Different Time and Space

Different Time and Space

Disclaimer: Yada, yada, I do not own Sailor Moon or Ronin Warriors. Blah, blah, the only characters in this story I can probably claim are their children….blah, blah, yada…on to the story!

AN: I know I said I was not planning on continuing but I was wondering, what if the ronin and inners and the outers and warlords had boys instead of girls?

It was a few minutes before dawn.  Hotaru was picking some fruit off the trees for Chloe and Anubis.  She knew they both liked fruit for breakfast and certainly the others would appreciate some fruit.  However, Hotaru did not know that she was being watched.  There was a soft sliding sound across the ground.

"Hello?" she whispered, "Anubis? Chloe?" She turned around, dropping the apples.

A pair of ruby red eyes were watching her every move. The thing they belonged to moved closer to Hotaru and she turned just in time to see the creature.  It was black and green with a huge mouth and sharp teeth.  Drool dripped down its mouth.  Hotaru swallowed and stared back at the creature, knowing that it was going to devour her right here.

'I can't let it,' she thought, 'I must transform into Armored Sailor Saturn.'  "S-S-aa--" She couldn't finish the phrase.  How hard was it to say three words?  But she was frightened.  Maybe one word would be easier to spit out, "A-anubis" she whispered.

The creature leered closer, it's drool dropped on her neck.  She moved her head to the side.  As it was about to have her as its dinner, a few images went through its evil mind.  It saw that there was a shred of evilness inside her.  Hotaru was Sailor Saturn, the sovereign of silence and the soldier of destruction.  It decided to let her live.  (Like what happened on Alien 3) It crawled away and left.

Feeling weak and a little angry, Hotaru dropped to her hands and knees.  She scrunched the grass between her fingers and took a deep breath, finding her voice, "Anubis!" she screamed.  She couldn't believe, all this time of being a sailor scout, she was too afraid to transform.

"Has anyone seen Hotaru?" Anubis asked.

"Anubis! Get over here!"

"Is she outside?" Chloe asked, "I think I hear her."

A frightening thought went through Anubis' mind and he broke outside, "Hotaru!" He ran over to Hotaru, "Hotaru, what's the matter?" he knelt down beside her.

"It almost ate me alive," she replied, sounding sick.  "I couldn't," she sputtered, "transform! I was too afraid to transform!"

"What did?" he stood up and looked around.  "Calm down and tell me."

"It can still be here," she said.  "Be careful."

"Mother!" Chloe shouted.

"Chloe, get back inside!" Anubis commanded, "Now!"

"But Dad--,"

"I said get back inside!"

"It's watching us," Hotaru said, "I can still smell it.  I can feel it."  She struggled to stand but her legs failed.  "Anubis."

Anubis wrapped her arm around his neck and lifted her in his arms.  "Hold on," he whispered and ran inside the castle.

"Hotaru, are you alright?" Amara asked.

"It was going to eat me," she said, wiping its drool off her neck. 

"What was it?" Anubis asked.

"I don't know," she said, "but it was the ugliest thing I've ever seen! I was so scared I couldn't even transform!" the smell of its drool mad her woozy.  "I need to lay down, I think I'm going to faint."

"I'll take you to the bedroom," Anubis said and went there to lay her down.  He sat next to her, "But can you tell me what happened?"

"Anubis," she said, "I don't know exactly what happened." Hotaru turned on her side, "but can you just stay here with me while I'm asleep?"

"You don't even have to ask," Anubis whispered in her ear as he pulled himself closer to her, an arm wrapped around her.  "I was going to stay anyway."

"You're so loyal, Anubis," she sighed, bringing her hand up over his, "that's what I love about you."

"I am because you need me," he said, running his fingers through her purplish-black hair, "and that's why I love you."  He closed his eyes, lulling her to sleep with his quiet, rhythmic breathing.

Chloe peeked in and watched them in their sweet moment.  Careful not to wake them, she remained quiet.  She felt a tear run down her cheek but did not bother to wipe it.  For it was a tear of sheer happiness.

"Father," she whispered, "I don't know what Mother would do without you.  But what was it that almost destroyed her?"


The next generation of ronins was outside sparring and learning new techniques there fathers had just shown them the day before.

"Let's practice that thing that our fathers did, Rochelle," Joy suggested.

