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Pairing: Fred/Hermione/George; mentions of Draco/Harry and Ron/Luna


Insanity: A relatively permanent disorder of the mind.

It took several years for Hermione to accept the fact that insanity was a way of life—if you're lucky.

Insanity was to end up having less-than-proper feelings about the twin brothers of the boy who was, for several years, head over heels in love with her. Insane was to begin a less-than-innocent relationship with the twin brothers—at the same time. Insane was to end up realizing that she was in love with the two nitwits while they were in front of her, planning something against a business foe that made one Sirius Black look on in speechless awe.

Insanity was to decide to go with those feelings.

Insanity was to tell them these feelings while they were visiting their mother and father—and then being forced to see them exchanging evil smirks that Molly caught onto every time but was flummoxed at the origin of since there was not a single smoking or broken object the entire visit.

Insanity was to tell Harry just before his wedding—and having to explain to Draco why his fiancé was passed out cold on the floor five minutes before the marriage was to take place, and then to explain to the rest of the Weasleys, Draco's closest friends and mother, and assorted others what it meant when Draco, out of the room she just ran out of, screamed "I think he's dead! His eyes are rolled back in his head! You killed him! You killed my Gryffindor! You're mine, bitch!"

Insanity was to stand stupidly, while Harry was being treated for his emotional short-circuit and resulting concussion by Remus, and realize by the near-blinding pair of twinkling eyes that Headmaster Albus Dumbledore knew that she was in a relationship with the worst two troublemakers in Hogwarts history.

Insanity was to realize that Molly Weasley, the twins' very own mother, knew about her sex life when she ambushed her for a large breakfast, a long talk about being careful not to over-exert herself, that experimentation is key to an amazing sex life—and then, before she left, gave her a well-worn copy of the Wizard's Kama Sutra.

Insanity was the day that Ron married Luna, still struck temporarily blind after walking in on her and the twins just fifteen minutes before his wedding—and to spend the rest of that day dodging Luna's pleasant questioning of whether the twins were as well-equipped as Ron was, while Draco snickered and giggled in the background.

Insanity was admitting to her reflection the day that she learned of her pregnancy that she did, indeed, like her particular brand of insanity, and that she would die before she gave it up.