Encounters in a dark alley

Disclaimer: I don't own the guys from Supernatural or their show but I do so like to err play with em.


Sam stumbled against the dumpster and tried to right himself, disorientated he blinked owlishly around the laneway.

His skin felt like it was crawling with spiders, scratching at them he didn't even notice the long bloody streaks where he sliced at his own skin, he wanted to be rid of the spiders.

A loud crash behind him made him jump and scramble behind the large bin to hide, he had to hide in case they came for him again. His hands fluttered to his throat, he could still feel the hands around his neck squeezing the life from him.

The beating he could handle, it wasn't as if he hadn't been beaten before, no it wasn't the beating it was the fact that they blindfolded him, he had no idea where he was, or who they were. He could only feel the abuse at their hands, and then, then the rest.

His throat ached it was so parched, but he dared not move in case someone came to get him, but he needed the rest. Why was he chosen, he wasn't sure, he hated them, he hated Dean.

He had to pick a fight with Sam, it was all his fault, he caused Sam to slam out the door and walk away from the motel, shoulders hunched and deep in thought. It was Dean's fault he didn't hear the car or the men who grabbed him from behind.

He was so thirsty and, and he was so itchy, why couldn't he stop shivering it wasn't that cold? Footsteps in the alleyway made him push further back into the pile of boxes and other discarded refuse, he could feel himself start to hyperventilate if he had some of the stuff that would calm him down. That was the worst, when they grabbed his arms and pushed needles into him. He couldn't see what they were doing and no one would speak to him. They used him as a silent punching bag and somewhere to stick their needles. His stomach roiled in rebellion, wanting to release the last remnants of its contents.

He wasn't sure exactly how long he had been wandering around the back streets and lanes, when his captors finally finished with him they pushed him out of the back of a van and sped off leaving him lying there in the middle of the road.


Dean floored the impala and squealed the brakes as he sped out of the motel car park, all the text message had said was where to find Sam. He had his brother had a huge fight three days ago culminating in Sam storming out. The next day Dean received a text, stating that Sam was now a prisoner and the Winchesters would pay dearly.

He clenched the steering wheel that tightly his knuckles turned white, since Sam walked out Dean had berated himself on being so stupid. He should never have ripped into Sam, reminding him too much of Dad and their past fights.

He should have known how Sam would react to being ordered by Dean, but sometimes he was just so fucking stubborn.

Skidding to a stop at the entrance of the lane Dean ran from the car and began searching for his brother, dreading how he would find him. A scuffling sound made him pause and listen carefully, slowing his pace he headed towards the large overflowing dumpster, 'Sam? Sammy?' He called gently, 'Sam hey it's Dean come on Dude where are you?'

'No.' The soft moan came from the large pile of rubbish at the back, pushing his way through Dean lifted a piece of cardboard and stared down at the wild-eyed face of his baby brother.


'No, no more please.' Sam wept as he saw the face hovering above him, 'leave me alone.'

'Sam it's Dean, it's okay you're safe now.'

'No!' Sam screamed and tried to cover his face with his bloodied arms.

'Ah Sammy what did they do to you?' He whispered as he squatted on his haunches and reached a hand out to his brother, 'hey it's alright Bro it's me Dean.'

'No, no please no more.' Sam wept hoarsely, 'Dean?'

'Yeah it's me Dude, you gave me such a fright.'

'Dean I need some stuff.' Sam said his eyes were too bright and his face flushed, 'just a little bit and, and I'll feel better.'

'Stuff what do you…Sammy show me your arm ah please.'

'Why? What do you want? I don't have anything, I don't have any money.' Sam pushed himself against the wall, hyperventilating once more.

'Easy Sammy, that's it, now what stuff do you …fuck Sammy did they do that to you?' Dean exclaimed as he saw the needle tracks on Sam's arms.

'I just need a little bit an' I'll be fine please can you help me?'

'Yeah but first we need to get out of here. Can you stand up Sammy?'

Sam nodded and slowly stood up leaning heavily on Dean, wincing with the newest injuries and bruises. 'Where, where can we get some?'

'I got the impala just over there, come on Sammy we can get some stuff when we get back to the motel room.'

