Zuo Ci was taking a stroll through the city of He Fei, when a flash of light blinded him. When he opened his eyes, in front of him was a tall figure.

"Zuo Ci, I have a task for you," a deep and manly voice said to him.

When Zuo Ci's eyes had adjusted to the light and saw what the figure looked like, he fell on the ground roaring with laughter.

Standing in front of Zuo Ci was a geeky looking boy, about the age of fourteen, with dark, brown hair and a mild case of acne.

After Zuo Ci had finished his laughing fit, he asked, "Who are you?"

"My name is S--I mean Yuyevon333 (not that it's any of your business), and I have a task for you".

"And what's that?"

"Have you noticed how stupid and weak everyone in China is?"

"Hmm..." Zuo Ci thought "actually, yeah. People today are a bit thick today aren't they?"

"That's why I'm setting you the task to teach the dumb ass's of China, and create a boarding school," Yuyevon333 instructed Zuo Ci.

Zuo Ci thought about it for a bit, then said, "I'll do it,"

"Excellent. Goodbye Zuo Ci," Yuyevon333 said as he disappeared as if he was never there.


Cao Cao was sitting at home being lazy as usual, when he had a thought. Maybe I'll start an empire. Yeah, and become a hero of chaos, call my empire Wei, have a rival called Liu Bei, die from a brain tumour, ECT, ECT. He then paused for a moment and then said aloud, "nah, to much work".

Knock, knock, "Xiahou Dun, get the door," Cao Cao yelled to the other side of the house.

"Yes cousin," was the reply.

Xiahou Dun answered, "It's for you".

Cao Cao got up and walked to the door.

"Who the hell are you?" Cao Cao demanded.

"I'm Zuo Ci and I have come for you and anyone else who lives here," Zuo Ci answered.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Cao Cao demanded.

"Well, you're the last house to collect," Zuo Ci answered.

"What the…." Cao Cao didn't get to finish his sentence, because then there was a flash of light and Xiahou Dun, Xiahou Yuan, Cao Ren and himself were no longer in their house. They were in what looked like a school. There were a lot of other people there as well.

"Hello everyone," a voice called.

Everyone turned to see who the speaker was. It was Zuo Ci, standing on a podium.

"You are all probably wondering why I have brought you all here," he said. "Well, I have noticed that everyone, in all of China, is really stupid and have decided to teach you all. Now everyone who 50+ in age, come up here," Zuo Ci ordered, but not harshly.

After everyone was sorted, Zuo Ci continued speaking.

"Now to continue… hey, who are you?" Zuo Ci pointed to a semi old looking guy.

"I'm Zhang Jue, er… I mean, uh… Jiao, Zhang Jiao… yeah that'll do" the man stammered.

"And how old are you?" Ci questioned.

"49" Jiao answered.

"Close enough, come up here," Ci said casually.

After Zhang Jiao had made his way up with all the other old people Zuo Ci continued his speech.

"Now everyone, all of you people down there will be reduced to the age of 15 and everyone up here (except me) will be reduced to the age of 25," Ci told everyone, then raised his hand and then there was a flash of light. When everyone could see again, they were all a lot younger (except Zuo Ci).

"Now, all of you teens are students of this boarding school, bom bom bom! D.W. high!" Ci announced.

"And you older people are teachers! How exciting! Now back to business," Ci announced. "You three, come here," Ci ordered three teachers, one being Zhang Jiao.

"What are your names?" He asked the other two.

"I'm Huang Gai"

"I'm Huang Zhong"

Zuo Ci then turned to the students "There will be four house groups. Dragon, led by Huang Zhong, tiger, led by Huang Gai, phoenix led by Zhang Jiao" he paused for a moment and smiled. "And, tortoise, led by me".

"Tortoise is a stupid name! I mean phoenix, tiger and dragon are fine, but tortoise?" a student shouted.

"I'm principle, so I get to choose things like this. Now shut up and let me talk!" Zuo Ci shouted back.

"What if I don't want to?" the student shouted back.

Zuo Ci then held up his hand and a bolt of purple lightning hit the student.

"Now, Zhang Jiao will now read out what house everyone is in," Zuo Ci said as he handed a box, full of paper, with names of all the students on them to Zhang Jiao.

Jiao pulled a bit of paper out of the box and read "Pang Tong is in phoe—what a freak! He's not going in my house!—I mean dragon".

"Next, Zhou Tai is in phoe—what a chatter box! He's not coming in either—I mean tiger" Jiao announced the next student's house.

"Okay, next is Zhang He Who is in phoe—no gay guys are coming in my house!—I mean--" he was interrupted by Zuo Ci who angrily snatched the piece of paper from his hand and shouted "He's in phoenix dammit! I'll read the rest of the papers!"

It would be a waste of time to tell which house everyone was so I'll just tell you the playable character's houses.


Xing Cai

Guan Ping

Ma Chao

Jiang Wei

Zhao Yun

Wei Yan

Pang Tong

Yue Ying

Zhuge Liang

Zhang Fei

Guan Yu

Liu Bei


Ling Tong

Xiao Qiao

Da Qiao

Lu Xun

Lu Meng

Zhou Yu

Taishi Ci

Gan Ning

Zhou Tai

Sun Ce

Sun Quan

Sun Shang Xiang

Sun Jian


Pang De

Cao Pi

Sima Yi

Cao Ren

Zhen Ji

Zhang He

Zhang Liao

Xu Zhu

Xu Huang

Dian Wei

Xiahou Yuan

Xiahou Dun

Cao Cao


Yuan Shao

Zhu Rong

Meng Hou

Dong Zhuo

Diao Chan

Lu Bu

After the sorting was done Zuo Ci said, "Okay everyone, I'm sick of you all, so piss of to your dormitories. In your room will be some forms, which will explain all about your subjects. When you're finished filling your forms out, hand them back to me. Teachers, you can go find your offices. Now, goodnight, everyone."

"But its only 5 P.M." one of the students exclaimed.

"I said, goodnight everyone," Zuo Ci angrily, ignoring the students protests.


Inside his dormitory, Xiahou Dun was reading his subject forms. He was up to the part about choosing subjects

There are three compulsory subjects: reading and writing, mathematics and melee combat. You may choose your other four. Below is a list of the subjects you may choose from.

Dun then picked up a long, thin object, which on its packet, was called a Biro and got ready to pick his subjects.

Archery-the use of long bows and cross bows.

Mounted combat-fight on horses and elephants.

Strategy-learn to play strategy games like chess and checkers.

Military weapon use-learn to use weapons like bombs, catapults, juggernaughts and other siege weapons.

Endurance-fight for long amounts of time and travel through rough terrain.

Blacksmith-learn to make weapons.

Animal training and breeding-learn to breed animals and train them.

Farming-learn to grow rice and vegetables.

Art-learn to draw and paint.

Dancing-learn to dance.

Music-learn to play musical instruments like flutes.

War combat- fight in a group and experience battle conditions in a war.

After thinking for a while Dun chose mounted combat, military weapon use, endurance and war combat. He then walked to the principle's office (he had some trouble finding it) and slid he's message through the message slot and made he's way back to he's dormitory.

Dun sat in bed thinking about what would happen tomorrow…

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