"Thing, what thing?" Rochelle asked, her eyebrow rose in confusion.

Joy sighed irritably, "Rochelle, darling, you know, that thing our fathers did.  You know, my dad would run up to yours and he would flip him in the air."

"Oh!  Yeah, that thing, right!" Rochelle laughed, "Okay, sure!"

"I think she got some of her dinner in her brain again!" Robyn giggled to Phyllis.

"Robyn!" Phyllis mumbled, "be quiet, I'm meditating here!" She cleared her throat and continued to meditate.

"Just don't throw me too high in the air, okay?" Joy asked.

"Don't worry about a thing," Rochelle bragged, "Let's make our daddies proud!" She leaned on her back foot and held her hands out.

Rowena paused from her stretching to take a look, "hey, I'm next!"

Joy took a few breaths and ran to her as Rochelle waited for her to get closer. Joy jumped and Rochelle took a hold of her feet and lifted her up in the air.  Rochelle threw her high, but not just high, but far.

"Joy!" Rochelle shouted.

Joy began to scream.

"I wonder how the girls are doing," Ami said.

"Oh, I'm sure they're fine, Ami," Lita told her.  "I just wish we practiced a bit more in our day."

"Lita, I think you had plenty of practice!" Raye laughed.

"Hey, what's that noise?" Kento asked.

"Sounds like Joy," Sai turned his head to the noise just as his daughter flew through the window and landed on the ground, "Joy!  Are you all right?"

Ami jumped up and ran to her, "Are you hurt?"  She helped her to her feet and began taking her pulse.

"I think we've had enough practice for one day," Joy mumbled, rubbing her head.

"But it's only early afternoon," Lita said, "you're already tired?"  She looked out the window and laughed, "hey look!"

"I think they were practicing that little thing we used to do," Kento said to Sai.

Sai smiled, "well, that's nice, but I think we should show them the correct way to do it."

"It was okay," Joy said, "Rochelle just threw me a bit too high…and far….but she promised me she wouldn't!"

"That's why you practice," Kento said with a chuckle, "there's been times where I threw Sai through windows too!" He patted Sai's shoulder.

"No you didn't," Sai argued.

"Well, I could have!"

Rochelle looked at Rowena, "Okay, Rowena, your turn!"

"No thanks!" Rowena cried and continued to stretch.


"Nuh-uh!" Robyn turned around and began doing pull-ups on a tree branch.


"I am a green leaf floating in the wind," Phyllis chanted as she remained in her leg-crossed Indian style position.  Her index finger met with her thumb as she rested her wrist bones on her knees and her violet eyes were closed. "Ohhhhmmmm. Ohhhhmmmm."

Rochelle sighed, "ah nuts."  She started to do some pushups with one hand behind her back.

A while later the girls came inside for a little break.

"You were all paranoid that I would throw you guys in the window!" Rochelle muttered, snacking on an apple.

"Because, Rochelle, that's what you did to Joy!" Robyn hissed.

"That was an accident!"

"When did this happen?" Phyllis asked.

"When we were practicing," Rowena answered.  "You were meditating so you didn't notice."

"I'm sorry," Phyllis apologized.

"Hey, that's okay," Rowena said, "Meditation is good for fighting."

"No, I'm sorry that I missed it!" She and Robyn started laughing.

"Hey!" Joy shouted, "It's not funny!" she rubbed her head, "my head still hurts!"

"I didn't mean to throw you too far," Rochelle said, "you're too light.  Ask your dad to make you a heartier dinner some time."

"He can't because he's always cooking for your father!" Joy snapped.

"What?" Rochelle groaned, "What is that supposed to mean?"

"Whoa, cut it out!" Phyllis stepped between them before they began fighting.  "Joy, you know that Rochelle didn't mean it and it's better that she threw you through the window that a new enemy."

"She does have a point," Rowena said.  "Rochelle has great strength and she is your friend.  But an enemy would have done more than just throw you through a window."

"Good," Rochelle said, "Thanks.  You want to go through the air one time?"

"No way!" Rowena shouted, close to laughter. 

"Oh, come on!"

"Well," Rowena sighed, "maybe if I needed you to."

"All right!"

"But, I don't see that happening anytime soon!"


