Different Time and Space 7

Different Time and Space 7

Earth's Defenders

Disclaimer: The only characters that I thought up with my own two brain cells are the children of the next generation! Go kids, go!

"We are the Earth's defenders," said Rini of MoonEarth. "And we will stop you in the name of the moon and--"

"The sun," said Vincent.

"And the Earth!" all four shouted at once.

"Never mind the girls," Zeke said, "get them!" he pointed at the Earth's Defenders.

"MOON EARTH SWIRLING!" Rini sent two swirling energy blast, one from the moon and the other, the earth.

"EARTH MOON THRUST!" Kenneth's attack was a huge blast combined with the moon and the earth

"SUN EARTH FLARING!" Solar flares from Monica's sun sword and the energy from her earth sword flared up and swayed toward their foes.

"EARTH SUN FORCE!" A super energy went up Kenneth's sword, nearly blinding everyone.

"MOON SKY SCRATCHING!" the female ninja in the apparel of Sailor Strata Moon sent her attack and the others began to launch the other attacks. They began to fuse together.

"You can't stop us!" Rini shouted, "We are not giving up!"

"Come on, let's help them!" Said Link. "DREAD CHAIN RESTRAIN!"


"If you haven't interfered I wouldn't have to make you suffer!" Zeke growled, "You've brought this on yourself! You should have just left the girl withme so my father will still live!"

Chloe pushed herself up, "He's not your father, Zeke."

"You lie!" he shouted.

"He only pretended to be," Chloe said, "He was Soro, a body jumper. Your real father died a long time ago. Why did you think he wanted my body?"


"I fought him inside my mind," she explained, "You know I'm right."

Zeke's fingers loosened around the staff. He didn't notice it leaving from his hand to Zircon's as Chloe telekinetically brought it to him. She did the same to the orb and it floated to Yuli's hands.

The sailors got their powers back and their counterparts fell face down.

"Forgive me," Zeke said. "Put my angry soul at rest."

"I can't do that," Chloe said.

"Please." He begged. "I want to be reunited with my father."

Zircon walked up to Zeke and connected the top of the staff to his forehead. Zeke smiled as he died painlessly.

"You might as well do the same for the others," Priscilla said.

"Rest in peace," Zircon said and waved the staff of the ancients, taking their sprits away peacefully.

"Let's go home now," Rowena said. "Everyone's probably worried about us." They walked out of the fortress but Rini did not follow, "What's the matter, Rini?"

"You're so anxious to get home," Rini said, "Grandmother Serenity told me you wanted brothers and now you have them. I've just found out that I have two new brothers and a new half sister. WE'll have to be together incase something else happens."

"But this is their demisnion," Vincent said, "We can visit any time."

"I don't want you guys to leave either," Stone said, "I'll miss Joy like crazy!"

"What about me?" Rochelle demanded, "I'm your only sister!"

"And Rochelle too!" he added.

"Can't we stay?" begged Joy, "or at least take them with us?"

"We just can't stay here," Priscilla said with a frown and the frown slowly became a smile, "but we can't just leave either."

"Can you do something, Priscilla?" asked Gwen.

"Sure," Priscilla and she looked at Conrad, "but not alone."

"What do you want me to do?" he inquired.

"We're going to combine our dimensions," Priscilla replied and she changed into Sailor Winter.

"You can do that?" mumbled Zircon, amazed.

"Only with Conrad," she said. "You'll all have to transform to your sailor forms."

"We can't armor up?" Rochelle groaned.


They did as she said. Everyone from Rini's dimension got together and everyone from Kenneth's stood together in a line.

"Conrad, take your sword and touch the orb on the garnet rod," she instructed and the process began.

Crystal took her staff of the ancients and touched it with Zircon's. The Prism Crystal Orb appeared in Yvonne's hands and she pressed it against the one in Yuli's. Rini took both her swords and touched the tip of Kenneth's sword with them. Monica and Vincent did the same. The seasonal sailors touched their weapons with the new warlords' weapons. The warriors and new sailors put their palms together.

They were successful. Both of their dimensions became one and neither parties had to leave.

