Author's Note – This chapter would coincide with Chapter 11, Experiments, for those of you that are interested. However, you do not need to be familiar with that chapter to read this, by any means!

All that you would want to know is that Jo and Laurie had another one of their infamous little rows, only this one has been going on for a few days. Good? Let's begin:

----------------------------------------June 8th , Saturday Morning----------------------------------------------

Jo sat in the rumply old chair, a pensive look covering her thin face. She had done it again. She had let her anger take over her, and now her dearest friend – outside of her sisters – was cross with her...and it was all her fault. She slumped further down in her seat as she let out a giant 'humph'.

"Jo?" Beth walked in the room, her sweetness seeming to cast a halo around her as the sun danced on her hair through the open shutters. "What is it?"

Jo glanced up, and managed a feeble smile. "Nothing, dear. Only, my fool hardy stubbornness."

"Are you still upset over your quarrel with Laurie?" she asked tentatively, sitting down on the little stool next to her.

"Oh, I'm just being an old fuss n' feathers. Letting my pride take over instead of doing what's right."

Beth tilted her head, as she firmly offered, "It's been a few days, surely he'll be over it by now."

Jo leveled her with a look. "You know Teddy's just as cussed as I am. No, I have to be the one to apologize first in this case..." she trailed off, staring into space as she thought. Suddenly, she bolted up, grinning madly, and snapped loudly. "I've got it!"

"What?" Beth esquired, amused at her sister's violent mood swings.

She leaned forward, resting her elbows on her knees in a very boyish fashion that Meg and Amy certainly would not approve of. "I'll write a note, to apologize, and to invite our boy over for dinner as a means of peace making!"

Beth smiled. "That would be very nice."

Jo nodded before springing up and dashing to the old desk, pausing for a moment, only to bounce back up and rush up the stairs, two at a time. Beth watched her curiously as she left the room and was startled when Jo flew back in after a few moments, hands full.

She sat back in the rickety old chair, leaning over the desk. She placed down all of the very smart stationary that Laurie had presented to her by way of the little post office. Dipping one of the nib pens in ink, she began to write.

'Dear Teddy,

This note shall be consisted of two parts: One, an admission of wrongdoing and a plea for forgiveness – Two, an invitation.

First, I must admit that I have behaved as a rag tag blackguard, and for that I am quite ashamed. I was fidgety, and cross Thursday last, and I offer my sincerest apologies for my ill behaviour. Please beg my pardon. You were acting rather splendidly and I took all of my frustrations out on you, and upon my word as a gentleman, I shall strive never to behave so again.

This brings us to my happy pursuit – an invitation. You, my boy, are most humbly requested to dine with us this afternoon, Saturday. I promise to provide a lovely feast (albeit a small one), chock full and rapturous with savoury treats to befuddle your body and spirit.

Please reply via the "P.C." post.

Contritely yours,

Topsy Turvy – Jo'

She finished with a flourish, before leaning down and blowing lightly on the words to speed the drying of the ink. After she was satisfied she folded the paper haphazardly, slipping it into the envelope.

----------------------------------------Later that Saturday morning-----------------------------------------------

Laurie was residing at his usual perch, leaning against the window frame and lazily gazing out at the March house. His eyes turned stormy when he thought of the past few days. It had all started on

Thursday when he had called on the happy house, as usual, only to find most everyone in foul spirits. He followed Jo around as she was grumbling about boredom and complaining that even her eyes were getting tired with reading when Laurie cracked a joke. He couldn't even remember what he said but he sure remembered the way that the girl spun around on her heel and began berating him for his laze about ways. It turned into a heated row soon enough, ending with him fuming out of the house and tense silence on both sides had lasted, marking this as the third day of mute battle. He sighed, rubbing a hand over his face tiredly, wishing to make amends with Jo but having too much vanity to make the first move – particularly when he wasn't even sure how or why the argument had begun in the first place.

A movement outside caught his eye, and he peered with his nose almost pressed against the panes to make out the cause. It was Jo, and she was walking with a new spring in her step to their little post office. He watched as she lifted the roof, depositing an envelope safely inside, before turning around and skipping merrily back indoors. His interest was piqued and he couldn't get himself downstairs and out fast enough in his curiousity.

With eager hands he lifted the top of the receptacle and pulled out the fresh post. A delighted smile passed over his features and he eagerly cavorted his way back to his house to reply.

'Dearest Ms. Topsy Turvy,

Let me first say that I am deeply touched by your neighbourly proposition and I heartily accept with no qualms at all. I am most tickled pink, as Miss Amy would say, and I look forward to the delectable display with a hungry hankering, most inappropriate of a man in my station, to be sure.

On the other note, do not trouble yourself at all, good fellow, for we all succumb to the 'devil's work' and give in to our anger – wouldn't your Marmee be proud that I am reading my 'Pilgrim's Progress' steadily, as promised? Let bygones be bygones, and we shall shake hands as regular playfellows.

Licking my chops til dinner, (couldn't keep up the elegant pretense for too long),



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