Rini walked past the room with her two favorite men on her arm--her brother and her new husband  (Well, I guess Darien is also one of her favorites).  The girls watched them as they walked by. Rini, Yuli, or Vincent did not notice the girls watching them.

"I wish I had one," Joy said.

"A husband or a brother?" Rochelle asked.

"A brother, of course!" Joy hissed.  She blushed at Rochelle even thinking of 'husband'.


"Yeah, me too," Phyllis sat back with her hands behind her head.  "It would be nice to have a brother around so we can meditate together and stuff.  Then maybe he could introduce me to some of his friends."

"Phyllis, I think what you really want is a new boyfriend!" Robyn teased.

Phyllis groaned, "Robyn."

"It would be nice to have a brother though," Rowena said, "did I tell you what happened when Vincent came to see Rini?"

"Well, yeah," Phyllis said, "but tell us again!"

"Vincent came from the future to see Rini.  Rini was upset because Yuli did not ask her to a dance yet.  I'm not sure how Vincent knew that Rini was his sister. Maybe his parents told him her name. Rini was talking to me in the ice cream shop and I was trying to calm her down but I guess my half-sister tactics weren't working," Rowena went on, "so Vincent gets up from the booth behind us and as I'm trying to flirt with him, he's talking to Rini and totally ignoring me!"

"That's bad?" Rochelle asked.

"He could at least said hi to me," Rowena grumbled, "well, anyway, he was acting like a brother and he told her why he came from the future.  Rini was happy then jumped up to hug him, right?  And that's where Yuli walked in."  Rowena laughed, "You should have seen the way Yuli punched him!  It was hilarious!"

"That's not nice," Phyllis said.

"Hey, Vincent wasn't paying any attention to me!" Rowena said.  "I wouldn't have cared if Yuli hit him even harder!  And anyway, Vincent told Yuli who he really was then Rini was mad at him."

"Get to the part where you and Vincent hook up!" Robyn pried.

"Hey!" Rowena growled, "That's none of your business!"

"It's kind of obvious though," Joy said, "you two became close because you both are fond of Rini.  It's what brought you together."

"Yeah," Rowena said, "And if anything happens to her, it wouldn't just tear me apart from her, it would tear me away from Vincent too."

"It's cool that Yuli and Vincent turned out to be best friends," Rochelle said, "If anything happened to her father, her brother would be there, in ways that Yuli wouldn't.  Just because she's married to Yuli doesn't' mean she can cut herself from her family."

"Darien told Vincent to keep an eye on Rini," Rowena said, "He does that even now."

"Wouldn't it be cool if we had brothers?" Phyllis asked.  "Not half brothers, but full brothers?"

"Yeah," Robyn said, "but I don't want a brother now.  I mean, like a baby brother.  I'm not changing any diapers!"

"I know what you mean," Rochelle agreed, "I'd like someone I can fight with!  Rini won't let me play with Yuli anymore!"

"But until something incredible happens and we all have brothers," Rowena said, "We'll have to count on each other.  Let's go outside and spar some more."

"And this time Phyllis," Robyn said, "don't spend the whole session meditating!"

"Oh be quiet!"  Phyllis growled.

They went outside and practiced all the techniques their fathers showed them and even some that they made up.  Around a half hour later Neo Queen Serenity came out with a worried Queen Purity.

"Your majesties," Rowena said, "Rini, what's wrong?"

"We've received a message from Pluto," Neo Queen Serenity replied.

"Something attacked Hotaru," Queen Purity mumbled.

"You want us to go over there?" Rochelle asked.

"No, they can handle it, whatever it was," Neo Queen Serenity said, "but I want you girls to be careful.  It almost killed Hotaru but it decided not to for some reason."

"Isn't Hotaru the sovereign of silence?" Rowena asked.


"Then this creature must have sensed it," Rowena said, "and because of that, it did not want Hotaru for its lunch."

"What are you saying?" Queen Purity asked.

"I'm saying that it's looking for something else," Rowena said, "that it would want someone other than Hotaru.  Someone pure…you, Rini."

"Me?!" she shouted.

"Rowena has a point," Joy said, "there used to be a dark side to Hotaru and maybe there's still something left of it in her.  The creature is evil and dark and it does not want something evil and dark."

