Chapter Three - Sailor's Demise

Everyone gasped at this revelation. Then slowly the senshi began to exchange glances.

"Um, are you sure?" asked Sailor Venus.

"Yeah, really. How is Sailor Pluto our enemy?" put in Sailor Jupiter.

Sailor Moon opened and closed her mouth for a moment, then stammered, "Well...umm...ya see...she, uh, totally, uhhh...Hm. Oh! She totally betrayed us! Yeah, I'm not kidding, she's a total jerk! She's plotting against us and planning to destroy us! She- she totally is in cahoots with dark forces and- and relayed some of the Sailor Scouts' secrets to them!"

At this the senshi exchanged looks, not sure if they should believe Sailor Moon or not. Her story didn't seem very believable, and the way she was telling it didn't seem very much like she was telling the truth, either. But then again, she was their leader, and Sailor Pluto did have a rather dark personality, and seemed to be quite a loner. If any of the Sailor Scouts ever betrayed their fellow senshi, it would most likely be Sailor Pluto who was the traitor.

Sailor Pluto was shocked, and felt a bucket of worry wash over her as she noticed how the senshi actually seemed unsure of whether or not to believe Sailor Moon. Sailor Pluto was certain at first that no one would believe she was a traitor, but...

"I guess if Sailor Moon says it's true, then we must listen to our leader!" Sailor Mars said boldly. She stepped forward and raised her arms. "Mars Celestial Fire...IGNITE!"

A great flash of fire appeared and whooshed toward Sailor Pluto. Eyes wide, Trista ducked and rolled out of the way just in time to avoid being terribly scorched.

"No! Stop!" cried Sailor Mini-Moon, and she ran forward to stand next to Sailor Pluto. She looked into Pluto's red eyes and said softly, "You didn't really betray us. You didn't really, did you, Sailor Pluto? It's just a misunderstanding! It has to be!" At this point, tears had actually begun to form in Rini's eyes.

"Of- of course not, Small Lady!" Sailor Pluto replied, and reached out to touch Rini's shoulder, but Sailor Moon, gazing at them with anger in her eyes, immediately ripped the tiara from her forhead and bellowed, "MOON TIARA MAGIC!" Then she threw the thing and it struck Sailor Pluto squarely on the jaw, knocking her down and causing a pain to form on the side of her face.

The glowing tiara moved liked a boomerang after striking Trista down, and started flying back to Serena, who caught it and donned it once again. Then with her mouth formed into a smirk, she stepped forward and smiled evilly down at Sailor Pluto. She bent down and shoved Rini out of the way, then whispered to Trista, "How do you like that? Maybe next time you'll think twice before denying me when I ask you for help!"

Sailor Pluto felt the anger well up inside her. This girl was such a spoiled brat! The anger must've shown on her face, because for a brief moment Sailor Moon's expression took on the slightest tint of worry. Then Sailor Pluto let out a cry and rocked backward, bringing up her leg and kicking Sailor Moon in the face with her black boot. Sailor Moon let out a cry and fell backwards, a tiny bit of blood seeping from her nostril. Then Sailor Pluto rocked forward again and, snatching up her staff, stood back up and with another cry brought her staff down on Serena. Sailor Moon saw this, however, and threw herself forward to grab the staff in her hands. Sailor Pluto backed up, trying to pull her staff away from Sailor Moon, but only succeeded in bringing Sailor Moon to her feet.

Suddenly Sailor Mercury cried, "Shine Aqua Illusion!" and a colorful spray of liquid surged forward and swept over Sailor Pluto's staff, as well as her hands and Serena's hands. The liquid immediately turned to ice. "Amy!" Sailor Moon cried, trying to tug her hands free.

"Oops," Amy said. She had meant to break the two Sailor Soldiers apart.

"Here, let me handle this!" Sailor Uranus said, and ran forward shouting, "World Shaking!" She held a glowing golden light in her fist for a moment, before releasing it and allowing her attack to barrel over Sailors Moon and Pluto. Serena and Trista were un-iced from Pluto's staff, but they were both down on the ground. "Okay...that might have been just a bit too powerful," Sailor Uranus said, then shrugged and backed away, knowing that Serena was liable to blow up at her for knocking her back down.

Sailor Pluto rolled over and snatched up her staff and jumped to her feet. Serena then lifted herself into a crouch, and before Trista could do anything, Sailor Moon swiped one of her feet underneath Trista and knocked her feet out from under her, causing her to fall back down again and land on her backside. With another cry, Sailor Pluto dropped her staff and dove at Sailor Moon, and began tugging on her blonde tresses. Serena began to whine in pain.

"Hey, that's enough of that!" cried Artemis.

"Yeah!" agreed Diana, and without further ado, Diana ran forward and leapt onto Pluto's head, retracting her claws and plunging them into the dark mass of Trista's hair.

"Diana!" shouted Artemis, and he ran forward and leapt up on Sailor Pluto also, to try to pull Diana off.

Sailor Pluto jumped up then and pulled the cats off of her and let them fall to the ground. Rini stared for a second at the spot where Diana lay groaning, then turned to glare at Sailor Pluto. Sailor Pluto noticed almost immediately that Sailor Chibi-Moon wasn't happy. "Small Lady..." she began.

