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A/N: Okay, in this story, Trunks is 31, Goten is 30, Bra is 26, and Pan is 25. BTW, Goku is alive.

Stranded in Bygone Times

Chapter 1

Pan sat at the console, hard at work at the schematics of the complicated technology before her. She had been working at Capsule Corps for nearly four years now, two of those being dedicated to this one project, and it was nearly finished. She paused for a moment and stretched and was sudden grabbed from behind.

She squealed and heard a familiar chuckle from behind, followed by a ki being unhidden.

"Trunks!" she cried in mock outrage. He merely chuckled some more and turned her around.

"Yes?" he asked huskily before capturing her lips in a passionate kiss. She moaned into his mouth.

"We shouldn't be doing this," she whispered once they broke apart. "We can't hide our relationship from our families forever."

Trunks sighed. "I know, but in all fairness, we aren't the only ones."

"We have been going out for a year longer than Bra and Goten. Our families would understand, wouldn't they?" she asked, half afraid of the answer.

"Well, our mothers would be thrilled," Trunks said with a smile, then his face turned grim. "It's our fathers I am worried about."

"Let's be honest, you aren't worried about your father, Goten most definitely is, but you know he would accept us. I have earned his respect."

"Okay, I outright terrified of what Gohan will do to me when he finds out."

"He won't do anything. I won't let him, and neither will Grandpa. We have to tell them. I am tired of not being able to wear my engagement ring because it would raise too many questions."

Trunks smiled and held her closer. "Then we will tell them," he said before planting a chaste kiss to her lips. "Come on," he said, leading her out of the room.

However, they had not gotten halfway down the hallway before they heard a crash in the lab. Eyes wide, they both rushed back into the room only to be confronted with a major malfunction of the machine Pan had been working on. In front of the machine stood Bra and Goten.

"What did you do?" Pan shrieked as her and Trunks rushed towards the machine to try to stop any catastrophic event from occurring.

"We just walked in! We didn't even touch anything!" Goten replied, panicked.

"What's happening?" Bra cried as a bright light started to come from the machine. Suddenly, the machine exploded, sending all four of them flying.

Pan fought hard against the darkness that threatened to engulf her vision, but in the end, she had to give up.


When Trunks opened his eyes, the first thing that came to mind was Pan, followed closely by his sister and best friend. He sat up quickly and looked around. He sighed in relief as he saw all three of them beginning to stir as well.

"Now who the hell are you four?" a familiar disgruntled voice said from behind him.

Pan woke completely at that moment and answered him. "Who the hell do you think we are, Vegeta? Somebody has been hit in the head too many times."

By that time, all four had gained awareness and truly looked at who had addressed them.

"Crap," Trunks said as he surveyed his younger father, his younger mother, and the rest of the Z Gang, including a man who looked exactly like him, except for a certain look in his eyes that set him apart.


The four of them were seated on a sofa in Capsule Corps, being looked at in what would have been a threatening manner if they had not known the true nature of those threatening them.

"So you four are from the future, a different future of Mirai Trunks," Bulma said suspiciously. "So, you would be my future son as he will be in this timeline, but who are you three?"

"You really think we can answer that?" Pan asked incredulously.

"You really think you can keep it a secret for as long as it takes you to figure out a way to your own time?" Chi Chi asked.

Pan and Trunks looked at each other and then looked at Goten and Bra.

"Not for too long, but we can try," Trunks said.

"Hey!" Bra and Goten cried at the same time.


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