"But Hotaru isn't…"

"No, of course not," Neo Queen Serenity said, "we all know that."

"Your highness, Rowena's right," Joy continued, "it will leave certain people alone but it will come after those with very pure hearts.  Like yours, or maybe Rowena's."

"What would it want with Rowena?" Robyn demanded.

"If it is a soul stealer," Rowena said, "it would want my soul.  But we destroyed those back in the 20th century."

"Hotaru said it looked like an alien," Neo Queen Serenity said.

"You've fought aliens before," Rowena said.

"Yes, but the aliens we fought looked like humans," Neo Queen Serenity said with a smile, "this alien was very scary looking."

"Maybe we should look for these giant bugs and squash them!" Rochelle shouted.

"Yeah!" Phyllis added.

"Where would we look?" Robyn demanded.

"I hate bugs," Joy mumbled.

"As the next genation of sailors and ronins," Rowena began, "it's our duty to protect Rini. And we cannot do that here.  We'll begin the search tomorrow.  Maybe we'll find something helpful."

"I'm going with you," Queen Purity stated.

"No, Rini," Neo Queen Serenity said, "you must stay here.  I won't be around forever and as the new queen you have to protect our home.  There is still much for you to learn."

"It's my fight too," she grumbled.

"Of course it is, Rini," Rowena said, "but you'll have to do your part here."

"We used to be fighting side by side," Queen Purity sighed.  "What happened?"

"Well, you got married," Rowena replied, "and we became the next generation of soldiers."

"I guess I forgot that," she said, "well, I'd better get back inside.  My husband must be waiting."

"I bet she misses being a sailor scout," Phyllis said. 

Neo Queen Serenity nodded.

"Hey, she's a queen now," Rochelle said, "I think that's better than being a sailor scout."

"Rowena," Neo Queen Serenity said, "I want you to take great care when you begin your quest tomorrow.  These aliens will eat you alive because they are just like the soul stealers.  They know you are the soul of life and the minute they see you, well…"

"Don't get all blubbery on me now," Rowena said, "I'll be fine, Mom.  I take after Dad."

"I know. That's what I'm afraid of.  You've been working quite hard leading this group, maybe even too hard."

Rowena nodded, "Okay."

In the middle of the night, someone dressed in black infiltrated the castle.  Everyone was asleep, even Whiteblaze who was supposed to be guarding the house.  The person was a man who looked like a ninja and he carried on his belt a variety of gadgets.  He crept around the place, looking for something.  Finally, he thief found what he came for in a room. He tiptoed inside and lifted the grass frame off the pedestal.

  A small white light emitted from the item: a crystallized orb.  It was round about the size of a fist and inside the orb was crystal shaped like a prism.  It had the upturned moon symbol with the ronin kanji symbols and planetary symbols on it.  Neo Queen Serenity called it the Prism Crystal Orb because that was what it looked like.  It had great power and it was fused together with the sailors' and the ronins' powers.  If it fell into the wrong hands, they may use its power to become a ronin or sailor scout and that could mean trouble for everyone.

The ninja placed a fake orb onto the pedestal and began to leave.  Unable to believe how easy it was, Whiteblaze woke up and saw the thief.  He growled at the thief and charged him.

Instead of running away, the thief stayed perfectly still until Whiteblaze came close and as he at arms length, the ninja took out a dagger and stabbed the animal through his left eye, blinding him.

Whiteblaze let out a roar of pain but tried to fight back.  Then the ninja stabbed Whiteblaze in the other eye, as it was the best of his defense. The ninja could have stabbed Whiteblaze through the heart if he wanted to, but he had only a dagger and did not want to get too close to the animal.  Whiteblaze was even more dangerous now that he was injured.   He awoke Luna and the other guardian cats, who were sleeping just by the stairs, but Luna was the only one who did something.

"Oh no!" she muttered and jumped on the ninja's face, scratching it like there was no tomorrow.

The ninja pulled Luna off and tossed her into a wall.  He could not dare get caught so he quickly ran off the premises.

Because he knew exactly what Whiteblaze sounded like, Yuli was the first to wake up. "Whiteblaze!"

"Yuli?" Rini mumbled.