'S-s-s-s-s-so c-c-c-c-cold.' Sam stammered shivering violently, suddenly he started to retch, dropping to his knees he threw up what was left in his stomach.

Dean knelt down next to Sam, rubbing his back and shoulders until the retching finished, then he helped him up and half-carried, half-dragged Sam to the car.

'Where are w-w-w-w-we g-g-g-going?' Sam asked suddenly pull away from Dean and try to stagger away, 'no, no you're t-t-t-trying to t-t-t-trick me, you're always t-t-t-t-t-trying to t-t-t-t-trick m-m-m-m-me.'

'No Sammy, please I'm not going to try and hurt you, I want to help you.'

'D-d-d-d-do you really w-w-w-w-want to help m-m-m-m-me?'

'Sammy please come one Dude just get in the car.'

'You g-g-g-g-got some s-s-s-s-s-stuff?' Sam stared around nervously, as he scratched his arms again, 'g-g-g-g-g-get them off m-m-m-m-me.' He screamed as he gouged at his arms again.

'Sorry Sammy.' Dean said as he punched his brother as hard as he could easily knocking out the fragile young man. Once unconscious Dean was able to bundle him into the front of the impala and roar out of the area.

Breathing heavily Dean managed to get Sam onto the bed away from the door, with a bitter taste in his mouth and his heart thumping madly, he pulled the remnants of Sam's clothing away and checked his brother for injuries. He was a mass of bruises, some fresh and some deeper and older. His ribs were a problem, on his left side he could feel the sponginess of swelling. The marks of on his throat were shaped like fingers, looked raw and painful. But it was his arms that worried Dean, covered in track marks where something had been injected into him repeatedly, were also covered in long red scratches and welts where Sam himself hurt himself.

'Fuck Sammy what didn't they do to you?' Dean snarled, every fibre of his being screamed out for vengeance but he couldn't leave his brother alone, not like this.

Sam started to shiver violently, tossing his hands wildly in the air trying to ward away an invisible attacker. 'No more.' He whimpered.

'Sh it's okay Sammy it's okay.' Dean said trying to keep his voice sounding neutral and soft gathering his brother into his arms he cradled him against his chest and wrapped the both of them up in the blankets.

Sam clutched at Dean's shirt, as the shudders wracked his frail body, as the sweat started to bead on his forehead. 'Feel s-s-s-s-so b-b-b-bad Dean.' He whispered burying his face into his brother's chest. 'P-p-p-please D-d-d-d-Dean I need it.'

'No you don't Sammy, just hold on and we'll get you better.' Dean crooned wondering if he should chance giving Sam some tranquilisers to help settle him.

'I-I-I-I n-n-n-need it.' Sam snapped pushing himself up he glared at Dean, this is all Dean's fault, kept running through his jumbled thoughts.

'No Sammy, just breath deeply it's gonna be okay Dude.'

'G-g-g-give it t-t-t-t-t-to m-me.' Sam demanded.

'I can't Sammy.' Dean said flinching when he saw the raw need in Sam's face.

With an anguished cry Sam scrambled off the bed and tried to run for the door, Dean tackled him and easily brought him down. 'I am so sorry Sammy.' Dean whispered as he flicked out a set of handcuffs and clicked them on Sam's wrists.

'Dean what the f-f-f-fuck.' Sam roared as he floundered on the floor, 'let m-m-m-me up!'

Dean ran his fingers through his hair and then made his mind up, going over to their medical kit he found the tranquiliser and a new syringe. Silently he filled it to the correct dosage and went to kneel next to Sam, his heart-breaking when he saw the look of desperation on Sam's face when he saw the needle in Dean's hand.

'Forgive me Sammy.' Dean said as he eased the syringe into Sam's upper arm, unable to look at the bright feverish expectation in Sam's eyes, then they clouded and darkened with anger. It wasn't the same. 'It's not the same!'

'It'll make you feel better.' Dean whispered watching the drug take effect and eased Sam back into his arms, cradling him against his chest, he sat on the floor and rocked his baby brother in his arms, brushing the damp hair from Sam's eyes. 'I promise it will get better Sam.'