A/N: This is in poem format, and the ryhmes are bad, but their supposed to be a like that. The stuff normal scrpit is from Ed to Roy and the bold is from Roy to Ed.

Dear Roy,
It's a joy,
I need a new leg,
And don't you dare send a peg.

Dear Roy,
I'm a boy,
With three limbs,
In a city full of Sins.

Dear Roy,
I have a ploy,
To, with out a fuss,
Kill the humonculous.

Dear Roy,
The Militray toy,
I will be back,
With Envy in a sack.

Dear Flame,
Whose name is lame,
I will win my fight,
But the squeeze might be tight.

Dear Colonel,
My hate is eternal,
Expect me soon,
Please send out a victory balloon.

Dear Fullmetal,
The sudden monopedal,
Get you butt to Resombool,
And get a leg there, fool!

Dear Ed,
Before you wind up dead,
Find that Winry chick,
And get another leg, quick.

Dear Fullmetal,
Who deserves the stupid medal,
Next time you write me a letter,
Rhyme it better.