Encounters in a dark alley

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'So Samuel what is your answer?' The demon smirked determined to milk the situation for all its worth before he did away with the troublesome psychic.

'Ya know, Tahoorack you have had me beaten, tortured, forced to do things that ... fed me drugs and messed with my mind. But when you mess with my brother then...' Sam felt himself go still inside, a strange calmness flooded over him and he lifted his head a cold smile on his abused face, 'then you face me.'

He pulled all of his energy and rage into a white ball in his mind, letting it manifest on its own, growing and spinning collecting all of the poison and despair with each spin leaving behind a stillness of soul. Sam lifted his head slightly and straightened his shoulders, as he pushed out with his mind pinning Tahoorack against the wall, taking the demon by surprise, he held it there as though it weighed less then a feather. '

You have done your last move Tahoorack, the rules of the game have changed, and you lose.' Sam said in a cool calm voice matching the glittering of his sea-green eyes, 'No more I am no longer your plaything to use and abuse.' Sam flicked his fingers and the demon moved higher up the wall, its mouth gaping open but no sound came from it. 'I have seen what you did to Dean, that was not nice,' Sam barely moved as the demon choked invisible fingers squeezed it from the body it inhabited. A syringe loaded with the drugs Sam no longer craved floated out of its pocket and rose until it hovered directly in front of one of its eyes, 'do you know what I am going to do to you?' Sam asked casually, 'did you really think that you could force my powers out? What else oh yes ... that the drugs would keep me pliable and weak? You took and took from me Tahoorack, you took things that I ... normally I can forget and sometimes forgive but this time you pushed too far. You took my brother's essence and tried to use it against me.'

The syringe moved closer to the eye, sweat covered the demon's face as it fought to breath through the constricted neck and watch as the needle hovered closer each second. 'I must admit Tahoorack for a while there you had me beaten, had me questioning my own sanity and even my own masculinity and yet you kept pushing me. Forcing Dean to watch you hurt me and then you tried it on Dean. But the poisoning and placement of Dean where you knew, he was easy prey for any sexual deviant around. That, that...' Sam hesitated for a second as he gathered himself again, his voice almost betraying the inner turmoil inside, he needed to be calm and still to finish this, 'that is inexcusable.' Sam flicked a finger and the syringe plunged into the demon's eye emptying the noxious contents into it. The demon writhed against the wall as the drugs filled its inhuman being. 'I want you to feel what I felt, I want you to feel what Dean felt, and I want you to feel the complete Winchester vengeance.' Sam yelled as all of the smaller objects in the room started moving, spinning around the room as though a twister caught them in its wind. The winds whipped around Sam, blowing his hair around his face as a glow of energy surrounded him, giving him an ethereal appearance.

The demon screamed silently as a shadowed form fled from Sam's body and attached itself instead to Tahoorack, the brand burning into the already blackening skin, burning red against the black. Tendrils snaked out across its body, trapping the demon in its own trap.

The body taken by the demon slumped lifelessly to the floor, the living man gone for centuries left behind the decayed corpse the demon reactivated. Now it started to decay once again disappearing into a pile of dust and tiny bone fragments. A warmth filled the motel room as a shining, silver orb rose from the ashes and dust; it circled Sam and then flew directly at the creature struggling against the wall. The orb started to change shape as its colouring changed from silver to gold and then the gold became fiery red it consumed the demon in a brief burst of flame, flaring into showers of glittering sparks and flames, and then it returned once again to the silver orb. It hovered in front of Sam and he felt the warmth radiating from it, warming his body, for the first time in a long time he felt warm.

Exhausted he slumped to the bed, his head still ringing with the migraine and pain of emptiness. His abused body ached interminably but he welcomed the ache. He felt alive again.

The cramps in his stomach made him draw his knees to his chest and gasp for each breath the effort he had just expended took more strength than he had left. His heart beat slowed and he felt alone and afraid. Tears slowly trickled from his eyes as he closed his eyes, heavy sobs wracked his pitifully thin frame. As the realisation hit him, he had destroyed Tahoorack, but he hadn't been able to save Dean. He didn't know where he was and now it was too late, the poison ... Sam took too long and now the poison would have taken his brother's life.

Sweat beaded along Sam's forehead, dripping down his face, as he calmed down and listened to the slowing of his heart, the strain had been too much for him. The sacrifice was worth it, and perhaps now he could be reunited with his family forever.


Bobby looked up from the piece of paper he had written Dean's directions on and scanned the area, cursing at himself for getting lost, for all he knew he was too late to help the boys.

A pain-filled cry sent shivers down his spine, grabbing his gun Bobby ran from his truck towards the darkened alley behind the bar. Slowing his pace slightly he listened intently as the cries became moans, squinting he saw a dirtied man crouching over the prone form of a boy. Fury surged through Bobby and he slowed his pace to a stride and lifted his gun aiming it at the attacker. He tripped on a rock and stumbled slightly cursing under his breath when he saw the man stop and turn in his direction for a second before returning to his victim. He watched as the man dropped fangs and reared his head to strike, Bobby took aim and without blinking, shot the man in the back, the silver bullet finding its mark instantly. The man dropped the youth and staggered away spitting blood and muttering before clutching at his chest and then disappearing into a cloud of acrid smelling dust.

