Summary: Cassandra walked in the park toward McArthur Park. All she had to do was wait for the storm to clear. If only the storm would clear in her mind. This is Cassandra's story.

AN: Last Chapter! I'm just going to go through book 5, okay?


Chapter Nine



" And I don't want the world to see me, 'cause I don't think that they'd understand" - "Iris" - Goo Goo Dolls


(Stanton after meeting her after his first encounter with Serena-End of P.98)

Cassandra dragged herself down the street, misery and dissapointment on her face. She had finally had an encounter with Stanton, and she had gotten so close to the kill, but he had driven away, leaving her with his "insult" in her head. Of course, he hadn't realized the insult, but she still felt wounded by it. And now, once again, she had been left to drown in her own solemn mind, full of bitter, sour thoughts that help cover the sad ones.

" Going after Stanton, I see?" Cassandra recognized that voice. She whirled around and saw Morgan, her hands on her hips as she glared intensely at her. Like her, Morgan had become an outcast. But, she still had those lingering thoughts in her head- ones left behind by the Atrox. Cassandra returned her glare, cold and harsh.

She cooled herself down and drew back, smirking. " You should talk."

" I should, shouldn't I?" she mocked. Cassandra jerked back, startled by Morgan's mocking.

She sighed. " What do you want?" What was this? Every-Follower-run-into-Cassandra week?

Morgan suddenly changed from vicious to sad, casting her eyes to the ground as she shifted her feet. "...What do you do now...You know? After being released from the Atrox...I shouldn't say released. More like...forced...from the Atrox..."

Cassandra shrugged. " I don't know."

" I still have nightmares from it", she whispered, tears brimming in her eyes. Cassandra reisisted the urge to laugh- at least Morgan had a family to go to, not mention they were filthy, fucking rich. And she was sad?

" So sad", she murmmed, and hurried away from Morgan, who did nothing to stop her.

"...Bitch." Cassandra loathed Morgan- not because she was annoying, self-absorbed and way too bosey- but because she still had a chance at life. Cassandra had none...

You're just weak and vulnerable, the voice in her head taunted. Cassandra didn't want to admit, but that cruel voice was right. I was never going to win, and I would always remain defeated.


(End of Book 5 - Cassandra's POV)

I sat on a bench in the park. The cold, penetrating air brushed across my skin, flushing my cheeks so that they became rosey red. Wrapping my arms around myself, I stared at he ground. I had failed- lost. I couldn't cry, either. There were no more tears left for me to shed. And it wasn't as if I hadn't seen this coming- this defeat. I knew from the beginning that I'd lose. Oh, I lost. Lost it all...

When you fall down, you get back up, right? I fell, but I couldn't get back up. Every time I tried, the pain would stop me. Bitter thoughst filled my mind. I hated everyone who I had encountered-each of them not helping m up after I feel.

Serena. I had no more insults for her...Bitch.

Tymmie. Although he did try to help, it wasn't enough. And unlike me, he wasn't stupid enough to join my plot. I hate him for not falling with me, for running away.

Yvonne. It was her fault that I was a Follower, and for that, I despised her.

Zahi. He just had to be gullible enough to tell me the truth! Bastard. If he had kept his mouth shut, I might have not become so insanely devoted to unmasking Stanton's treachory.

Lambert. I...Don't...Even...Need...To...Say...It.

Kelly. Sweet, cruel, stupid Kelly. She just had to babble to me- tell everything. She doens't deserve to be Stanton's apprentice.

...Stanton. Bastard. Killed everything inside me. I hate his guts. There's no doubt about it...Then why do I still long for his embrace?...Why am I so envious toward Serena, then? I didn't make sense...

I sat up, gazed up at the moon and screamed.