Hey, guys!

I know it's taken forever to update, but don't think I've been doing nothing! I've been doing a lot of writing and thinking, and I've decided that The Shattered Obsession is doing The Apple Tree and The Blue Haven NO JUSTICE.

I plan on uploading a new story, the TRUE sequel to The Blue Haven, today. What will it be called? THE PORCELAIN SKY.

If you're against it, tell me! But I plan on deleting this story soon.

It's time this series went back to its roots – excitement, mystery, romance, drama, fun! Less angst ('cause face it, we all know that The Shattered Obsession was on angst over drive!).

So what do you guys say: Yay or nay?

I'll post the prologue of the other story, just so you guys can decide.

I'm back!