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Scott Lend sat on the table, staring at the wood, his brown eyes picking out the individual grains. "Where are you?" he called out softly, as he looked up, his eyes searching the shadows.

"We have not talked in a long time," a soft voice answered. It sounded sickeningly sweet. Scott always wanted to hear it, and yet he loathed it.

"Have you found all of His?" asked the voice.

"My men found one yesterday. I got rid of him just like you told me to."

"Good my ssssson..." The shadows deepened as a figure materialized from the darkness. "But you may have won this battle, but there is still a war to be fought..." Shadows swooped around the room, calling out in high pitched voices. Scott smiled.

"I am your servant."

Demons of the Past - Chapter One

A narrow escape from the military made Hannibal and the others decide it was time for another vacation out of state.

Hannibal and BA had gone ahead of Face, who still had to scam Murdock out of the VA. They had decided to meet at a resort some where in Montana. Face would have much preferred to go south to some place a little warmer, but Hannibal eventually won him over.

Face and Murdock were already a good ways into Nevada when the car phone rang. "Murdock, will you get that?" asked Face as he kept glancing at the map Murdock was holding while still trying to keep his eyes on the road.

"This is HM comin' in live from the Faceman's 'vette," greeted Murdock.

"Murdock, where are you guys?" asked Hannibal.

"Uh, somewhere in the middle of Nevada...I think," stated Murdock.

"Alright, put Face on."

"He wants to talk to you," said Murdock as he handed the phone over.


"Face, we ran into a little trouble in a small town in Nevada. The van has some of the bottom ripped out of it and I'm afraid we are going to be stuck here for a little while. Have you passed a place called Loftington yet?"

"No, I don't think so," said Face with a sigh. "Wait, we just passed a road sign that says it is about twenty miles away, I think."

"Alright, we'll be in a diner across from the only auto repair shop."

The Corvette rolled through the small town. "Quaint," said Face as he parked the corvette in front of the diner and glanced around. Murdock slipped out of the car and immediately frowned.

"The Darkside is strong here," he said as he stared down the street.

Face rolled his eyes. "A jedi now, eh Murdock? You have barely set foot here and you already don't like it?"

"A jedi can sense the force anywhere!" replied Murdock, "And here I sense the darkside of the force."

"I knew I should have never let him watch Star Wars," muttered Face as he stepped towards the dinner.

The tinkle of a small bell announced their arrival. Face caught sight of Hannibal and BA and wove between the tables to reach them.

"Face, Murdock," greeted Hannibal.

"So what happened to the van?" asked Face as he glanced at BA and Hannibal.

"A kid ran in front of the van just as we were about to leave town. BA swerved and ran over a stop sign. The sign snapped off and scraped the underside of the van pretty badly."

"Yeah, and they don't have the parts I need to fix it!" growled BA.

"They said it could be a week or two," stated Hannibal.

"What a wonderful start to a vacation," sighed Face.

After they had a little to eat, Hannibal went up to pay. "Hi, do you know where we can find a hotel?" he questioned the cashier.

"Well, there isn't one," she answered. "We don't get many visitors and the hotel went out of business." The bell announced another visitor and a little boy ran up to the woman behind the register.

She put an arm across the boy's shoulders. "That's your son?" asked Hannibal, for he had immediately recognized the boy as the kid that they had nearly run over. The woman nodded.

"Yes, and he did it on purpose," she said, her tone dropping. "We need some help." Hannibal raised an eyebrow.

"And what is it that you need help with?" asked Hannibal.

"It's not safe to talk here. If you need a place to stay, you can stay at my house. We can talk there." Hannibal's interest now caught, he nodded.

"Where is it?"

"It's the house across the street, come on," she whispered. Stepping out from behind the counter, she walked over to the door and flipped the open sign over so it read closed. Hannibal motioned for the others to follow.

"What's going on Hannibal?" asked Face.

"This woman says she needs some help. I think we need to check it out." Face sighed.

"And I thought this was supposed to be a vacation."

They stepped out onto the street and Murdock looked down the road both ways. The town seemed so empty. There weren't any cars on the streets and nobody on the sidewalks. Something was strange about this town.

An invisible creature hovered above him, many others were behind him. The ugly creature smiled, revealing poisonous fangs.

"This one is ours," he cried to the ones behind him. He swooped lower and hovered closer to Murdock. The creature had no fear of being seen, for no human could see him.

"So is this one!" cried another of the creatures as he hovered above Hannibal.

"I've known this one for a long time," said a large black creature as he hovered over Face. "And he has known my voice," the creature continued.

Several of the small creatures hovered over BA. "Oh, this one. The hold is still there," said one of the many creatures that hung over BA.

"I want you to keep a watch on all of them. I want you to wear them down. You all know their weaknesses, they are completely ours," cried the largest of the black creatures, his voice deep and evil.

"Yes, Corruption," chorused the creatures. The demons, for they were demons, circled above the A-Team as they entered the woman's house. The demons tried to follow, but as they dove toward the house they froze, fear appearing in their eyes.

"You know you can't enter here so don't try it!" ordered a man as he hovered in front of the doorway. He was fair looking with blonde hair. Light surrounded him and a sword was strapped to his waist. Another one appeared beside him.

"Get out of here!" cried the second man. The demons turned and fled, not even the bravest of them wanted to cross the angels, for they were angels. No, they knew that if they did, they would be fighting a losing battle. The first angel, Swift, nodded at the second angel, Uki, as he stepped into the house.

The A-Team followed the woman into the house. It was small but comfy. "I'm sorry that my son ran in front of your van. I didn't know he was going to. Otherwise I would have stopped him."

"Why do you need us so much?" asked Hannibal.

"Because this town is being ruled by a possessed man."

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