Chapter One - Sailor's Contempt

Serena Tsukino couldn't believe it. She had failed yet another test! Her mother was going to kill her... Unless...

Trista Meioh sat in a local cafe sipping her green tea. She was alone; she needed some time to herself. This time to herself was short-lived, however, when Serena Tsukino decided to take this moment to barge into the cafe.

"Trista! Trista!" cried the apparently distressed high school student. The few customers in the cafe turned then to gaze at the blonde who sprinted to the dark-haired woman's table and sat herself across from the elder Sailor Scout.

"Serena." Trista inclined her head, her deep red eyes slightly widened at the sudden appearance of Serena. "Is something wrong?"

"There sure is something wrong, Trista! I failed another test," Serena whined, "and now my mom's going to kill me!"

Trista sighed. "There, there, Serena, don't worry about that. Your mother's rage will all be over soon."

Serena shook her head. "No, I can't get grounded again, no way! No, Trista, I came here to ask you for a favor." She looked around to make sure that nobody was still looking at them. Trista said nothing. Then Serena leaned forward and whispered, "I was wondering if you could open the Gates of Time for me, so that I can go back in time and take the test again until I pass!"

"No!" The word was spoken harshly, callously, coldly. Trista looked daggers at Serena, who had looked a bit surprised at the woman's refusal to help her. But of course she refused! Did this dimwit really care at all about the Guardian of the Underworld? Did this spoilt brat of a Moon Princess really think that Sailor Pluto would sacrifice herself just so that Sailor Moon's mother wouldn't "kill" her? Did Serena even realize that Sailor Pluto had to sacrifice herself to change time, that the strict laws that she was bound to prevented her from doing such a nearly-impossible thing?

Serena whimpered slightly, then whined, "But Trista--"

"I said no!" Trista snapped. Serena dipped her head slightly, and immediately looked almost contrite. Trista continued forcefully on, "Don't you understand what this little favor of your's entails? Do you not grasp the fact that I cannot survive performing such an act, let alone perform it for the most trivial thing you can possibly imagine? No, no, Serena Tsukino, there is no way in the Underworld that I will assist you in this matter. You'll just have to show the damn test to your mother and get "killed", or grounded, again, and, quite frankly, I don't give a crap what happens to you after what selfish thing you just asked of me!"

Serena's blue eyes were wide and shone with unshed tears. It was clear immediately to Trista that she had just acted very out of character, and that the outburst had frightened Serena very much. Oh well, she thought, the Moon Princess deserved a little outburst every once in a while.

Serena glared at her then, and sat there glaring for quite a while without saying a word. Trista didn't speak either, she just sat there sipping her green tea. Then the blonde senshi rose and stalked out of the cafe, slamming the door behind her so that the bell tinkled more loudly than usual. The cafe was silent for a moment as visitors stared at where Serena had just walked out, and then light conversation began to fill the place again. Trista was the only one who sat alone, and she wasn't lonely, she had wanted the alone time, after all. She simply brooded on the conversation she had just had with Serena as she continued to sip her green tea. She felt nothing but indifference for the memory.

This, as she would later find, was a mistake.

Serena fumed down the street, away from the cafe. She was furious with Sailor Pluto. How dare she refuse to give a favor to the Moon Princess, to Sailor Moon!

Feeling nothing but contempt for the Guardian of the Underworld, Sailor Moon decided that Pluto was going to pay.

A/N: I came up with this idea when it was decided last month that Pluto was nolonger a planet. I've never written an Anime fic before, so this first chapter was a very fun experience. I realize that I may have exaggerated Serena's brattiness a bit, but who can deny that she's at least a little bit spoilt? Please R&R! I don't really know when I'll post the next chapter of this story, but I can tell you that I'm very likely to post it sooner if I get some reviews. I would really appreciate them.