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Table of Contents

Section 1: Character Setup

1. A Major Character

Section 2: Final Fantasy VII

2. A General Knowledge

2. B Jenova Era

2. C Modern Era

Section 3: Concepts

3. AMagic and Summoning

3. B Channeling of Mana


Section 1: Characters Setup

1. A Major Characters (Credit of Materia set up goes to SBishop of GameFaqs)

Naruto Uzumaki

General Information:

Age: 12

Birthday: October 10

Blood Type: B

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Light blue

Status: Active

Role: Main Character


Weapon: Muramasa (Nodachi type)

Clothing: Robe of Advent (Organization XIII like robe, reduce all elemental attack)

Accessory: Ribbon (Right bicep, hidden under the cloak)

Materia Arrangement:

Weapon: (8-slot) Master Command, Slash All, Mp Absorb-Master Summon, Mp Turbo-Ultima, Master Magic, W Magic

Armor: (6-slot) W Summon, Mega All, Hp Plus, Mp Plus, Final Attack-Phoenix

Note: Dash between Materias denotes a special paring.

Special Effect:

Mp Absorb-Master Summon: Absorb a certain amount of Mana in addition to damaging one's foe.

Mp Turbo-Ultima: Using more than the required amount of Mana to further increase the power of the Ultima spell, making it literally an unstoppable force.

Final Attack-Phoenix: Should Naruto fall in battle, the summon spirit Phoenix is automatically called into battle, reviving its master.

Slash All: At the final stage of Slash All material, the user obtain the skill 'Flash', which allows the user to attack enemies groups, dealing massive damage, or even instant kills. In the duration of the attack, the user move at such a blinding speed that only a flash of light could be observed, thus its name.

Note: As you can see, Naruto's arsenal has been updated considerably since his arrival in Konoha.

Note 2: Despite the fact that Naruto has Master Summon in his possession, he still cannot summon Bahamut Zero/Neo or Knights of the Round, since he has not established a contract with the said summons.

Cloud Strife

General Information

Age: 17

Birthday: Unknown

Blood Type: AB+

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Light Blue

Status: Incapacitated

Role: Support, Secondary Main Character

Equipment: (Currently removed by Hojo)

Weapon: None

Armor: None

Accessory: None

Materia Arrangement: (Currently removed by Hojo)

Weapon: None

Armor: None


General Information

Age: 26

Birthday: Unknown

Blood Type: Unknown

Hair Color: Silver

Eye Color: Dark Green

Status: Missing/Unknown

Role: Main Villain


Weapon: Masamune (Nodachi)

Armor: Golden Armlet

Accessory: Unknown

Materia Arrangement:

Weapon: (8-slot) Fire-All, Lightning-All, Ice-all, Earth-All

Armor: Final Attack-Revive, Slash All, Hp Plus, Double Cut-Added Cut,

Special Effect:

(Element)-All: The Materia attached to 'All' now affects every target in range, instead of just one.

Final Attack-Revive: Should Sephiroth fall, the spell 'Revive' is automatically cast on him.

Double Cut-Added Cut: Enable Sephiroth to perform five swings with his sword in the space of one normal attack.


General Information

Age: 19

Birthday: Unknown

Blood Type: Unknown

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Black/Brown

Status: Incapacitated

Role: Main Support

Equipment: (Currently removed by Hojo)

Weapon: None

Armor: None

Accessory: None

Materia Arrangement: (Currently removed by Hojo)

Weapon: None

Armor: None


Section 2: Final Fantasy VII

This is not created to give a complete overview of VII, but as a guideline of sort so that readers unfamiliar with that game will not be totally lost.

2. A: General Knowledge

Life Stream: A 'river' of green ethereal energy (Spirit Energy) housed within the planet. The Lifestream provides life to the planet and all those that dwell upon it. The Life Stream is made up of the souls who died in the past and the memories they held contributes the growth of the Life Stream.

Mako: The spirit energy condensed in liquid form via Mako Reactors, Mako is used in many ways, most notably to provide energy to Midgar and Gaia as a whole. However, Mako extraction and usage is considered very harmful to the environment.

Materia: The result of further condensation of Mako, these sphere-like objects provides a link between its wielder and the Life Stream, allowing the physical manifestation of the memories within the Materia, creating what is known as 'magic'. Materias are artificially manufactured within Mako Reactors, but they can also be formed naturally. (See Magic Section for Details)

Mako Poisoning: Contact with Mako is considered potentially dangerous for normal humans, thus the need for Jenova cells during the creation of SOLDIER. In most cases, the victim suffers the inability to perceive their own identity, but instead is lost within the memories of the dead inside Mako energy. An example of this would be Cloud's Mako Poisoning to the point where he adopted another's personality for his own.

Due to Kyuubi's inhabitation of Naruto, he is immune from the effects of Mako Poisoning, and does not require the further introduction of Jenova cells.

2. B: Jenova Era

2000 years before the main game, an extraterrestrial life form known as the 'calamity from the skies' arrived in Gaia.