"It worked!" Sailor Winter shouted.

"Look at the staff," Crystal told Zircon.

"How did that happen?" he asked in amazement. The each ring on the ancient's staff was a different color and Crystal's own staff disappeared.

"I guess it happened when our staffs touched," she replied.

"There you all are!" shouted Neo Queen Serenity.

"These are our brothers incase you're wondering," Rowena said.

"Yes, we know," Rowen said, "we met with the Queen Serenity." He looked at his daughter and smiled, "guess who your grandfather is."

She shrugged, "I dunno, the ancient?"

"How did you know that?" he demanded.

"Lucky guess."

"Ivy, come here right now, young lady!" shouted Sekhmet.

"What did you do to make our father so mad?" Murdock asked then he gasped, "You murdered someone, didn't you?"

"No!" she hissed. "I have no idea what his problem is." She walked up to him, "what'd I do now?"

"I saw you flirting with, with," he began, "whoever Chloe's brother is!"

"Link," Chloe said.

"I wasn't flirting!" she cried defensively. "Murdock was the one who was flirting with somebody. I was doing everything I was supposed to."

"Then what's this!" he snatched the flower away.

"It's just a flower!" she fumed.

"You're allergic to flowers!"

"Father, I a-aaaachoooo!"

"Forgive her father," Murdock said, "For she knows not what she does."

"Oh please," Ivy groaned.

"Go to your room," he commanded.

She took the aqua mirror from her back pocket and looked at herself as she began to leave, "way to go, Ivy."

"Ivy, that's not how you're supposed to use the mirror!" Michelle shouted.

"And you!" he pointed at Murdock. "I saw you flirting with Chloe too."

"You didn't happen to see the time I took Ivy fishing did you?" Murdock asked, hoping they didn't see when he almost drowned her by accident.

"Fishing?" he asked. "You were trying to bond with your sister by fishing?"

"You're the one who taught me how to fish in the first place!" he shouted. Then he got all sorry, "Oh, I didn't' mean to yell at you. I'm going to go and wash all my sins away. Sorry Dad." He walked away.

"She also tried to steal a ruby," Chloe said.

"No doubt she would have killed Ward too," Gwen said.

Chloe nodded, "she would have jumped out and threatened him to show the hideout or she would cut his throat! I'm glad you took a better approach."

"But they didn't have the orb so it didn't really matter," Gwen sighed.

"Who's Ward?" Amara asked.

"Oh, I remembered hearing something about these outlaws called the Cutthroat Bandits so we tried to find their hideout." Chloe explained. "Luckily we saw one walking around the road so Gwen tricked him into showing it to her."

"How did you do that?" Dais asked with a smile. "Indulge your father."

"Quite simple really," Gwen said, "I just made myself look like a harlot."

"Oh, the old harlot trick," he nodded and looked at Duncan, "You should take after your sister and learn to use your gift and---what! You made him think you were what? Why did you do that for?"

"It was the first thing that came to mind," Gwen shrugged.

"Why didn't you make him think you were an old lady?" Dais demanded.

"Then he would try to cut my throat and steal my money."

"You still didn't have to make him think you were a harlot!"

"Well, Dad," she put her hands on her hips, "how would you go about it?"

Dais sighed, "Well, I don't know, but I wouldn't' have made him think I was a harlot."

Gwen nodded, "that would be one scary illusion if you did!"

"Maybe we should ground her," Amara said. "Go to your room, Gwen!"

"Okay," Gwen said.

"That won't work, Amara," Dais said, "She likes being there. That's no punishment."

"Well, if you think you're so smart, Dais," she groaned, "How would you do it?"

"I'm not sure," Dais said, "I never had to punish Gwen because she's always in her room staying out of trouble."

They began to argue.

"Because she takes after you!" Amara shouted. "She always hangs around in her room and throws illusions to people. Why can't you just let people think straight for once? I haven't been able to think straight since I met you!"

"Are you kidding?" Dais snapped, "Those visions I gave you made you fall in love with me! You couldn't get enough of them!"

"I was faking it!" she lied.

"You're lying!"