Bobby ran to the young man and carefully rolled him over, his breath caught in his throat when he recognised the face beneath the bruises and blood. 'Fuck, Dean what happened to you?'

Slipping his gun back into the holster on his hip Bobby tenderly picked Dean up and carried him to the truck, carefully laying him down on the backseat, determined to drive straight to the hospital, when Dean's eyes slitted open and he stared up at Bobby, a look of disbelief and confusion in his hazel eyes. 'Bobby?'

'Hey Dean, you take it easy I'm gonna get you to the hospital.'

'No, no please ... Bobby we have to get back to Sam,' Dean whispered desperately clutching at the older man's arm, 'he's alone.'

'Dean look I – I don't know, man you need to get to a doctor God only knows what that thing did to you.'

'Doesn't matter,' Dean coughed and winced with the pain from his ribs moving unnaturally, 'have to get to Sam.'

'Okay, okay just relax I'll get you to Sam but then we go to the hospital.'

'Thanks.' Dean whispered, 'thanks Bobby,' he finished before another coughing fit took his breath away.

'Sit tight Dean, I just gotta find this motel of yours.'

'Two blocks north ... and ... and then off main street.'

'Got it, you sit back and ah take it easy Dean.' Bobby's normally gruff exterior started to show cracks when he took in the abuse Dean had obviously suffered.


The motel door swung open and Bobby staggered in with Dean at his side, he took most of the younger man's weight and held him as tightly as Dean could cope with. Breathing heavily he finally got them inside and shut the door behind them.

'Sammy?' Dean croaked out when he saw his younger brother lying on the bed, too still to be asleep. 'Oh God Sammy!'

'Stay there,' Bobby ordered lowering Dean down onto the empty bed before he hurried to check Sam out. Swearing under his breath, he rolled the younger Winchester onto his back and started to give him CPR.

Dean held his breath, unable to draw his gaze away from Sam's face, he felt so consumed by guilt and anger that he thought he would pass out at any moment. After minutes that seemed like hours passed, Bobby sat back and rubbed his hands over his face as he watched Sam take gasping breathes of air. He finally risked a glance at Dean who still sat staring at his brother unseeingly. 'He's gonna be alright Dean.' Bobby said and then repeated himself when Dean showed no signs of hearing him.

'Sammy?' Dean uttered as he expelled the held breath and looked disbelievingly up at the older hunter, 'Sammy?'

'He's going to be alright Dean, he's breathing again.'

'Oh God,' Dean said his voice muffled behind his hands, 'I thought...'

'He's a fighter that kid brother of yours,' Bobby said with a grin, then he let his gaze roam over the dishevelled room and the scorch marks on the wall letting it rest on the pile of dust and bone fragments on the floor. 'In more ways than one.'

'Dean?' Sam whispered his eyes fluttering open briefly, 'Dean I'm sorry.'

'Sammy?' Dean pushed the pain clutching at his insides and hurried to Sam, dropping to his knees next to the bed he ran his hand through Sam's hair and brushed it off his face, 'it's over Sam.'

'I-I couldn't save you Dean, I'm sorry.' Sam kept whispering, not knowing that Dean knelt in front of him, 'I'm gonna join you Dean, I don't want to be alone.'

'No Sammy, listen to me, I'm alive.' Dean yelled gripping his brother's shoulders he shook him slightly and then pulled him into a tight hug, 'I'm alive and you're alive ... we're gonna be okay Sammy.'

'It's Sam,' Sam muttered against Dean's neck before pulling away to get a better look at his brother, 'you're really alive?'

'Yeah, yeah I am thanks to Bobby here.'

'Dean ... but the poison ... he gave you poison that was supposed to ... you look like shit Dean.'

'Yeah well you won't win too many beauty pageants at the moment either Sammy.' Dean grinned and then winced, carefully he pulled himself up, and sat down on his own bed, 'what happened?'

'I ah ... umm fought off Tahoorack.' Sam stumbled over his words, glancing up at Bobby embarrassed.


'That demon ... Tahoorack was his name.'

'Was? Then you smoked him?' Dean asked a hint of pride in his voice.

'Yeah I guess I did,' Sam grinned as he settled back on his bed, 'what happened to you Dean?'

'Well um, from what I can remember they jumped us and then I remember coming to in the alley I first found you in ... they did inject me with something probably the same shit they gave you. Ah there was this fugly dude that tried to ... tried to umm, just as he was about to Bobby arrived, but the fucker bit my neck though.' Dean lifted a shaking hand to the bite on his neck; it already started to scab over, 'that's about it.'

'What about the ... vamp who attacked you?'

'Bobby shot it, one shot straight through the chest.' Dean said blinking furiously he tried to focus on his brother and friend but the darkness flooded his senses and he slipped sideways. Bobby made his way over to Dean's bed and carefully removed his boots and covered him with a warm blanket. 'He'll be fine in a few days Sam,' he said to reassure the pale young man lying on the other bed.

