Some believed that Elva was shy, but the truth was that she was merely taciturn. The girl simply saw no point in wasting her breath. Besides, not many wished to listen to a small child as – she hated the word – freakish as herself, with her large, violet eyes and silvery dragon-marked brow. Also, thanks to Eragon's rather foolishly placed curse, the young girl's voice came out sounding like an adult's. Such a voice coming out of a child seemed almost profane, as Lady Nasuada had once said, and, though she really wasn't, Elva often sounded cold and callous when she spoke.

Eragon had given his word that he would try to lift Elva's curse after the Battle of the Burning Plains, but the battle had been over for nearly a fortnight, and yet no attempt had been made. Looking back, Eragon had seemed somewhat pompous, perhaps making the promise for show rather than out of genuine concern for Elva's welfare. Aye, he surely only wanted to make himself look good for Angela and Nasuada, and he'd been irritatingly nonchalant for the past two weeks. Nay, Elva decided, there was no way that that Dragon Rider gave a care about Elva... so Elva would just have to track him down, and make him pay for his insolence.

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