Captain Dean Howard

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AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is a Winds of War, Band of Brothers, Pearl Harbor and a general crossover of several World War II based movies, TV programs and some books. I've also put some elements of King of Fighters in this as well.

The main character is basically going to be a World War II hero. If you're a purist this fanfic is not for you. Otherwise check out this fanfic. It's a scream.

Chapter Four

"I hope you're not still sore about my men beating your men up. We have an important job to do. Getting those U.S. bomber pilots to safety is a lot more important than any problems we might have," Dean said to the Kelly Johnson, the marine captain he was about to fight with when Pearl Harbor was attacked.

"I'm still sore about it. But that's on the back burner. We have a job to do right now. We can settle up after this mission is over," the Marine captain said not looking at Dean.

The submarine dropped off Dean and the marine captain a couple miles from the mainland of Northern China. This was where the pilots of the Colonel Doolittle's B-25s would land after bombing Japan; at least that was the plan.

As the two swam to the shore they were met by Chinese nationalists. "Black fan, white crane," one of the nationalists said.

"Don't believe the horse," Dean said answering the code with another code.

"Greetings. Your bomber pilots will be in the appointed areas in any time now so we must hurry," the young handsome, Chinese army lieutenant said while backed up by ten or so men.


After Dean and Kelly got acquainted with the Chinese soldier/partisans and the land areas they'd be working with and on, they all got themselves properly equipped and dressed for the mission. "The bomber pilots we're supposed to rescue are supposed to land here," the Chinese lieutenant said pointing to the spot on the map.

"Right smack dab in the middle of Japanese controlled territory," the marine captain said.

"Yes, Captain Johnson. My men and I know ways of getting through Japanese held territory without being detected. We grew up in the area. The sooner the Japanese are ejected out of China the better."

"I hate the Japanese more than you do, Captain," the Chinese sergeant interjected. "I was off on maneuvers in the Quantung province when I heard what the Japanese did to my sister at Nanking. If I ever get my hands on any of them I'll..."

"Get a hold of yourself, Sergeant! We have a mission to complete which is more important than any personal vendettas," the lieutenant said to his countryman.

"Don't forget what the Japs did to us at Pearl Harbor, Lieutenant. We all got a stake in this," Captain Johnson commented.

"Yes. We all do. I don't know why the U.S decided to send you two here but I guess we can use all the help we can get."

"We're glad to be aboard. As soon as our share of bomber pilots are safe and sound we'll get out of your hair, Lieutenant Wang. By the way your English is very good."

"Yes, thank you, Captain. I grew up around missionaries who taught me English when I was a child."

"If you're done ingratiating yourself, Dean, we can get work!" the marine captain interjected getting a hostile glare from Dean.

"Yes, we should leave right now. Those bombers will be landing any moment now," Wang explained.


After stealthily moving through the Japanese held territory of China, Dean, Kelly, the Chinese captain, sergeant and twenty lower ranked Chinese soldiers stopped at a point hidden in the mountains. "This is the general area where some of your American bomber pilots are landing," the Chinese

!!CRASH!! "Lieutenant! A bomber has just crashed," the Chinese sergeant said.

"We better get moving then," Dean said as he and the others ran over to where the bomber crashed. As they searched the wreckage they were able to rescue four of the crew members.

"Dean?! What are you doing here?" Rafe said still a little dizzy from the crash landing.

"It's all right, Rafe. I'm here to help you. Can you walk?" Dean asked the injured airman.

"I can walk but my left arm is busted," Rafe answered as he struggled to get up.

"All right, Rafe. Let's get you and your men out of here. We gotta be quick about this because someone's coming."

At that moment, they were surrounded by several ninjas wearing black. They seemed to come out from the ground. "Surrender or die," one of the ninjas said menacingly in accented English.

"Stuff it!" Dean snapped back. "Get the airmen out of here! I'll deal with these guys!"

"Not without me, you don't!" the marine captain said. "We Marines don't shirk our duty!"

"I hope you fight better than the marines I've dealt with in Hawaii," Dean said as he knocked out a couple of ninjas with rapid fire punches who were too close to them to use gunfire. After a few of the ninjas had been taken out there was enough room for a pathway for Rafe and his men to escape.

"We fight better than any army guy. Yeow!" Captain Johnson said as he punched out a ninja who had sliced open his chest with his blade leaving a scar.

The Chinese lieutenant was surprised by fighting ability of the Americans with him. "The one called Dean fights better than any Westerner I've ever seen. Where did he learn his martial arts from? His control rivals some martial arts masters I've trained under."