"It's Whiteblaze, he's hurt!" Yuli said, "Ryo is going to be so angry!" He got up and ran to the sound, yelling for everyone to get up.  "Please," Yuli whispered, "let him be okay?" he found Whiteblaze wandering around with his eyelids shut.  Blood poured down from his eyes.  "Whiteblaze!"

Whiteblaze recognized yuli's voice and let out a soft whimper as he slowly followed him.

Yuli took Whiteblaze by the scruff of his neck, "who would do this to a tiger?"

"Yuli, what happened to my tiger!?" Ryo demanded furiously.

"You're not going to like it, Ryo," Yuli said, close to sobbing, "someone blinded him!"

"What?" Raye gasped.

Ryo pushed Yuli aside, "Whiteblaze," he said, stroking his companion's head.  "What happened to you?"

"Luna!" Neo Queen Serenity shouted, picking up her cat, "are you alright?"

Luna let out a sore purr but did not speak.  The other cats woke up.

"I think I'd better let her sleep with us for now on," Neo Queen Serenity said to Rowen.

"Artemis, you're not hurt are you?" Mina cried, picking up her white cat in a tight hug.

"No, not yet," he groaned.

Kento took Artemis from Mina's arms and calmly stroke his back, "did you see what happened?"

"No, I was sleeping," Artemis said.

"So was I," Diana meowed as Rini picked her up.

"I'm so sorry, sweetheart," Raye whispered, her hand on Ryo's shoulder, "But it's not mortal."

"Someone blinded my tiger, Raye," Ryo muttered.  "It's the next thing to death."

Robyn cupped her mouth, "Oh no."

"Don't look at it," Raye turned her around.

"That is so cowardly," Rochelle grumbled, "blinding a tiger and injuring a black cat.  If they wanted a fight why didn't they just wake up one of us if someone wanted to fight?"

"I don't know," Joy replied.

"Ami, is there anything you can do for him?" Sai asked.

"Let me see," Ami said, "Let's just hope his eyes are not missing."  She knelt beside Ryo and tried to open Whiteblaze's eyelids. Whiteblaze kept them shut and growled silently. Ami backed away.  "I think it's too soon to tell.  I'm sorry."

"Whoever did this will pay," Ryo declared.  He looked at Raye, "I want you to find out for me."

"I'll try," Raye promised.

"I don't want you to try, Raye!" Ryo shouted, "I want you to do it!"

"Okay, okay," she said, backing away to the fire room.

"You too, Robyn!" Ryo ordered.

"But Daddy---"


"Okay!"  she followed Raye.

"I don't think whoever did this came all this way just to blind Whiteblaze," Rowena said.  "They were after something."

"You sure?" Rowen asked.

"I'm surprised you didn't think of it!" Rowena laughed, "of course I'm sure!  Someone was here to get something.  It's the middle of the night and it's the perfect time for a burglary."

"What would they want?" Phyllis asked.

"Well, it could be anything," Rowena said, "our transformation pens, our orbs, jewels, crystals.  We have a lot of valuable things here and most of all…the…Oh no!"

"What?" Vincent demanded.

"The Prism Crystal Orb!" she shouted and ran to the room where it was.  She stepped inside and pulled up the glass frame.  "It's still here, oh thank goodness!" she took the orb but something didn't feel right.  When she always touched it before, she could feel its power but she felt nothing.  It didn't feel like a crystal either.  The texture and weight was all wrong.

"What's the matter?" Rowen asked.

Rowena bit her lip and threw the fake orb into the ground, "It's a fake!" it bounced a couple of times.

"Hey it's a ball!" Rochelle shouted running to get it.  She began to play with it. 

"Rochelle," Joy sighed, taking it away.

"Oh, you're no fun."

"They switched it," Rowena muttered, "We're in trouble now."

"Looks like we have two enemies on our hands," Lita said with crossed arms, "blood-sucking aliens and crystal thieves."

"Lita," Sage mumbled.


"Blood-sucking aliens?"

She blushed, "sorry.  People-eating aliens."

"Lita stop it!"

"They probably eat dear too."

"It's not funny!"

"I'm only trying to help the situation with some humor," Lita said, "we've fought things worse before.  Queen Beryl, heart snatchers, come on, we can handle a jewel thief."

"Lita's right," Kento said, "this should be a piece of cake.  We can do it."

"Daddy," Rochelle mumbled.

