Title: Broken

Genre: Angst/Drama/Tragedy

Summary: Cassandra walked in the rain toward MacArthur Park. All she had to do was wait for the storm to clear. If only the storm would clear in her mind. This is Cassandra's story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Daughters of the Moon.

A/N: Ever wonder what Cassandra was doing while the daughters were out save'n the world? Was she out partying? Walking down the streets of Los Angeles? Stalking Stanton? And how was she emotionally? It seems that she was left with a hurt ego and shattered sanity. This story will focus on Cassandra and how she copes with her emotional problems and utter loneliness. Takes place after book 5. Please feel free to leave reviews and feedback! I love reviews! Thanx, bye:D


Chapter One


Cassandra pushed a strand of maroon hair away from her dark eyes. Quickly, she ran across the street as cars bolted down the road, and made her way toward MacArthur Park. A cool rush of air swept around her, sending cold shivers down her spine. Light rain fell from the grey sky, making the cement wet and the grass slick. It was December, nearing Christmas, and although it was a time for joy and giving, Cassandra felt a twitch of lonliness gnawing at her unstable emotions. For the past two months, nothing made sense to her anymore. Failure and misery had become a part of her life, making everthing complicated.

Suddenly, she felt as if someone was staring at her. She turned sharply and sighed. Three boys, about her age, were gazing at her with obvious longing and desire. Not now!, she screamed in her head. Her mind was like a maze right now, and guys were definitely going to make matters worse.

" Hey, girl!" the skimpy, pale one called, as his friends laughed, and whistled. Two short, old women shook their heads dissaproavingly at the boys, and kept walking down the path with their umbrellas. Cassandra turned, and walked into MacArthur park, ignoring their calls and stares.

She stopped and turned her head. A memory flashed inside her head, making her more solemn.

Cassandra smirked as Jimena, one of the Daughters of the Moon, pointed a dark, black gun at her and Karyl. She was being foolish, and desperate right now, making Cassandra's plan easier. She waited, with excitement, for Jimena to pull the trigger. She was shocked, however, when Jimena fired the gun at the ground. Cassandra could feel immese power building inside Jimena, and with trumedous force, she sent the power surging toward Karyl within the blink of an eye. Karyl stumbled back, before falling to the ground in tortured pain. She was disappointed.

" You didn't use the gun to hurt Karyl", she said, cocking an eyebrow. Was this a trick?

Jimena shook her head. " Of course not, Cassandra, we don't use the tools of the Atrox. The gun was only to distract you." Cassandra stepped back, and scanned around her. Karyl stood up, his eyes lost. Fear surged through her body, as the sky seemed to darken. The Daughters lined up, and faced her, their gaze burning through her. The Earth rumbled, and the deep trench closed with a loud roar.

Cassandra could feel the Atrox fishing through her head, and with a jolt, it ripped her of her powers. All sense of the Atrox inside her was gone, leaving her broken inside. Numbness overwhelmed her.

" Do you think we should try to save her?" Catty, another Daughter of the Moon asked. Yes! Please save me!, she cried in her head. She knew she was being a coward, but the pain, physically and mentally, was to much for her. How long has it been since she has felt this kind of pain?

" I don't think we can", Jimena spoke. " She looks like she's in deep communication with the Atrox." Cassandra blinked back tears, and let out a low whimper. The pain had vanished. But now, she felt hollow inside. An unpleasant ached spread through her chest, and with one more low cry, she turned, and shakily walked away.

Cassandra shook her head, trying to rid herself of the memory. The Atrox had reduced her into an outcast - a nothing. Her head hung low, as she blamed herself for being so foolish and persistent. At the time, all she wanted to do was take vengeance on Stanton. He had stomped on her love, and shoved her away as if she were an annoying child. But, after all he has done to her, she could still feel the painful love for him. She knew, with all her heart, that if he gave her the chance, she would go running back to him like a lost puppy.

A burst of laughter made her turn her head. Serena, Jimena, Catty, and Vanessa walked down the path through MacArthur Park, their smiles wide with happiness, making Cassandra's stomach turn. By now, the rain had cleared, letting the sun rise up and send warm rays of light burst through the cold air.

Cassandra quickly got up, brushed off the dampness on her soaked jeans, and headed away from the group. She couldn't bare look into their triumphant, happy faces. She was already broken enough.

She headed back across the street, and made her way toward the place she had crashed at. Unaware to her, a pair of cold eyes silently watched her with savage hunger. She had been marked.