'Thanks Bobby, I don't know...'

'Hey no thanks necessary, so how's about you get some sleep too while I go and find some ah food for us.' Bobby mumbled, unsure of what to do, emotional scenes and pain weren't his scene.

'Thanks Bobby,' Sam's voice sounded muffled as he curled up and fell into a deep dreamless sleep.


A week later Sam and Dean sat in silence both enjoying the simple joy of being on the road in the impala. Bobby stood watching their car disappear into the dust, he made them come back to his place to rest and recuperate, and now they were gone. with a small smile and a shrug of his shoulders, he went back inside he needed a beer.

'So Sammy you want to tell me just how you smoked the demon?' Dean asked glancing over at his brother, 'I mean Bobby's not around now, we can talk freely.'

'I ah I'm not sure Dean, one minute I was having a vision about you being attacked in the alley and then I was in so much pain ... but something came over me it's hard to explain Dean.'

'Keep going.'

'Well umm, it's like ... like everything inside of me went still and I didn't feel anything but calm. I ah pushed Tahoorack against the wall and choked him without touching him.' Sam spoke quickly and kept his stare fixed on the road ahead of them, not wanting to meet Dean's enquiring gaze. 'And ah, then, then I thought about the syringe in his pocket and it floated up and hovered in front of his eye.' Sam's voice faded as the memory hit him harder than he thought it would, he ran his sweating hands down his jeans leg and stole a glance at Dean.

'I made it go in his eye and inject him without touching anything.' Sam said, 'say something Dean.'

'What do you want me to say Sam?' Dean asked his voice quiet, he kept his stoic stare on the road as he drove.

'I dunno, do you want to know the rest?'

'There's more?'


'I want to know Sam.'

'After the needle emptied into him, the brand um, kindof took on a life of its own and left me and umm flew to him attaching itself to the demon.' Sam turned his attention back to the scenery he studied earlier, 'it completely encased him, and then, then the body he possessed fell away and turned to that pile of dust and bone, it was old but then this ball came out of it, a shining orb of silver and it flew around me. It felt so warm but then it shot towards the demon and it changed colours to gold and red and then it burnt the demon Dean I have never seen anything like it. When it finished it came back to me and for a moment, I didn't hurt, no pain, no craving nothing. Then it was gone and the pain came back and ... and I could feel my heart slowing down and all I could think of was failing you.' Sam fell over his words as he tried to get them out before his emotions got the better of him. He sat silent watching the scenery flash by as they sped along the lonely road waiting for Dean to speak.

'You thought you failed me?' Dean finally broke his self-imposed silence, 'why?'

'Tahoorack told me that he poisoned you, and that if you didn't get the nullifier you would die. I killed him before I could get it from him to save you.'

'Hey I'm still here Sammy.'

'I – I'm so sorry Dean the one time you needed me and I couldn't help you.'

Dean turned to glare at Sam and then he pulled the car over and jumped out as they skidded to a stop. 'Dean?' Sam called suddenly scared, maybe he would have been better off dying after all.

Dean wrenched Sam's car door open and dragged his younger brother out pushing him up against the car Dean twisted his hands in Sam's shirt front. The anguish and pain raw on Dean's face. 'Damn it Sammy, never ever let me hear you say that again. Fuck it's my job to look after you and what happened. I let you down Sam, it should be me apologising to you not the other way around.'

'Why what do you have to apologise for?'

'I – I ... they kidnapped you on my watch Sam, they did those ... and when you needed me I couldn't help you, I was being fucked by a vampire.'

'No Dean, you weren't fucked you were almost raped there's a difference,' Sam said softly laying his hands on top of Dean's, 'you were beaten damn near to death and injected with drugs you had no control over what happened.'

'That's just it Sammy, I didn't have the control they did, that demon did and it almost cost you more than your life.'

'Dean, Dean I'm okay, I'm going to be okay just as long ...'

'as long as what?'

'As long as we're okay ... we are aren't we Dean?'

Dean opened his mouth to shoot back an angry retort when he saw the raw need on Sam's face and the puppy dog look in his eyes; damn that kid had the most expressive face. 'We're more than alright Sammy, we're Winchesters, and we rock!'

'Oh we do huh?' Sam blinked back the unshed tears and let out a deep breath, 'so if we rock where are we rolling too?'

'Oh funny Sam, so funny my sides are aching from laughing so much,' Dean quipped playfully shoving his brother one last time, 'how about we just get in the car and drive, let baby decide where she wants to go.'

'You know Dean,' Sam said as he climbed back into the car and glanced over at his older brother, 'it's pretty sick this relationship you have with the car. You sure you don't need help?'

'Ha, ha oh Sammy you are hilarious you know that.' Dean sniped as he hit the play button on his tape deck and turned the volume up, putting the car into gear he span his tyres a little kicking up the loose gravel as he peeled off, Manowar's Battle Cry filling the quiet country side.

The End

Author's Note: So that's the end ... well for now anyway, the boys have to each deal with their own ordeals but for now they are together again and Sam is drug free.

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