A/N: So real life kicked butt, I moved to another country, left behind a significant other and started taking care of my mom. Along the way, I quit watching Numb3rs, which is the real reason I didn't write anymore on this story. However, I just feel it needs to be finished. This chapter, sadly is unbeta'd so literally any errors are mine alone.

Part 17 of Unavoidable Truths

Both Charlie and Don feel to sleep instantly, even if both men were in spearate rooms. The high from his earlier orgasm helped Don have a fairly peaceful sleep -- especially in conjunction his pain meds. As for Charlie, knowling that things between he and Don were not put to rights allowed him to fall into a dreamfilled sleep. The dreams weren't the same as before, but Charlie couldn't complain, they weren't nightmares of distance and pain due to disinterest.

Upon waking the next morning, Don took extra care to make himself presentable. He shaved, used cologne and dressed as sharp as he could be but still feel relaxed. He took the elevator down one floor and proceeded to stand in front of Charlie's door. Don raised and lowered his hand a few times in the act of knocking. He kept telling himself that las night had not been a dream of fevered longing, but had in actuality taken place. He'd seen his dirty boxers on the floor as solid proof.

'But what if Charlie's changed his mind? He'd been high on medication and lack of sleep last night after all.' Don questioned to himself.

Don took a deep breath and told his overcautious conscience to shut the hell up and then he knocked. Charlie must have been in wait because the door opened not two seconds later.

Each man stopped and just looked at the other and Don knew just as Charlie did, by the look in each others eyes that it wasn't a dream and the feelings weren't going away. Charlie grinned and Don could just imagine that smile on his face being dopey as hell.

"Hey!" Charlie put his hand out, the one not bound to his chest by a stupid sling and tugged at Don's wrist to urge him inside.

"Shouldn't we head down to breakfast?" Don asked as he made his way inside.

Charlie pulled Don to the left of the door and shut it. "In a minute, first I want to ..." Charlie didn't bother to finish his statement. Instead, he leaned into Don's space and gently brushed their lips together.

Don's mouth opened in a silent oh of surprise, and Charlie dove in and took advantage of the opportunity given. Tongues dueled and hands clasped at whatever surface they could grab hold to.

Both men parted and pulled in great gasps of air, their eyes locked once again. Don growled and Charlie's breathing hitched. The lust in Don's eyes was searing. Charlie's dick twitched in interest, he'd already been half hard all morning just thinking about Don in anticipation. High brain functions almost stopped to exist, but then the sound of a stomach rumbling intervened.

Charlie snickered and the lustful look on Don's face slowly morphed into amusement. "Okay, so breakfast really should come next. I think that sound belonged to mine." Don patted his stomach and then raised his hand to caress Charlie's cheek. "After we eat, we should think of doing something other than what involves a bed. Your arm is still healing, just as my leg is and I think sex is too much activity for either of us at the moment."

Charlie's eyes sparkled and he smiled devilishly as he spoke, "But we managed just fine last night." The sparkle dimmed a bit and the smile faded some as Charlie continued, "I'm not prepared for much beyond what we've done anyway. Hand jobs and blow jobs are pretty good for a first step for two newbies like us."

Charlie leaned forward again and took a nip at Don's lower lip. Then laved his tongue to soothe the possible hurt. Don groaned. He'd had no idea Charlie was so sex starved. "Jesus, Charlie, is sex all that's on your mind?"

Charlie wrapped his arms around Don's waist and nuzzled his lips along Don's jaw. When he was close enough to Don's ear, he whispered in a low, sex-filled voice, "Yes, Don. At this very moment, sex is all I want to think about. It's been months for me and I want to make up for lost time." Charlie tilted his pelvis forward to emphasize just how much he really wanted to partake of the bed behind him. He rubbed his dick against Don, and he groaned lowly into Don's ear at the pleasure the pressure had created.

