other arm rested slightly on her breast, gripping the halter strap.

His eyes met her glare and he raised the file he held to cover his eyes, "I'm sorry!" He repeated.

Angela laughed and stepped over to his line of vision, "Oops! I must have forgotten to lock the door."

Brennan turned her glare from Booth to her friend, "Yes, and at such a convenient moment." She mused, referring to her friend's borderline obsession of the two.

Booth wiggled the file, careful to keep his eyes and face covered, "Uhh, I should probably come back…"

"Just hold on, Angela lock the door so I can change back…I'd rather not have anyone else barging in. And keep that file over your eyes Booth!" Brennan directed.

Angela grinned, "Sure sweetie!" On her way over to lock the door she leaned in and whispered to Booth, "You can thank me with a nice wedding gift."

He rolled his eyes, instead asking, "What are you two doing?"

"Bren was trying on dresses for the wedding, in fact that's the dress we decided on." Angela said proudly.

"Well it, uh, looks great Bones." pausing, "Why are you doing that here though?" Booth said.

"Thank you." She looked at him trying to discern if he was peeking, satisfied that he was now preoccupied with his conversation with Angela about her unfair ban from the bridal store, she swapped the dress for her normal clothes.

"Okay, you can move the file now, Booth."

He lowered the file, disappointed to see his partner fully dressed in her black slacks and button down maroon shirt. He watched her carefully place the dress on the hanger and hand it over to her friend.

"So Bones, are you thinking about inviting anyone to go with you to the wedding?" Booth prodded. He had assumed she would ask him, but now, three weeks after Angela and Hodgins wedding announcement he was starting to worry she had already asked someone else.

Brennan looked at him, and then to Angela, "As the maid of honor I assumed I was going with the best man." Judging by their expressions she added, "Isn't that how it works?"

Angela snorted, "Zach is the best man and you are NOT going with him."

Furrowing her brows, "Oh. Do I even really need an escort? I mean, won't I be busy helping you with…wedding things or something?"

Booth chuckled, "Bones, have you even been to a wedding before?"

"Yes, I attended one when I was nine."

"Sweetie, you have to have someone to dance with. Actually you know what," Angela started with a grin, "this is my wedding and I'm ordering the two of you to go together…" she continued despite Brennan's protest, "and since I'm the bride you have to listen."

Brennan looked at Booth, "Is that some customary truth that I'm not aware of?"

Booth shrugged, "She is the bride." He walked over to her and slung his arm over her shoulders, "Look at this way…at least you don't have to go with Zach."

His proximity unnerved her, that and the fact that he was wearing that great smelling cologne again. Brennan nodded, distracted at the thought of attending Angela's wedding with Booth. Would this be considered a date? She swiftly stepped away from him when she felt a wave of panic, noticing a mixture of concern and hurt in his eyes.

Glancing down at her desk she quickly grabbed her own file, "Court. We're going to be late."

Booth nodded, looking at his watch, "You're right, we better get going. See ya, Ange."

Angela waved as the two rushed out of Brennan's office. Leaving her standing amongst the bridesmaid dresses and the flower books she'd brought to show her friend. She mumbled to herself, "Sure rush off, I'm just getting married!" She bent down to pick up the dresses off the couch, smiling as she touched the one she and Brennan chose.

Her smile widened as she remember Booth's face when he walked in. This would be the happiest day of her life, she decided. Not only would she be marrying Jack, but she would finally get to see Booth and Bren on a date.

"I love weddings!"