"No I'm not!"

"Yes you are, Amara. I can see it in your eyes!"

"Hey! Hey!" Gwen shouted, "That's enough! Stop arguing please, I can't stand it when you're fightint!" she got in between them. "Now I'm going to go for a walk and swim around and stuff but only if you make up."

"I'm sorry, Dais," Amara apologized.

"Me too."

"Good," Gwen sighed, "I'm going to go for a walk." She left, staggering in surprise. I can't believe that I'm punishing myself!

"Wow," Amara said, "Looks like we didn't' have to punish her. She's doing it herself."

Dais looked at Duncan, "listen, I'm going to say this as nicely as possible," he paused, "WHY THE HECK DIDN'T YOU DO ANYTHING?"

"What?" Duncan mumbled.

"You were standing around like a pigeon when your sister was the only one who was fighting," Dais roared, "Did you forget how to throw illusions or something? Do I have to teach you?"

"Hey, I didn't forget," Duncan said, "I just don't like doing it as much as Gwen does. Sometimes those things backfire."

"He's got a point, Dais," Amara said.

"Hush, Amara," Dais ordered, "he could've gotten Gwen and himself hurt!" he crossed his arms. "What do you have to say for yourself?"

"Nothing good can really come illusions," Duncan said.

"Sure they can," Dais disagree, "how do you think your mother fell in love with me?"

"Oh, Dais," Amara turned around.

"I did throw an illusion," Duncan said, "in the ninja's fortress. For a minute I honestly thought it was funny. Then I felt kinda bad afterwards."

"So you cut the illusion short, didn't you?" Dais demanded.

"Yes sir," Duncan frowned.

"You are going to spend the next week doing nothing but casting illusions until your face turns green!"

"Can that actually happen from throwing too many illusions?" Duncan asked.

"You can if you want it to," Dais said. "Now go and make a squirrel think he's a monkey or something! Now!"

"Yes sir!" Duncan took off.

Dais let out a sigh and nearly collapsed. "I need a nap. What time is it, Amara?"

"It's about an hour after midnight." She replied.

"It's what?" he sat down and rubbed his head, "I don't believe it."

"Believe it," Amara said.

He groaned.

"That's probably why you sleep in all the time, Dais," she said.

"Chloe, are you all right?" Hotaru asked.

She nodded, "Of course I am."

"It must have been pretty hard," Anubis said.

"It was a piece of cake," she bragged, "but I wouldn't want to do it again!"

"You took good care of kicking the living daylights out of that one ninja, Phyllis," Lita said proudly.

"But I don't remember doing it," Phyllis mumbled.

"Because you were fighting with your sprit," Sage said, "and not your body."

"I guess that makes sense," Phyllis sighed.

"At least you're okay now and that's all that matters," he gave her a big hug and she remembered the dear she ate.

"Okay, I confess!" she cried and stepped back, "I ate dear meat but I really didn't want to! It was Rowena's fault! She was the one who shot it and wanted me to cook it! But I swear I didn't' cook it, I only ate a little and I liked it even though I'm not supposed to!" She began to sob.

"Huh?" Sage mumbled. "What do you mean you ate dear meat?"

"Maybe you should have eaten with your spirit too," Lucas said.

"I'm very, very, very sorry!" she wailed.

"There, there, Phyllis," Lita whispered, "let's go make some cookies."

"But it's not Monday," Sage said, "It's--"

"OH, be quiet!" Lita hissed, "She worked hard for them anyway!"

"Yay, cookies!" Lucas followed Lita and Phyllis.


The next day. 10:00 in the morning.

"Hey Gwen, wake up!"

Gwen felt someone jump on her bed.

"Hey, go away!" she shouted as she turned around to put her pillow over her head.

"Let's go for a walk," she heard Chloe say, "it's a beautiful day!"

"I already did that," Gwen said, her voice hoarse, "I just came home two hours ago. I was so tired I almost forgot where the house was!"

"The day's half gone!" Chloe said, "You'll have to get ready!"

"Ready for what?"

"Oh, you don't know, do you?"

