Things I'd do for you

Summary: How far would Dean and Sam go to safe each other? If it was a mystery for either of them, they'll find an answer when they are kidnapped by the Group of Death

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Chapter one

Dean woke up with a horrible pounding in his head. He groaned as he sat up and took a look of his surroundings. Of all the places he had ever been, this had got to be the nastiest one ever. The room he was in wasn't bigger than a medium size bed room, there were no windows, the walls were made of stone, the door looked like it could only be opened by five men and there nowhere to sit or lie down except the floor.

"How in the hell did I end up in here?" Dean thought. He remembered checking into a motel, going to a bar, playing pool with Sam… Sam!

Dean stood up and started to look around again. His heart started to race when he thought about all the possible things that could happen to his little brother. Had he even been taken or was he looking for Dean right now? And of he had been taken, where in the hell was he!

As in a answer, the door opened up, surprisingly by only one, not even that strong looking man, and Sam was thrown in. He fell on the floor, face down and un-moving. "You should teach your brother some manners. He really doesn't respect his hosts", the man said. He was wearing a mask and a black rope.

"What did you do to him?" Dean asked, furious.

"Don't worry, he'll wake up in no time", the man said, and closed the door. Dean kneeled down next to Sam and rolled him over.

"Sammy? C'mon, little brother, I don't think I can give you true loves first kiss so…could you just wake up? Sam?"

A small moan escaped from Sam's lips and slowly he opened his eyes. "Dean?" Dean sighed in relief.

"Yeah, it's me. Are you okay?"

"I… Yeah, I'm fine… You?" Sam asked as he sat up.

"Fine", Dean replied as he checked Sam out. "Do you have any idea how long we've been here?"

Sam shrugged. "Uh, I think we were here for about… half an hour before they came to take me. I was with them for an hour before I passed out. I don't know how long I have been out…"

Dean nodded. "What did they do to you?" he asked. Sam heard the anger that was edging Dean's voice.

"Nothing really", he said, trying to sound convincing. "They just talked. They call them selves 'The Group of Death'."

"Man, that is just lame! Why are they keeping us here?"

"Uh… They said something about new generation of hunters… Training us and so on. That's when I started to make questions… in not very nice way. And they knocked me out."

"New generation of hunters? Training? For what, don't we know enough already?" Dean said.

"I don't think they would be training us to hunt demons and spirits", Sam pointed out. Dean sighed in frustration and stood up.

"Hey! Are you listening to me! Let us the hell out of here!" he yelled to the empty room.

"Dean, hat are you doing?" Sam asked and stood up as well.

"I want some answers, Sam! If that requires yelling and calling them son of a BITCHES"; Dean yelled the last word "I really don't mind." Just then the door opened again and the same man came to the room. He looked at Dean with a sad smile on his face.

"I can see where the younger one has got his language from. Maybe we have to teach YOU some manners, too", the man said.

"Oh, I wouldn't be worried about my manners. I would be worried about what I'm gonna do if you don't tell us what's going on, right now!" Dean took few steps towards the man but he

pulled a gun out of his cloak and aimed it at Sam.

"Come with me. Now, or I'll kill your brother", the man said. His voice was calm, too calm for Dean's liking, and his arm was steady. Dean didn't see any other option out of the situation than obeying the man. He took a deep breath, put his hands up as in way to say he's co-operating and went to the man.

"Good, follow me", the man said and walked out of the door. Dean was about to follow when Sam grabbed his arm.

"It's okay", Dean said in a low voice when he saw the worried expression on his brother's face. "I'll be fine, Sam, let go."

"You should do what he says", the man said from the door way. His voice had turned from calm to threatening. Dean looked at Sam in a way that said 'let me go or I swear to God I will

make you let go'. With a gulp, Sam let go of Dean's arm and watched as he and the man left the room.


As the man lead the way, Dean took his chance to look around for a way to escape. It seemed like they were underground, and Dean saw that slowly but surely they were going deeper and deeper. The walls were moist and the air was thick to breath.

"Go in", Dean suddenly heard. He shook his head and saw another door, just like the one in his and Sam's room. The man was holding it open for him.

"I'm getting tired of taking orders from you", Dean mumbled but went in, nevertheless. The room he stepped in was huge. There were at least fifty people there. They all had masks

and they all wore a cloak. Dean noticed that some of the cloaks red but most of them were black.

"Is that him?" All the blood in Dean's veins seemed to freeze. The voice was cold, rude and… bitter?

"Yes, my queen, this is the older", the man who had picked Dean up said, and bowed his head a little. A woman came into the view. She didn't wear a mask, though Dean really hoped that she would've. There was something in her that made him want to vomit but he didn't lower his gaze when the woman came right in front of him.

"Good job, g-3. You can go now", the woman said. The man, who had been called g-3, bowed again and left. The woman smiled a little as he looked at Dean.

"So, you don't have trouble calling us son of a bitched, huh? Hate to break it to ya, but the leader is anything but a son", she said.

"Yeah, I can see that", Dean replied. The queens eyes narrowed, making them look even harder than they had before.

"Who said you were aloud to talk?" she asked,

"Oh, I don't ask permission when I want to talk, I just do", Dean answered. The queens face turned a little angry.

"You should really start showing some respect. You do know that I can send someone to kill your brother, right? So why don' you just follow my orders and no one gets hurt, k?"

"You hurt my brother, I swear I will kill you!" Dean said quietly.

"I would like to see you try", the queen said. "But you see, I have my trained soldiers right here, protecting me. And soon you're gonna join them." She motioned at the man in red cloaks. "Although, you and your brother will be special ones. You're gonna be right here by my side, all the time. You're gonna hunt for me…"

"Hunt you what?" Dean asked, before he could stop himself. The queen didn't seem to mind about the interruption this time. She just smiled.

"Death. You're gonna hunt death for me. You're gonna worship me, love me… Like you'd love your mother."

Dean's hands were sweating and he noticed that he was shaking. "Never", he whispered. "Never…"

"I'm sure you will change your mind", the queen said. She waved her hand and two men in a red cloaks came to her side. "Show him what kind of tricks we'll teach him", she said, smiling. Dean's eyes flashed with fear as the men grabbed and walked him ye to another room. The queen smiled even wider when the door closed and the screams of agony were heard all over the big room.


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