So, not sure if this is the first Jericho fanfic on the site, but I know it's mine. It's an awesome show, really addicting. Don't know what it is about it, but it's just really good. I highly reccommend it.

Anyways, let me know what you think of this! I will be continuing it.


Chapter 1: Discovered

Emily looked around the cellar for a second, and took off as soon as she saw Bonnie and the Deputies. Jake limped down the stairs, the burn in his leg growing from running. Pain pulsed through him to the beat of his heart. It was a miracle they made it before the rain; there was no way to deny that.

But he wasn't quite sure just how lucky he himself was. Warm, sticky liquid slid down his left arm, even as he gripped his soulder in an attempt to hide the bullet wound he'd received while running for the gas tank. Emily didn't see it thru her shocked daze, for which he was incredibly grateful. He didn't want her to worry about him…not when they had to worry about the deputies.

"Bonnie, is there any kind of first aid kit in down here?" Emily questioned, signing to the deaf teenager urgently. Jake looked over the two officers quickly, not seeing any serious injuries, but seeing plenty of bumps and bruises.

Bonnie nodded, and made her way across the room to where Jake was. He took a step back into the shadow of the corner, so that she wouldn't be able to see the blood on his arm. She gave him a confused look, but grabbed a kit from some shelves behind him. Without looking at him again, the teen hurried back to Emily and the men, Steve and Frank. She handed the box over quickly. Emily raised her hand to her chin and drew it away, signing "thank you" to her, before turning all of her attention to the men. Not once did she turn her gaze to Jake, avoiding his eyes even as she felt his on her.

Bonnie took the idle time to turn to Jake and look him over. She noticed the hunch of his shoulders, and the way he was leaning slightly to the left. He met her gaze uneasily, until she searched his face for the telltale signs of pain.

Jake tried to blank his features to Bonnie, but he knew it was useless. She had always been best at reading faces…after all, she had to read lips in order to know what most people were saying. Outside of her family and Emily, Jake was the only other one able to speak to her in sign language. It also didn't help that before he'd left Jericho , she had been like a little sister to him, so she could read him better than she could read anyone else. Especially when he was trying to hide his being hurt from her.

She began to sign to him, knowing without a doubt that something was wrong, but not wanting to alert Emily to it until she knew for sure what was going on. "Are you okay?" she questioned silently, mouthing the words along with her signs. Jake tried to smile.

The look in her eyes when his smile turned into a faint grimace of pain told him that he had given himself away. She knew he was hurt. He raised his right hand and responded in the affirmative, knowing she'd get angry with him for pretending that he was fine. Her eyes narrowed, and he gave a weak laugh.

Emily heard the quiet sound, and caught the slight hitch in his voice, and couldn't stop the rush of fear that shot through her. She'd heard that kind of laugh too many times for her not to know exactly what it meant. Every time he was hurt—and he was hurt often—he would attempt to hide it from her…to protect her. She turned from the treated deputies to face her first love. "Jake?"

His eyes snapped over to her, surprised. She caught the flash of pain that changing his attention and position caused, and her concern grew. "Are they okay?" he questioned softly. There was a determined edge to his voice; again, something she was intimately familiar with from the many times she'd heard it before. He always did

whatever he could to hide his pain from other people, even when he knew he'd been discovered.

Emily sighed in frustration. "They're fine, Jake. Just a few bumps and bruises. They're both resting. What's wrong?"

His surprise turned to confusion quickly. "What?"

Emily glanced over at Bonnie, who crossed her arms over her chest and nodded, concern shining in her eyes. Especially because Bonnie was concerned, there was no question in her mind that he was hurt. "You're hurt. What happened?"

Jake raised an eyebrow at her, and quirked a half-smile. "I'm fine, Emily. Both of you," he insisted, tossing a pointed look at Bonnie as well. "So stop worrying about me. There are a lot more important people to worry about."

"Jake, don't do that," Emily murmured softly, frustration bringing tears to her eyes.

"Do what?" he questioned just as quietly, taking a step toward her. The second both pairs of eyes were averted to his arm, he cursed himself.

"Oh, God, Jake you idiot! When were you planning on telling us that you'd been shot! When you passed out from bloodloss!" she yelled, suddenly angry. Bonnie nodded her agreement.

Jake rolled his eyes, and realized a few seconds too late that it had been a really bad idea. Everything tilted, and his knees felt like jello.

"Jake!" Emily and Bonnie both cried, reaching for him when he swayed on his feet. Emily quickly ushered him to the stairs, forcing him to sit down. "We have to stop the bleeding before you pass out." She turned to Bonnie, signing frantically. "Can you grab the towel from the first aide kit and bring it to me?"

While Bonnie did as she was asked, Emily turned back to Jake. "I'm sorry," he murmured softly. Emily looked up at him for a second, before tugging up the hem of his shirt.

"We need to get this off. I don't know how to do this without you moving your arm." He nodded, and raised his arms up slowly. She felt unwanted tears in her eyes at his harsh breathing and gasps of pain. "I thought you were gone," she whispered, trying to take his mind away from the pain as she peeled the shirt over his head slowly.

"I, uh...I came to protect you," he breathed. Emily heard the faint airiness to his voice, and eased him back against the stair behind him. At that moment, Bonnie pressed the towel into Emily's hand. Their eyes met for a moment, her silently requesting his permission, dreading the pain she knew she was going to cause him by wiping away the blood.

He nodded slightly, and closed his eyes in anticipation. Emily took a deep breath, and leaned in. Her lips pressed against his at the same instant that the cloth pressed against his wound. Whether he tensed in shock or pain, she had no idea...but she couldn't deny the familiar comfort she found herself in the intimate contact.