Cetra: Also known as the Ancients, The Cetra are a people who possess the ability to communicate with the land and guide its energy. However, the Cetras were drove to near extinction upon Jenova's arrival, though they ultimately defeated the creature at Northern Cave. Also, Cetras believe in a place called the 'Promised Land', where the souls of the Ancients will travel to upon their death.

Note: Evidence have shown the Promise Land to be the Life Stream

Jenova: The alien life known as the 'Calamity from the Sky'/'Heaven's Dark Harbinger', Jenova is said to have been the cause of the destructions of many a planets before it reached Gaia. Upon its arrival, the Cetras made war upon Jenova, and managed to seal it away. Northern Crater: The wound in the planet caused by the arrival of Jenova, it is also the place where Jenova was sealed.

2. C: Modern Era

AVALANCHE: A rebel and eco-terrorist group that vehemently oppose Shin-Ra, AVALANCHE sees Shin-Ra as evil due to their extraction of Mako – the life of the planet itself. Cloud was involved with AVALANCHE during the course of Final Fantasy VII. Furthermore, it is interesting to note that prior to the main game, AVALANCHE had almost wiped out the entire human race by summoning a creature called "Zironidae", and they have attempted to done so to remove all threat to Gaia.

Jenova Project: The excavation and experimentation of the life form known as Jenova in order to produce an individual with powers of a Cetra – namely, Sephiroth. The Jenova Project also served as grounds for the creation of SOLDIERS as well.

Midgar: A city founded by Shin-Ra, also serves as Shin-Ra's headquarters.

Nibelheim: Hometown of Cloud and Tifa, the research site of the Jenova Project.

Nibelheim Incident: During an investigation of the town's Mako Reactor, Sephiroth manage to access the Research Site of Jenova project. After learning his origins, the SOLDIER commander went insane, burned down the town and slaughtered its residents.

Shin-Ra Electric Company: Once a small Weapon Development Company, Shin-Ra grew in power and size after their discovery and subsequent monopolization of Mako Energy. Eventually, the dependency people had on Mako and Materias allowed Shin-Ra to become a de facto World Government of sorts.

SOLDIER: Shin-Ra's enforcers created during the international War, SOLDIER are special warriors who were injected with Mako and Jenova cells. With the two alien factors, SOLDIER possesses attributes far exceeding normal humans. As a side note, the Jenova cell injection is to prevent a case of Mako poisoning from happening.

See also Mako Poisoning.

Turk: The other branch of Shin-Ra military, Turk specializes in covert operations such as assassination and sabotage, as well as scouting potential SOLDIER candidates. Occasionally, they also serve as bodyguards to the higher ups of Shin-Ra.

Wutai: A country occupying an island off the western most continent of Gaia. Wutai's leader Godo led the country in a struggle for dominance against Shin-Ra but lost. Afterwards, Wutai was stripped of its military powers and all Materias, and was turned into a place of tourism by Shin-Ra.


Section 3: Concepts

3. A: Magic and Summoning

Conception of Magic:As stated previously, Magic is the physical manifestation of the memories of the dead within Materias. It is important to realize that Materia in itself does not enable the user to cast spell, but instead it acts as a conduit between the Life Stream and the user. By taking up a portion of the user's Mana, a Materia can cause a resonance within the Life Stream, thereby creating the so-called 'Magic'.

The greater the quantity of Mana used, the greater the resonance, and the more powerful the spell.

Concept of Summons: Summons are similar to Magic in that they both are the manifestations of memories, but unlike Magic, Summons are able to take on physical forms and linger in the material world for a far longer duration. While the exact nature of Summons is unknown, it has been hypothesized that Summons are the result of extremely powerful memories being drawn forth. These memories are of such intensity that they could actually exist outside the Life Stream for a longer period.

Limitations of Magic and Summons: Magic is restricted to those without Materias, mostly because without a Materia to aid them, humans cannot achieve the same harmony with the planet as they could with a Materia, thereby unable to cause the necessary resonance needed to activate a spell.

However, Naruto is capable of casting without the aid of a Materia, because under Hojo's Mako experimentations, Naruto has accumulated a far greater quantity of Mako in his body than that of a normal SOLDIER, giving him certain qualities of a Materia. As such, Naruto is capable of establish contact with the Life Stream regardless of distance, and Materia.

3. B: Channeling of Mana

Mana Control: One of the most important reasons for which Naruto could not use High-Level spells is due to Mana control. Materia, while acting as a conduit, also acts as a controller, allowing only a certain amount of Mana to flow through at one time. Such a control is especially important in the usage of spells like Flare. If Naruto attempts to use Ultima spell without Materia, the amount of Mana that he draws upon would completely destroy his body's internal working. So in order to cast High-Level magic, Naruto still require the use of Materia.

Furthermore, due to the amount of Mana needed for such spells, even the best Chakra control would have little avail.

Condensation of Mana: Theoretically, with proper Mana control, it is possible to condense any spell, thereby increasing its power. Although this will reduce the range of the spell, its strength is increased exponentially.

For example, while normally an Ultima spell is capable of annihilating an area with a radius of several hundred meters, if that range is condensed to about four meters, the spell would boost enough power destroy subatomic particles, thereby creating a literal vacuum in space.


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