"Oh, hell. Why not! Breakfast can wait a while longer." Don pushed Charlie away, grabbed hold of his cane and made his way over to the bed. "But we're gonna make sure we're both comfortable. I'll help you with your pants. Come over here," Don directed as he sat down on the edge of the unmade bed.

Charlie made a beeline striaght for his bro... cousin... no lover. From now on Charlie was only going to think of Don as his lover. There was no going back. He knew that nothing could or would go wrong. For the sake of their family and their Dad, this had to work.

He watched through lwoered lashes as Don slowly lowered the zipper on his own pants first and then on Charlie's. Don scooted back until his whole body was on the bed, his head resting on the pillow Charlie has used last night while he slept. Don watched through lust hazed eyes as Charlie stepped completely out of his pants and underwear, then knelt on the bed, knees positioned on either side of Don's ankles. Don pushed his pants down as well, hooking his boxers with his thumbs. His dick bobbed up from being confined. Don knew this wouldn't take long, he and Charlie were both already close to the edge. His dick and Charlie's were already hard and leaking. The excitement and newness of their relationship made them both eager. He pulled his shirt up so that it bunched under his armpits. His nipples were now exposed and they peaked at the cool air hitting them.

Charlie drew in a surprised gasp of air. Don looked so hot and needy. He crawled up the length of Don's legs until his dick was poised just above Don's. He leaned over onto his good hand and lowered his waist down until they were touching intimately. Don groaned and thrust up gently, trying not to push too hard with his bad leg.

"Don't Don. Let me do the hard work here. Just enjoy." Charlie smirked when he stressed the word hard.

Charlie pushed down again and the friction between his dick and Don's was delicious. The pre-come from them both combined to make a heady scent that filled the room. He pushed back and forth, sliding into the fold near Don's balls and thigh. The hairs from Don's groin felt like tiny fingers grabbing and trying to hold on. Charlie gasped though when he felt two hands take hold of them both.

"Don," Charlie groaned. "OH, God that feels so good."

Don panted harshly at the sight before him. Never in his wildest fantasies had he ever though that seeing Charlie in the throes of ecstasy would make his own desire increase. The plush lips that issued forth such sweet sounds were Don's undoing and he tightened his grip.

"Come on, Charlie. I want to see you lose it again, just like you did last night."

Charlie thrust once more and he stopped for a second as he strained upwards. His head was thrown back as he came, with Don's name on his lips. Charlie's hips stuttered a few times as he continued to come.

"Oh yeah, perfect!" For Don the feel and sight of Charlie letting go completely was all he needed to let go as well. Charlie loved to see the bliss on Don's face and watched with interest as Don's come mixed on his chest with Charlie's.

Before Charlie crashed down next to Don on the bed, he leaned over and grabbed the towel from his shower earlier that he had tossed onto the unused side of the bed and wiped them both clean.

Once that was done, Charlie laid down on his left side. He hated that he couldn't lay on his right so he could touch and cuddle with Don. Now both arms and hands were constrained. He sighed and laid he head on Don's shoulders, making himself as comfortable as he could.

Don smiled at the tenderness Charlie displayed. He wrapped his arms tightly around the younger man and let his chin push through the damp curls at Charlie's temple.

"So... maybe instead of going out for breakfast, we order in room service?" Don suggested.

Charlie chucked and the warm gust of air brushed over Don's still exposed nipple. Charlie watched in fascination as it tightened even further. He leaned up and took the closest nub into his mouth and sucked on it. Don groaned again and he felt his dick jerk in sympathy.

"Charlie, you're gonna be the death of me. I can't go again."

Charlie let go of Don and licked at the poor abused nipple. "Not hardly Don. At least not yet. But room service does sound good. Maybe after a short nap though. If that's okay?"

Charlie yawned and Don felt his stomach protest a bit, but before he could say anything against that plan, Charlie was out like a light.

Don snorted and rolled his eyes. He was so going to tease Charlie about his being such a typical male.

TBC (hopefully another year and some change won't go by before that happens)