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Chapter One

Prologue: In Good Company

(P.O.V.: Third Person)

The harsh winter winds rattled the plate glass windows of the old fashion bar. Designed to look like pubs of the Renaissance, the bar appeared to be draft and dank, barely lit with cold, gray stone walls and rough, cherry wood counters. The room was full of hundreds of vampires. In fact, it may have been one of the largest vampire meetings in centuries, with the exception of the Volturi. The bar was located in a small town in the outskirts of Romania, nestled in between mountains, valleys, and forests.

The old songs blared out of the numerous jukeboxes located strategically around the large two-story room. Vampires crowded the balconies and the ground floor, standing on tables and on the bar counters. Everyone was laughing and joking, teasing and celebrating. Tonight was a good night for those who fought with Damien. Human alcohol mixed with the bartender's blood splashed about as the vampires clashed their large tankers together. The beer was just for jest and celebration, and the blood was for pure enjoyment. With the town at their fingertips, no vampire ever really got thirsty.

The chandeliers swayed precariously from their ceiling positions, while beer spouts started to run dry. The party had been going on for sixty-eight hours and counting. It would keep going until the guest of the night arrived, and then the party would just get louder and larger. It was sheer pandemonium, and the vampires wouldn't have it any other way. Though in the raucous party, not all were having fun. In fact, at that very moment, one male vampire was sitting out back, thinking of what he had done and all he would have to do. He wasn't alone, though, for a female vampire had just stepped out front, looking for relief in the cold air, though none would come.

She sighed heavily as she leaned against the wall next to the door. She had often dreamed of this sort of life as a human, the party she meant, not the blood drinking part. But now, she realized, that constant fights, parties, and one night stands were not all they were cracked up to be. She had the usual feeling of loneliness gnawing at her insides, and the usual feeling of foreboding she got was coming at her with a sickening new force. It was as if she knew that something big was going to happen soon, something bigger then her.

The harsh air swirled her beautiful brunette hair around her delicate porcelain face as she stood. The door to the pub then opened, the little bell dangling off the top of the frame chiming. The brunette's friend stepped out and put a reassuring hand on her shoulder. They both were alike in so many ways. In fact, they had even been blood relatives in their human lives, though of that they never spoke. The brunette's female friend was obviously concerned, though the brunette either truly was completely oblivious, or she was just pretending.

"Are you alright?" asked the brunette's friend, worried.

The brunette responded in what she obviously hoped was a cheery voice. "Yeah, I'm great. The party is just getting a little overbearing after fifty-seven hours straight. I just needed to clear my head."

The friend saw clearly through her friend's lie.

"You can't lie to me, and you very well know that. Are you getting that feeling again or something?" the brunette's friend said.

"Sort of. It's just… I don't know how to describe it. Bigger, I guess. Bigger then any of us. And this next one is just purely intuition, but I don't think that in this case, bigger is better."

The brunette's friend chuckled and made an attempt to lighten the mood.

"I bet last night bigger was better," the friend joked.

Her attempt failed, though, and the brunette just ended up sighing.

"Uh oh. I said the wrong thing. Look, I'm-" the friend started to apologize, but the brunette cut her off.

"It's okay. There's just only so many one-nighters a girl can stand, ya' know? And I don't even get the comfort of waking up to them gone. We just finished and he left. Compared to this, being a human was easy," the brunette ranted, but then noticing her friend's longing expression, she hurried to perk up. Her dismal mood, she realized, was ruining her friend's evening

"I'm sorry, I'm ruining your night. Go ahead, I'll be right behind you," the brunette said, trying to smile again.

"You sure?" the friend asked, eager at the thought of returning to the party.

"I'm positive. Go have a good time," the brunette said, struggling to keep the sorry excuse for a smile planted on her face.

The friend squeaked something that sounded like thanks before running at super speed back into the bar.

"Jeez, what great friends I have," mumbled the brunette sullenly.

Then she heard the far off rumble of a car. The villagers didn't have vehicles, so she knew who this must be. It was probably Giovanni and his gang with the girl Damien wanted so badly. The whole party was in her honor. They were celebrating the future initiation of this girl. When they would make her like them. It was really messed up.

But maybe the brunette didn't have to be a part of it all. Maybe she could run. After all, there were far too many other vampires to notice her absence. Maybe getting away from it all and finally getting some well-deserved freedom would cure her of the awful feelings of foreboding she was cursed with. The more she pondered it, the more she thought it sounded like a great idea.

She wasted no time in running to the alley, between some old townhouses and the side of the bar, where she parked her motorcycle. Running would be a lot faster and quieter, but she couldn't go anywhere without her precious Harley. After all, it was fricken' vintage. She couldn't count the number of times someone had said to her, "Hey, nice bike! They don't make 'em like that anymore".

She put on her favorite, un-needed leather jacket and her favorite, also un-needed helmet with custom painted fires on it and fastened her leather bag to her back. Without saying goodbye to her friend, she sped away from the party and directly out of town. Her crazy speed and the lack of any other motor vehicles, or vehicles period, got her out of the town fast. The wind was doing her good already.

But what she didn't know was the chain of events she would set off by leaving the town would have dire consequences for both her and anyone who got too close. For her mini rebellion would cause anger and a sense of betrayal for one side of a war, and a false sense of security for the other side. And when both are mixed, nothing good can come of it. But did she know this? No. Did she know that by leaving one simple party, something that had been under control for centuries would be unleashed? No.

Did she have any trace of guilt, doubt, or fear while she sped out of town, all the while inadvertently causing the last spark needed to ignite an explosion?

Well, the answer to that of course, would have to be no.

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