Once the ninjas had been dealt with, Dean and the others caught up to Rafe and his men and the Chinese soldiers who were with them. "I've never seen such fighting, Dean. Where'd you learn how to fight like dat?" Rafe asked.

"I've been all over the world learning various fighting styles. I've since merged them into my own personal way of fighting. It's all natural to me now," Dean answered.

"You looked more like a ballerina than I fighter. I find it hard to believe you fight like that and think you can beat me," the marine captain said with a hard faced.

The Chinese lieutenant turned towards the marine captain sharply. "You defeated one ninja. Dean defeated seven. I defeated two myself. If Dean wasn't so good we would all be dead by now. I couldn't have taken out more than I did. As it is, they killed three of my men. Now we have to get out of here before..." !!BLAM!!

"Take cover! They're shooting at us!" the Chinese sergeant called out as he returned fire at the Japanese soldiers who fired at them fro a hundred yards away.

"We gotta get the airmen out of here. There are about 40 of them so we need to get out of here fast!" Dean said as he gunned down a couple oncoming soldiers. "You guys go ahead; I'll cover you."

"You mean we'll cover you!" the marine captain said.

"This is no time for army/marine corp rivalry!" Dean yelled while he shot at more oncoming Japanese.

"Good. Then we'll both do it. I think you want to get yourself killed so you can get out of our upcoming fight," Captain Johnson said as he shot down some Japanese soldiers with his rapid fire rifle.

"That's a load of horse#$&! This mission's too important. We can't stay here forever. If we stand here for too long one or two of them will sneak up on us from behind," Dean explained.

!!RATATATAT!! "Fine then. We can leave in a few minutes. About right now!" Both of them took off for the mountains as soon as the last visible Japanese soldier was shot down.

"I told you it wouldn't be so easy!" Dean said as they both found themselves shot at by the Japanese.

"Quit your belly aching! You sound like an old woman."

"What?! You don't know what you're talking about! Anyway it would be better if we run away from each other then towards each other making a figure eight!" Dean called out.

"You mean like in a zig zag? Fine. Let's do it!" The two warriors ran in zig zag criss crossing each other. Bullets flew all around them as they ran. Finally they made it to the mountains where the Chinese Lieutenant waited for them.

"I've never seen that before. You Americans are either crazy or brave. If this is what you Americans are made of we'll win this war yet."

"We'll win it, all right," Dean answered. "The U.S. army is the best in the world!"

"It's the best army in the world but the United States Marine Corp is the best in the world, period!" the marine captain interjected.


Dean and Kelly returned to with several of the bomber pilots they and others helped rescue. The Doolittle Raid didn't do much damage to Japan but gave the people back home in America a huge moral boast.

"What happened, Captain?" 1st Lt. Harkin, Dean's second-in-command, asked him when he got back.

"I can't talk about it, Lieutenant. But I do have a fight later on today," Dean answered.

"A fight? With who?"

"You remember that marine captain who we almost fought with before Pearl Harbor was attacked? Well, he wants satisfaction and I mean to give it to him."

"So that's what the hubbub all about. He's been bragging about how he's going to kick your but."

"Don't worry about it, Don. I'll make him eat those words," Dean answered.


"We now have the fight of the century!" the announcer exclaimed through loudspeakers. "On one side of the ring we have Captain Dean Howard of the U.S. Army Rangers!" Then the soldiers of the army cheered. "On the other side of the boxing ring we have Captain Kelly Johnson of the Marine Corp!" Then the Marines cheered.

"You're gonna fight him with boxing gloves? I thought this would have been the kind of fight that would take place on the street," Lieutenant Harkin said.

"The brass wouldn't authorize a fight like that. No matter. I can still take this jarhead out with boxing gloves," Dean answered.

"We're gonna settle this once and for all, Dean," the Marine captain said as he moved in on him.

"That's right." Dean easily avoided a series of sharp jabs and uppercuts until finally !!POW!! Dean struck the Marine right in the jaw with a right cross knocking him to the ground and into unconsciousness.

"Howard licked him; just like that!" the announcer called out. "I don't believe it. I've never seen a Marine get licked so quickly!" A few Marines looked up at the announcer with a little hostility causing the announcer to slink into his chair.

"I don't believe this!" a Marine called out. "I heard all Howard could do was scream."

"He must have cheated somehow. Maybe his gloves were weighted."

"It's over and Captain Howard won it. That will show you Marines!" a soldier in the army called out.

While the men cheered a courier walked over to Dean. "I have an important message for you, Captain." After Dean had taken the message and read it he put it down and stared into space.

"What is it, Captain?" Don Harkin asked.

"We got ourselves another mission. Get the men ready. We're headed for the Middle East!"

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