Rini didn't pause to listen. She lifted her Pink Moon Stick and shouted, "Pink Sugar Heart Attack!" A blast of pink light shot forth and knocked Sailor Pluto to the ground again. She landed in a position where she was lying face forward with her backside up in the air. She groaned, but Mini-Moon was quick and ran around so that she was behind Trista and fired her Pink Sugar Heart Attack again and again and again, the now feeble pink light swatting Sailor Pluto across her backside and her thighs, or to put it bluntly, spanking her.

"Damn it!" cursed Sailor Pluto, and she fell forward to try to avoid being spanked anymore. She rolled to the side and jumped up again, but was met with several Sailor Scouts attacking her.

"Sparkling Wide Pressure!" shouted Sailor Jupiter.

"Venus Meteor Shower!" cried Sailor Venus.

"Neptune Deep Submerge!" yelled Sailor Neptune.

Sailor Pluto jumped and managed to avoid Sailor Jupiter's attack, but was met by Venus' meteor shower, and was thrown back to the ground where Neptune's deep submerge hit her head on. She lay there for a while, then groaned and lifted herself to her knees. She crouched there panting for a moment, when she decided she had no choice but to fight back. She didn't like it, but what else could she do? She stood and whispered, "Pluto Deadly Scream," then formed a ball of energy in her hands and hurled it at her fellow Sailor Soldiers. The senshi scattered, trying to avoid her attack. Weakened, she knelt again, when Luna walked up to her. "Perhaps you weren't a traitor before," she said. "I learned long ago not to believe Serena's nonsense. But, the fact is, you are a traitor now, and what can we do with you? As Guardian of the Underworld, you cannot die, so what, then?"

Sailor Pluto bowed her head. "I really don't know," she replied.

"I suggest you get going," Luna said, "before you are struck down by another round of Sailor attacks."

Sailor Pluto nodded, not noticing Sailor Moon whispering to Sailor Mini-Moon. Suddenly the two girls ran forward, screaming, "MOON GORGEOUS MEDITATION!"

A powerful blast of light knocked Sailor Pluto out. Luna had dodged the attack just in time, escaping unscathed. She sighed, then addressed Sailor Moon, "Why did you do this, Serena? Sailor Pluto did nothing to deserve this. Why did you lure all of us here to attack her?"

Sailor Moon sighed. " see, Luna...I- I failed another math test."

Luna stared at her for a moment. "I see." She sighed, then asked, "What does that have to do with Sailor Pluto?"

"I asked her to send me back in time so that I could try taking the test until I passed it, but she refused," Sailor Moon replied, her head hanging in shame.

"I see," Luna repeated, then glanced at Sailor Mini-Moon, who looked horrified.

"I know what we could do," Sailor Moon said suddenly. "Rini has the power to make Sailor Pluto open the Gates of Time, so why doesn't she use it!"

"NO!" shouted Rini. "I won't turn on Sailor Pluto!"

Sailor Moon wordlessly seized Rini by the hair and pulled.

"Sailor Moon, have you lost your mind?" shouted Luna, but Serena ignored her.

"DO AS I SAY AND FORCE THE GATES OF TIME OPEN FOR ME!" screamed Sailor Moon. She pulled harder and harder until Rini, tears streaming down her face, gasped, "Traveling Through Time!" All of a sudden, Sailor Pluto was lifted to her feet by a strange light. The incantation was affecting her.

"It's working!" cried Serena gleefully.

Trista opened her eyes, and gasped, "What's happening?" before her head was forced up and she said in a strong voice, "Dark Dome...OPEN!" and her staff glowed as it floated into her hands. Then she, along with Serena and Rini, was transported before the Gates of Time, which were now open. Rini's spell lifted, and Sailor Pluto gasped for breath, set free, but too late.

"Awesome! Here I go!" cried Sailor Moon, and she hurled herself back in time to retake her test.

"Trista, I'm so sorry!" said Rini tearfully. Trista sighed, then gave Rini a hug. "It's alright, Small Lady, I will return..." And with those last words, the two parted, and Sailor Pluto was almost completely destroyed, allowing a small bit of her being to remain trapped in an alternate dimension so that one day she would live again...

When Sailor Pluto was destroyed, she had been so weak that her guardian planet was forced to give up a great deal of its celestial power in order to keep that small bit of Sailor Pluto alive in her alternate dimension. Because it lost so much power, Pluto was unable to retain its planetary status, thus, Pluto became a dwarf planet, and nothing more.

Serena Tsukino stayed after class to speak with her teacher to find out what grade she got on her test. She was incredibly confindent this time that she had passed.

"Miss Haruna, please, tell me what grade I got on my test!" Serena said to her teacher.

Miss Haruna sighed. "Alright, Serena. Maybe you should study a bit harder next time..."

Uh oh. Teachers didn't tell students to study harder unless they got a really crappy grade. This was not looking good. Sure enough, Miss Haruna dug around her desk a bit and found Serena's test. "Here you go, Serena," she said. "Unfortunately, you failed."

"WHAAAT?!" cried Serena, snatching the test from her teacher. She looked at her score. "NO! I DID EVEN WORSE THAN THE FIRST TIME I TOOK THE TEST!!!"

"What are you talking about, Serena?" asked Miss Haruna, but Serena ignored her and ran bawling out the classroom door.

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