"I was gone the whole night, Chloe," came Gwen's muffled voice from underneath her pillow.

"There's a party tonight!"



"I'm too tired to party," she mumbled.

"Conrad will be there," Chloe said.

Gwen threw her pillow off and sat up, "really?"


Gwen pushed the covers up and got out of bed, "where's my dress!"

"It doesn't start until 8:00 tonight."

"Oh, well," she went back to bed, "wake me up at five."

Chloe sighed and got Link to go for a walk with her instead.

Sekhmet and Michelle were in the main room with the others reading or doing their own business when Sekhmet heard a noise.

"Michelle, do you hear that?" Sekhmet asked.


"Sounds like a violin," he said.

"I am playing, silly." She paused from her music.

"No, it's a different pitch," he said. "And it's coming down the hall." He got up and followed the sound. It was coming from Ivy's room. He opened the door and saw his daughter practicing the violin. "Ivy?"

"Daddy!" she pulled the violin to her face, "Don't look at me! Don't look at me!"

"That was very nice," Sekhmet said.

"Really?" she pulled it down. "Well, thanks. Murdock's been showing me. He's outside playing his right now. I'm going to go and take a walk and practice with him." She left.

Sekhmet picked up the violin and bow off her bed and turned around just as she came back to get them.

"Thanks, Dad," she said and left again.

Joy was reading a book in her room when Rochelle came in. "Hi Rochelle," Joy said.

"Joy, have you seen your brother?" she asked.

"Why do you ask?"

"I have a paper cut!" she held up her finger.

"Oh, I can take care of it," she said, "get me some iodine and a Band-Aid."

"No, you're busy," Rochelle said. "Thanks anyway."

Joy sighed, "I think Lee's at the river."

"The river, of course!" she slapped her forehead and walked out of Joy's room, closing the door behind her. She nearly collided into Stone, "Hey, be careful! I've got a paper cut!"

"A paper cut?" he asked.

"Yeah," she said, "I have to find Lee so he can take of it for me. See?"

"Rochelle that's a," he began, "a great idea!"

She stepped passed him and Stone looked over his surroundings. The ground looked really rough so he bend down and rubbed his hand over it to scrape his skin. He pulled a rug and table over by Joy's door and faked a fall.

"What's that?" Joy asked herself and opened the door to find Stone lying on the ground. "What happened to you?"

"Oh, hey Joy!" Stone said, "I just tripped over this rug here. Looks like I've got a scratch on my hand."

Joy knew exactly what was up but decided to play along. "Oh, gee, that's awful. You come right in here." She grabbed his arm and sat him down on her bed. "Let me get the iodine."

"Iodine?" he mumbled.

"Yes," she said, picking up a big black bottle. "We don't want it to get infected, do we?"

"Doesn't that stuff sting?" he asked.

"Just a little bit," she soaked a cotton ball with the solution and screwed the cap back on, "but you're a tough guy, Stone, I'm sure you can take it."

"Yeah," Stone said. "No problem."

"Okay then," she reached for his arm and he cringed slightly as he looked away. She began pressing the ball on his scratch and he fought back his tears. Some slowly sneaked out of his eyes. "Does that feel better, Stone?"

"Y-yeah," he stammered, a cry developing in his throat.

Stone heard something stretch and rip. Joy wrapped gauze around his scraped hand, with the iodine soaked ball still on his skin.

"There you go!" she said, "now take care of your hand and come see me in the morning."

"Okay." He sniffed and walked out.

"Next time I'll use lemon juice," she whispered as she went back to reading.

"Hey Lee," Rochelle called as she came over the hill, "your sister told me you'd probably be here."

"Oh, hi Rochelle," Lee said, looking behind him. "What's up?"

"I have a paper cut," she showed him her finger. "It hurts!"

'She probably expects me to kiss it and make it better,' Lee thought. "I hate it when I get those," he reached in his back pocket and pulled out a Band-Aid. "Good thing I always carry these around." He opened it and put it around her finger.

"Thank you Lee," Rochelle said, "I'll see you at the party tonight."

"Sure," Lee nodded, "See you then."

