Title: Life As We Know It

Summary: Logan wakes up naked next to his best friend; will their lives ever be the same?

Background: OK, some things you need to know...Rory and Logan became friends when she was 10 and he was 11 and have been best friends ever since. Dean and Jess both happened but the Dean/Lindsay cheating fiasco happened differently then on the show, which will be explained more fully in the story. I think that's all you need to know for now.

AN: I know that the last thing I should be doing right now is starting another story but this idea came to me and I just loved it so much I had to write it. Besides, there's only like, 3 more chapters of Skip a Beat and then I'll be back to only having 2 stories. This is my first attempt at something AU so I hope it doesn't suck ;) Let me know what you think.

As consciousness slowly invaded his body he felt his arm draped over something...or someone. Shit. Had he really spent the entire night with a girl? He never did that, he always snuck out in the middle of the night; his presence in a girl's bed the morning after would only elicit questions and expectations he wasn't ready to deal with. His arm was rising and falling with her breath at an even pace and he thanked the gods that whoever she was was still asleep. He opened his eyes, preparing himself for the mad dash, and found himself looking at a head of chestnut brown curls. As he slowly lifted his arm from around her waist he caught the sweet, wild berry scent of her hair and blind panic set it.

Without a coherent thought he wrenched his arm away and rolled over so quickly he fell off the bed with a thud. He winced and sat up to look at her. She stirred slightly but remained asleep. He let out a sigh of relief. This had to be some sort of bad dream, it couldn't be happening. Maybe it wasn't what he thought. The details of the previous night were still locked somewhere in the recesses of his mind, blocked from his cognizance by the pounding in his ears. If he had been that drunk last night she must have been twice as bad; it was her inititation after all. Maybe he had just stayed with her to make sure she was OK, maybe nothing had happened. But one quick glance at his state of undress told him that something had indeed happened.

He scurried across the floor looking for his boxers and pulled them on. He tip toed over to the closet and pulled out the hotel bathrobe, sliding it onto his body before walking out of the bedroom and into the living room beyond. He didn't even know how they had gotten here. They had been assigned to two adjoining, but still very separate rooms at the Waldorf Astoria and here they were not only in the same suite, but the same bed, at the Plaza.

He walked over to the sofa and slumped down onto it. How had he let this happen? He was her sponsor, he was her best friend. He was was supposed to watch out for her and make sure she didn't do anything stupid. Well, he had let her do something stupid and that stupid thing was him. Fuck fuck fuck! he cursed to himself, this could ruin everything. Could their friendship survive this? What if she wanted something more now? Worse yet, what if she wanted nothing to do with him at all; what if she blamed him for taking advantage of her? Had he taken advantage of her? He tried to remember the course of events that had led them to that bed. Who had made the first move? How had the other retaliated? What had prompted it?

Flashes of recollection suddenly invaded his mind and he tried to process them. The memories were short but vivid; the scent of her perfume mingled with his cologne, the strength of her tongue as it dueled with his, the image of her sapphire blue eyes clouding with lust, the taste of her as he took her alabaster skin in his mouth and sucked gently, the sound of her voice calling out his name in ecstasy. NO! No no no. This was bad. It was very very bad. He had enjoyed it. Well of course he had enjoyed it, sex was usually an enjoyable activity for him, but he had really enjoyed it. She was his best friend of ten years, his confidant, his second family- and he had spent the night having the most amazing sex of his life with her? What the hell was he going to do now?

How? How had he let this happen...

AN: Short I know, but it's just a prologue, the other chapters will be much longer. Next up...the flashback.