"I mean, the next generation can," Kento groaned.

"We'd better go back to sleep," Joy said, "if we want to be rested for the journey tomorrow."

"How are supposed to find this thief though?" Rochelle asked.

"We look," Rowena answered bluntly.

They all retired to bed, except Robyn who was still trying to read the flames. 

"You know, Robyn," Raye said, "You don't have to force yourself into getting a vison.  That never worked for me."  She began to go back to bed.

"I want to find out who did this as much as Daddy does," Robyn said.

"He'll let you sleep, you know," Raye said.  She yawned and rubbed her head, "He'd better let me sleep!"

"I will soon," Robyn said, "I'm not getting anything."

Raye smiled and went to bed.  Ryo was still awake with Whiteblaze lying on the ground close to the bed.  Whiteblaze was asleep now.

"I've always wanted a big kitty to sleep with me," Raye joked.

"I've had this tiger ever since I was a boy, Raye," Ryo said, stroking Whiteblaze.

"Hey, he might be blind but he's not dead," Raye said comfortingly

"Did you get anything?" Ryo asked.

"No, sorry."

"I'm sorry too," Ryo said, "I guess those visions only come when they want to, huh?"

She nodded.  "I understand.  I want to know who did this too."  She petted Whiteblaze, "Whiteblaze is going to be just fine."

"I hope so," Ryo said.

Raye smiled and got underneath the covers.  "Are you going to come to bed with your wife or are you going to lay there with your tiger?"  she asked teasingly.

Ryo laughed, "I'm coming."  He lied down next to her and Raye took his head and held it on her chest, playing with his dark hair until he fell asleep. 

Robyn was determined to find the answer to her father's question but the fire wasn't giving her any answers.

"Stupid great fire," she whispered with a yawn.  "I'd better lie down or I fall in the fire."

She lied down on her side next to the fire, too tired to go to her room.  In her sleep, came a dream.  She saw a person dressed in black come in and take the Prim Crystal Orb and replace it with a fake and then injure Whiteblaze and Luna before leaving.  However, she did not see where he escaped.

When the next day came, Ryo was surprised, but pleased to find Robyn asleep in the fire room. He nudged her gently, "Robyn, wake up."

She yawned, "Morning, Dad."  She sat up and rubbed her eyes.

"Did you stay here all this time?" he asked.

"Yes, the fire didn't tell me anything."  She said, "I had a dream though."

"Do you know who hurt Whiteblaze?"

She nodded, "it was someone in black, a man.  He took the Prism Crystal Orb and before leaving, Whiteblaze tried to stop him but then he stabbed both of his eyes and left before everyone woke up.  He looked like a ninja."

"A ninja, huh," Ryo said.  "Well, at least we know what to look for.  Good job, sweet heart."


Everyone began to eat breakfast and a few words were exchanged before the girls left.

"We'll need to find someone in black," Robyn said, "and then we'll find the crystal."

"Someone in black," Joy whispered, "sounds like an origional jewel thief."

"It doesn't matter, as long as we find them!"

Everyone was talking or listening except for Rini.  Suddenly, she stood up, slamming her drink down.  "This is not fair!  I should go too!" she shouted.

"Rini, we've already told you that you must stay here," Neo Queen Serenity said.

"I'm still a sailor scout!"

"Of course, you'll always be a sailor scout," Yuli said comfortingly, "and now you're a queen."

"What if you'll need me?" Rini demanded to Rowena.  "What if something happens to you again?"

"You've asked me to take place as the leader, Rini," Rowena answered frankly, "and I've accepted because you wouldn't have asked me if you didn't believe in me.  Are you beginning to lose faith in me now?"

She gasped, "How dare you even ask such a thing!  Rowena, when you went out to find Jade and nearly killed yourself I felt every great and small pain you felt!  I could have died with you!  How do you expect me to react after that?  You're my only sister!"

"Rini, I--," Rowena mumbled with a swallow, "I'm sorry.  But you are going to be the new queen and I'm the new moon soldier.  That's what our mother wanted.  That's what you wanted!"

"I can't believe I'm hearing this!" Rini ran off crying.  Yuli tried to stop her from leaving but she left anyway.

Vincent looked back and watched Rini as she left.  He returned his gaze to Rowena with a 'how can you say that to our sister?' look in his eyes.