That Night

Serena and the other scouts made the outfits for their sons and daughters. They were like sailor uniforms almost. The boys had long pants and short sleeves and the girl's outfits had short shorts. The girls all wore high heels and the boys wore dress shoes.

"First mini skirts and now short shorts?" Kento demanded Mina, "what's this thing about showing off the girl's legs?"

"But look at them, Kento," Mina said, "They're cute as snaps!"

"Snaps?" Phyllis mumbled.

"I think she means buttons," Joy said.

"I have a wedgie again," complained Rochelle.

"I can make it look like we're wearing something different," Duncan suggested.

"Don't bother," Gwen said, moving her foot as she stared at her bright blue high heels, "I look great!"

"You're giving everyone an eyeful," Duncan whispered. "I thought you'd want me to 'confuse' people and stuff."

"I don't care," she said.

"Gwen, you look like a harlot!"

She sneered, "But I'm not one, that's all that matters!"

"This is evil!" Murdock said, "making the girls show their legs like this. Their bodies are like temples and…"

"Murdock," Ivy said, leaning over, "no one is listening to you!"

"Ivy, repent!"

"These high heels are killing my feet," Chloe took off her pastel yellow shoes and rubbed her feet.

"Let me wash them for you!" Murdock ran to get a bucket of water and was back in seconds.

"Um, thank you, Murdock."

The music came up and Joy covered her legs, "there's no way I'm going up there!"

"Well, I'm not going to let this song to go waste!" Phyllis jumped and started busting some moves. Lucas joined her and then Robyn.

If there was one thing Lucas and Phyllis had in common, they were both dancing fools. It could have come from their mother but they were dancers still the same.

"Aren't you going to dance, Joy?" Rowena asked before going on the dance floor.

"Everyone will see me!" she said.

"But they already do," Rochelle teased.

"That's not funny!"

Rochelle and Rowena shrugged and hit the dance floor.

Stone sat next to Joy, "Hi, Joy."

"I see you've taken the bandages off," Joy said.

He nodded, "look, I didn't really trip. I fell down on purpose."

She made a fake gasp, "no, really?"

"I just wanted you to like me," he mumbled.

"I do, silly," she said. "You're Rochelle's brother, she's my best friend, it's only natural we'll take interest in each other."

"You do? You mean it?"

She nodded. "'Course."

He attempted to kiss her and put her fingers on them, "Don't even."


"Let's just take it one step at a time."

"Okay," he took her hand, "can we start with dance steps?"

"Sounds okay to me," she said with a smile.

When a slow song came on, couples began to crowd the floor.

"Duncan," Crystal said, "I talked to your sister and told her what happened."

"Why?" he asked.

"Because she's your sister," she told him, "She understood everything."

"I would've told her," he mumbled, "well, maybe."

"I'm glad you tried to make me feel better," Crystal smiled, "and it's not your fault that Toazite kidnapped me. It was going to happen either way. So hold on tight to your gift, Duncan."

"And I'll hold on tight to you," he pulled her closer. He looked up and saw Conrad dancing with Gwen. He wanted to make him think he was dancing with a mummy instead but he'd probably get punished even more for that.

"It's so warm in here," Conrad gasped.

"It's a comfortable 74 degrees," Gwen said.

"Is that what the thermometer says?" he asked, "feels more like 120 degrees!"

"Well, I am the thermometer and I say its 74 degrees!" Gwen muttered.

"Still too hot for me," he mumbled, wiping the sweat away from his forehead.

"Only because you're used to the cold," she said, "I know why you're feeling so hot."

"You do?"

"I'm surprised you haven't figured it out by now," Gwen said, "and surprises for me don't happen very often. You're dancing with me; that's why you feel like in an oven."

"Well you are pretty hot," he said, raising his eyebrows.

"I know," she giggled.

"He's flirting with her," Dais groaned, "I'm going to make Kale think he's roasting in--

"You're going to what?" Kale asked behind him.

Dais shivered as he felt Kale's cold breath, "I wasn't saying anything."

"He said that Conrad's flirting with Gwen," Amara said.

