Ways to tick off Karou

1. Tell her her cooking is really bad. Gag, fall over, then run for the hills.

2. Have Yahiko call her ugly. Laugh as he gets chased around with what ever karou is holding. Don't laugh too loud or she will go after you too.

3. Have Sano continually ask her for money. Same result as above.

4. Tell her Megumi is getting very friendly with Kenshin. Some one will leave with a bump on the head.

5. Have Megumi call her a silly little girl. Watch the fur fly, then be prepared for a flood of tears as she cries how Megumi is so right.

6. Tell her Kenshin is leaving. Have a quiet week as she will be in bed. Until a lady doctor tells her how dumb she is being.

7. Hide Kenshin. Stay out of her way as she will tear everything apart to find him.

8. Hide all the kendo equipment. Say a real lady does not use such things. You will get one of two reactions. She will get mad and yell at you, while looking for something to throw, or she will dissolve into a puddle of tears. Beware she may do both. Warning do not get close to her if this happens. You will get a new view of the room as you go flying across said room.

9. Under no circumstances should you give her any kind of alcohol. This will make her ten times worse. Just don't let her know she is not drinking what she thinks she is. Maybe she will get pseudo drunk. Still funny, just don't laugh.

10. Call the dojo a run down dump. You will not be there long as she will throw you out on the street. She may also may smack you around with a wooden sword.

11. Say you thought Kamatari was very sexy looking. You will end up flying somewhere into the distance.