Rowena sighed.

"Don't blame yourself, Rowena," Yuli said, "Rini just misses being a sailor scout.  I'll go talk to her."

"Wow, that was a real sister's fight if I ever saw one," Robyn muttered.

"Let's get ready to go," Rowena said, keeping her face firm with no emotion.

The others decided not to argue, though Neo Queen Serenity almost did.

Yuli heard soft sobbing come his and Rini's bedroom. He knocked, only to hear a mumbled, "go away."

"It's me, Rini," Yuli said, opening the door and walking across the gold carpet.  The walls of the room were painted white and the bed was very elegant with a pink bedspread and red, pink, blue and white small pillows.  Rini was turned on her side sobbing as she clutched a pillow.  He sat beside her, "You know Rowena didn't' mean that."

"She thinks I don't believe in her," Rini whispered, "my own sister!  Doesn't she know that I love her?"

"Of course she does."

"All of that hard work to become a sailor scout--wasted!" she wailed, "all that training!  I've tried so hard and my mother doesn't even want me to be a sailor scout anymore!  It was all a waste of time!"

"You don't mean that," Yuli said.

"Oh, Yuli, what's the point," she wiped her eyes, "I wasn't a very good sailor scout any way."

"Hey, you were very good!"

"I wasn't until Rowena came along," Rini mumbled, "We were the full moon sisters."

"And you are still the full moon sisters," Yuli said, laying his hand on her side, "Come on Rini, Rowena will always be your sister, Vincent will always be your brother and they'll always love you. I will always love you too.  All that training was not a waste, Rini.  Look where you are now.  You've become the new moon princess and now you're the new queen.  You're even better than a sailor scout Rini. You're a queen.  You've become Queen Purity.  Compared to your powers of a sailor scout, you can do just about anything.  You can do so much more than them.  Now think of how all the sailors must envy you?"

"I never have thought of it that way," Rini sniffed, turning around to look at her husband's eyes, "Yuli, you really amaze me, you know that?"

He blushed, "well, it's true.  They must envy you, and if they don't, they should!"

Rini wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, "thank you, darling."

"I can't believe you," Vincent grumbled to Rowena, "Rini needs all the support she can get!"

"I told her I was sorry," Rowena grumbled back, "I didn't mean to hurt her."

"You know she believes in you, Rowena," Vincent said, "she is just afraid that something will happen to you.  She feels your pain and if something happens to you, then it will likely happen to her."

"I'll be more careful this time," Rowena sighed, "how was I supposed to know she could feel our pain?"

"You wouldn't have cared if you died back there, did you?" Vincent demanded.

She turned around.

"Answer me, Rowena!" he whisked her around, "Is it true?"

"Yes," she said.


"Because, I thought I was not good enough to do it," Rowena admitted, "It was all moving too fast for me.  It was easier when I had Rini by my side.  It's so much different with the new girls.  I just wanted it to end!" she pushed him back, "I wanted to know the meaning of my life, but now I know!  My meaning in life is to live and I'm going to live life to the fullest until the day I die! It is my duty to lead the new generation and dammit, that is what I'm going to do!" she found herself screaming, "and not you, not Robyn, not anyone is going to stop me!"

"Rowena, I--," Vincent mumbled, astonished.

"Don't stop me," Rowena threatened, "because, you know what I can do."

"That's right, I do," Vincent said.

"Well, girls," Rochelle said excitedly, "let's go!"

"Are you coming with us, Vincent?" Robyn asked.

"Of course." Vincent replied.

"No!" Rowena cried, "You need to stay hear and guard the castle!"

"Rowena, my father went everywhere the scouts went and my mother went everywhere the ronins went," Vincent said, "and I'm going to come with you."

"They went everywhere they went?" Rochelle asked.

"Darien was their main ally and he showed up at the right time," he said, "even if you force me to stay, I'll always show up anywhere you go.  Besides, Rini will make me go after you again eventually anyway."

"Fine," Rowena sighed, "you can carry all our supplies for us!" she pushed a big bag into his hands, "Thanks, Vincent!"

"Y-you're welcome," he mumbled.

They began hiking, unsure of what they would find or where they would end up, but as the next generation, it was their duty to fight the forces of evil.

To Be Continued…