'Actually, I think Gwen's seducing him,' Kale thought. "Oh."

"I thought I told Ivy and Murdock to stay away from them!" Sekhmet said with a frown.

"What do you want me to do about it, Sekhmet?" Michelle asked, "We've already grounded them. Besides, I think they're pretty cute together. What do you think, Hotaru?"

She nodded in agreement, "It was sweet how Link gave that flower to Ivy, wasn't it?"

"Too bad she's allergic," Anubis muttered, his arms folded. He leaned forward and turned to Sekhmet, "your son's dancing too close to Chloe!"

"No he isn't, Anubis," Hotaru said, "They're dancing at a moderate distance."

"My son?" Sekhmet snapped, "Take a look at yours!"

"What is this, the Romeo And Juliet play?" Kayura demanded, "won't you all relax? We're supposed to be having a party!"

"Oh dear," Diamond mumbled, "I spilled wine on my new shirt!"

"Chloe, mind if I ask you something?" Murdock asked.

"Go ahead," she said. "What's on your mind?"

"Well, when you were fighting with that person inside your mind," he began, "what exactly happened?"

"Have you ever fought someone in your mind before?" she asked.

Murdock shook his head.

"It wasn't very pleasant," she said, "the person tried to take away everything that belonged to me. But he underestimated me and I won."


"He didn't know I'm telekinetic," she replied, "he tried killing me with my own weapon but I stopped it with the only power I was left with."

"Was it hard?" he asked.

"No, not really," she said, "I wasn't going to let him win no matter what. He knew I was strong but he had no idea how strong. He got a bit more than he bargained for."

"Would you ever do something like that again?"

"If I have to," she answered. "I'd never let someone try to hurt my friends with my own body. It was hard enough for my mother and I know it would kill her if the same thing happened to me."

"I'm glad that you made it out all right," Murdock said with a smile. "I was afraid something would have happened to you." He kissed her forehead gently. Anubis nearly jumped out of his skin.

"Don't get emotional on me now, Murdock," she said, "I wouldn't want to make our parents more angry than they already are."

"Yeah," he said, "My dad looks like he's going to lose his mind in a few minutes."

"You look nice, Ivy," commented Link.

"Yes," she whispered shyly, "burnt red and dark green are my colors."

"Autumn's always been my favorite season," he admitted, "well, next to spring of course."

"Seriously?" she asked, "You like it when the leaves change from green to red and they fall off the branches and everything starts to get cold?"

"Yeah, don't you?"

"Well, I'm supposed to," she blushed, "I am the sailor of that season. You know I can make things wilt like your sister can make things grow?"

"No matter what season it is?" he asked.

She nodded, "Murdock can probably do the same thing."

"Well, we weren't the best of friends really," he said.

"I'm surprised," Ivy said. "I'd thought Murdock made friends with everyone."

"I got along better with Duncan," he said.

"That's one thing he has in common with Gwen," he said, "She gets along with Chloe."

"What about you?"

"I seemed to get on everyone's nerves," she mumbled.

He laughed.

"Oh, lord, it's happening all over again," she frowned.

"You don't get on my nerves," Link said.


"You're still not upset over the last supper scene, are you?" Zircon asked Priscilla.

Her eyes wandered over to Conrad, "No. I'm glad I've got a brother."

"Can you freeze time for a while?"

"What for?" she asked.

"I don't want anyone to see the present I have for you," he replied.

"Okay, Zircon, what's going on?" she demanded teasingly.

"Freeze time and I will."

"Okay," she changed into Sailor Winter, "FROZEN IN TIME!"

Everything was frozen in place.

"What's my surprise?" she asked.

Zircon wrapped his arms around her and kissed her. The other war ladies and warlords noticed that no one else was moving so they kissed each other too.

Time unfroze and no one knew what just took place.

"I'm sorry if I'm not such a good dancer," Stone apologized.

"You're pretty good," Joy said. "Did you take lessons?"

"Actually, I did," Stone admitted, "I took many sports, even ballet at one time."


"I was three," he mumbled. "My dad almost had a heart attack."

"What color was your tutu?" she teased.

