Things I'd Do For You

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Chapter eleven

Something warm entered Sam's lungs. Air. Oh God, he needed it so bad. It felt so good. Hang on... Why is everything dark?


With that one little word the pain came. It felt like there was absolutely no place in Sam's body that didn't hurt and that meant that he felt every single spot of his body.

"Sam? C'mon, give me something here!" Dean's voice begged. Sam lifted his arm and reached out. Suddenly he felt someone taking it and a gentle squeeze. Without thinking much further he squeezed back, the touch somewhat making him feel less pain.


"Yeah. Yeah, I'm right here. Open your eyes, Sammy. Come on, you can do it", Dean said, his voice breaking with relief. Sam took in a deep breath and opened his eyes, blinking against the sudden light. His eyes focused on his brother, who was looking at him with more than worried look. It looked like he had cried. But Dean didn't cry, he never did. Why would he cry now?

"Dean? You... you okay?" Sam asked, a little worried. Dean's lips turned up ever so slightly.

"You almost die and you're asking me if I'm okay? God, Sammy, I mean... No, honestly, I'm not fine", Dean answered, his voice becoming serious.

"Why, what's wrong?" Sam asked, now a lot worried. He tried to get up but his head protested. Dean put a hand on his shoulder and pushed him back down.

"Don't look around. I'm gonna take you to the hospital", he said, standing up.

"Wh...? No! No hospital, Dean, please!" Sam said, trying to sit up again.

"Sam, you've got a hell of head wound, it's gonna need stitches!" Dean said.

"You can do them. Please, I've had enough with hospitals. Don't take me there, please! Dean?" Sam gave Dean the best puppy eye look that he could manage. Dean shook his head, clearly annoyed.

"Fine. But it's gonna hurt like hell. C'mon, I'll carry you to a car. But DON'T look around. You understand, Sam? Do NOT look around."

"Why?" Sam asked, but actually closed his eyes when Dean lifted him up by his arm.

"It's not something that you need to see", Dean said simply when he searched the area for any kind of vehicle.

"You use to say that when we were kids", Sam remembered as they slowly started walking.

"And every time you believed me. Believe me now, Sammy, okay? Don't open your eyes", Dean warned. He had figured out how they had got out. The tunnel had simply came down around them, burying everyone, who weren't as lucky as he and Sam, alive. Dean didn't know if someone up there liked them that much or were they just... freakishly lucky. But he didn't bother his head about it for a long time, cuz he had caught a car with his eyes and was quickly making their way to it.

"Okay, Sam. Keep awake, or I'm gonna take you to the next hospital I see, you hear me?" Dean said as he eased Sam on the passenger side.

"I hear you", Sam said, not opening his eyes. Dean hadn't told him he could open his eyes. Dean had to give him the permission...

"Sammy? What did I just tell you?" Dean's voice came from somewhere far away. Sam could hear the engine running and he felt the car moving. Could he open his eyes...?

"Can I open my eyes now?" Sam asked.

"Sure. Just don't fall asleep. Okay?" Sam opened his eyes and nodded. He took in a sharp breath when his head wound reminded him of it's presence.


"I'm okay", Sam reassured, though he wasn't sure was he really okay. Dean pushed the gas harder and sooner than he though he found the motel they had stayed in. And as he had hoped, his beloved car was right there in front of their room. Though right now, Dean couldn't care less.

"Sammy? I have to go check us back in, I think they automatically checked us out. You gonna be okay?"

"I won't fall asleep", Sam promised. Dean smiled, squeezed Sam's shoulder and stepped out of the car. Somewhere back of his mind Sam was wondering how Dean had got the car moving. Had the queen been so stupid that she had let the keys in? Or was Dean just that good with cars? Sam didn't know.


It took Dean good twenty minutes to get the keys back to their room and get Sam lying on the bed. He gulped when he cleaned Sam's wound. That seemed to cause a lot of pain and so much more was coming.

"You ready, Sam?" Dean asked.

"As ready as I'll ever be. Just do it", Sam told him. Dean took in a deep breath and started his work. He could feel every single muscle in Sam's body tense and he actually prayed that he would pass out. That way he could drag him to a hospital and make someone else do this for him. But Sam never even closed his eyes. By the time that Dean had finished, tears were freely coming out of Sam's eyes and he didn't hide that he was in pain. In a LOT of pain.


"God, that hurt", Sam gasped.

"Told ya. Here", Dean said and gave Sam two Tylenols and a glass of water.

"Thanks", Sam said, put the pills in his mouth and washed them down with the water. "So... are you okay?" he asked.

"Yeah, Sam. I'm fine. Why?"

"You said that you weren't. And you almost got yourself killed", Sam replied, his voice rising.

"Well, look who's talking", Dean shot back. "What were you thinking, coming back, huh?" Dean said, making sure that Sam knew exactly why he wasn't okay. Sam looked away from him.

"Dean, I... I... Dean... I saw... I mean... Dean , you can't keep doing this to me!" Sam suddenly yelled. Dean was taken aback by his outburst which totally caught his off guard.

"Keep doing what, Sam? What are you talking about?"

"I can't... I can't handle it if you... Dean, I told you! I've watched you almost die way too many times, I can take it anymore! I saw what was gonna happen in my dream, I saw that you were gonna tell me to run and then stay behind yourself! I couldn't let it happen! Dean... I... just..."

And with that, Sam lost it. The pain that was left of the last couple of days took over him and he buried his head in his hands. He didn't want to let Dean see him like that. He didn't want to cry, everything was fine...

The last thing Sam had excepted was strong arms that made their way around him. A soft voice with comforting words kept whispering 'it's okay' to his ear as he let his head lead on Dean's chest. Dean didn't push him away. Quite the opposite. He just sat there, making a silent promise that he would never let anyone make his brother go through that kind of hell again.



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