"That's not funny," he said, "it was Lucas' fault. He talked me into it. The guy has more moves than--a--than a thing with many moves."

"Sorry," she bit her lip to keep from laughing.

"After that I just stuck with ordinary sports," Stone said. "Look at my biceps!"

"Yeah, impressive," she said, but she did not swoon over his manliness.

"Did you know that Stone took ballet when he was three?" Lee blabbed.

"He did?" Rochelle tried not to laugh.


"Did you?"

"No," he said. "I consider myself a good enough dancer. I've read a how-to-dance book that I borrowed from Simon."

"I wish I had secrets for you about Joy but there really are none," Rochelle said. "I was the one who got in trouble and she had to get me out of it."

"Sounds familiar to me," Lee smiled.

"You had to cook for him a lot, huh?" she asked.

He nodded, "and there were certain things he wanted. He went on this all protein diet and drank a lot of protein shakes and ate a lot of meat. I told him that wasn't' very good for him but it was better than junk food."

"Joy made cookies and cake for me," Rochelle mumbled, "but it was her fault for making them so good!"

"Our mother's a doctor," she said, "I'm sure she snuck some vitamins in there a couple times."


"Yeah, that's what I put in Stone's shakes all the time!"

Rochelle sighed, "Well, I guess I could use a diet."

"I think you're cute," Lee said.

"I am?"

"You're funny, that's what makes you so cute." Lee said, "You're such a good conversationalist."

"A what?"

"Someone that can carry on a conversation."

"I have to," Rochelle mumbled, "I'm best friends with Joy."

Lee laughed a little. "I know."

"So, Simon," said Phyllis, "read any books lately?"

"Yeah," he said, "I like to read."

"You're Rowena's brother, all right," she smiled.

"But eating and sleeping comes close in second," he added.

"Seriously?" she gasped.

"I like to snack on cupcakes when I'm reading," Simon said. "Haven't you ever caught Rowena doing that?"

She nodded, "Yeah. She's got a real sweet tooth." Phyllis said, "It's okay because I don't mind making her cookies and things. I'm just glad someone likes them."

"Can I try some?" he asked.


"I hope they're better than the ones Lucas makes," Simon mumbled, "I guess he felt silly about cooking and being a guy."

"There's nothing wrong about a guy knowing how to cook," Phyllis said. "I helped my mom make the cookies over at that table. Go and try some!"

"Wow, thanks!"

"Lucas," Robyn gasped, "where did you learn to dance like that?"

"I took ballet once when I was three," he replied. "Then I stopped when I became for and I just learned to dance myself."

"You're a dancing rebel!"

"That's true," he bragged, "I'm a rebel that loves to dance."

"Do you have a motorcycle too?" she asked.

"Yeah, I built it myself," Lucas said, "I went to for a ride and then my father grounded me when I came back home."

"It was worth it, right?"

"Oh yeah," he said.

"Can you take me for a ride on it?" she asked.

"Sure," he replied, "I'll get you a special made helmet with your name on it."


"Monica, you handled everything perfectly today," Roland commented.

"I didn't do much," she said. "I just did what was right."

"I think you're the best," he flattered.

"Cut it out," she blushed.

"I'm serious."

"My father is watching us," she mumbled.

"Let him look. I want everyone to know how I feel about you."

Monica smiled, "thank you, Roland."

"And you didn't look bad in that new armor either," Roland said.

She blushed, "You hush," she pushed him gently and rested her head on his shoulder. "So do you like my dress?"

"Of course I do."

"You have any idea how long I've waited to hold you in my arms as we spin over the dance floor?" Vincent asked Rowena, his eyes burning over.

"Perhaps as long as I have," she replied. "I'm sorry that I made everything hard on you. I guess I just wanted you to keep Rini safe because I wouldn't know what to do if you got hurt. I couldn't bear to lose either of you."

"I'm not going anywhere, Rowena," he pulled her close and placed his chin over her head. "And neither is Rini."

"I'm just so sorry," she whispered, "I shouldn't have pushed you away."

"Don't be," he said, "I knew you didn't really want me gone."

"I love you so much," she confessed, "I was willing to lay down my life so you'd come back to me. I was so afraid that I lost you for good. If it wasn't for Phyllis then I maybe I would've."

"Hey," he whispered, "everything's going to be okay."

"I still cant' believe my parents bought my sister a doll," Yuli said to his wife.

"Just because they bought you a skateboard doesn't mean they should've bought her one," Rini said.

"I suppose so," Yuli sighed. "But I still don't understand that she screamed when Whiteblaze licked her. I didn't scream!"

"Well, it scared her, honey," Rini said.

"I wonder if she learned how to defend herself," Yuli said.

"Well, if she spent most of her life with the ronins," she began, "some of it is bound to rub off."

"That's true. Good thinking, Rini."

"Thanks." She leaned forward to kiss him and he started talking again.

"One more thing that I find hard to believe," he said.

"Does it have anything to do with Yvonne?" she demanded.

"No," Yuli said, "your grandfather being the ancient. It's kind of strange, don't you think?"

She nodded, "That's probably why we were meant to be together. Can I kiss you now? I've missed you!"


"Don't you think it's odd that your grandfather is the ancient?" Yvonne asked Kenneth.

"Yes, but I think it makes sense," Kenneth said. "It's proof that we were all meant for each other."

"My brother doesn't believe that I'm really his sister," she said.

"Do you?"

"Well, no, not really."

"It's going to take some getting used to," Kenneth told her. "But I think it's rather nice that we all got to meet each other."

"Me too," she admitted.

After a few dances, some left the dance floor to rest, grab some refreshments or to go for a motorcycle ride. The former sailors, ronins and warlords got up to dance.

"Hey, Phyllis," Rowena said, close to tears, "I want to thank you for saving Vincent's life. He means a lot to me."

"I know," Phyllis said. "You're my best friend, Rowena. I couldn't stand to watch you in pain."

A few tears ran down Rowena's cheeks and she wiped them away. "I feel a little bad for the way I treated him."

"It's nto your fault," Phyllis said, "you're so much like your father. Remember that he didn't have a friend until he met my dad? Then they became best friends. I guess he was afraid to have people get close to him, like you are."

Rowena nodded in understanding.

"You know, Rowena," Phyllis blushed and smiled as she looked down, "I'm really jealous of Rini."

"You are?"

"Yeah, I know it sounds crazy," Phyllis said, "but not because she's married to a nice, cute guy like Yuli, or she's the new queen or she's got more power than the rest of us, but," she bit her lip and raised her face, showing he tears, "I'm jealous of her you have her for a sister."

Rowena grinned, "Oh, Phyllis!" Rowena threw her arms around her best friend and began to cry. "Don't be like that, no matter how close I am with Rini, you'll always be my best friend. And besides, she's got 4 other siblings and they'll all want to spend some time with her too! In the meantime, who can I talk girl talk with? Robyn?"

Phyllis smiled, "'Course not. She just left with Lucas on a motorcycle."

"Should we tell her dad to get her in trouble?" Rowena asked.

"No, let's go gossip it over to everyone else!" Phyllis laughed and pulled her over to the others. "Hey guys, you wouldn't believe what just happened! Robyn left with Lucas on a motorcycle!"

"Oh, her dad's going to be so angry with her!" Rochelle laughed.

"Who's going to be the one to tell him?" Joy asked.

"Let's play with this a little longer," Stone said, "This is good! Finally some payback for when Lucas talked me into taking ballet lessons with him!"

"Ballet lessons?" Phyllis inquired with a chuckle.

"I was three," he said, "Leave me alone!"

"Has anyone seen Robyn?" Ryo questioned the group.

"No," they all mumbled.

"Raye!" Ryo shouted, "I want you to look for Robyn!"

"Why don't you go look for yourself?" she muttered as she walked to the fire room, "He has legs, he could go search for her himself."

After that night, everyone became very close. Until Raye located Robyn and they had to ground her for a month. But the next generation all soon fell in love they took care of whatever evils came with the new defenders of Earth. Everything was safe, from generation to generation.