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O'Neill couldn't concentrate. He hated waiting, she knew that, yet she had insisted that they wait until 0930 this morning to leave. He had been ready to leave yesterday, but she had simply smiled and told him that she would be at his office at 0915. He glared at his watch. 0830. This was going to be a long morning.

Jack was sitting at his desk, wondering why he had given up going through the stargate for a desk, cluttered with unfinished paperwork, in the heart of the nation's capital. He glanced at his watch, only two minutes had passed. Tapping it to make sure it was working, Jack sighed; this had to have been the longest 24 hours he had ever endured.

The flashing light on the intercom caught his attention. He glanced at his watch again, where had the time gone? Didn't really matter, she was here, punctual as usual.

"Yes Lieutenant?" Jack said, pressing the intercom button and trying not to sound too excited.

"Dr. Nielson is here to see you, sir."

"Thank you Lieutenant, send her in." Jack stood as the door opened; childlike anticipation in his eyes.

Standing in the doorway was Dr. Jacquelyn Nielson, Ph.D. Jack smiled at the brilliant 24 year old in greeting. Jackie – so she preferred to 'Doctor' – who stood at a graceful 6' tall, was one of the tallest women he had ever met. But that wasn't what was so striking about her appearance. Although a scientist, linguist, and historian, she had a military bearing that was unexplainable since she had never served. Her long chocolate brown hair was full – bringing new meaning to 'a mane of hair.' Set against the dark hair was fair skin and brilliant blue eyes – eyes that were familiar to Jack, but the rest of Jackie's appearance threw him off, he just couldn't place those eyes.

"Good morning Jackie."

"Morning General," Jackie greeted in her British accent, returning his smile. She had noticed the anticipation in his eyes, making her next question irrelevant, but she asked it anyway. "Ready to go?" The quick nod and hand reaching for an overnight bag were the only cues she needed.

"Unscheduled off-world activation."

"What is it Sergeant?" General Landry asked as he came down the stairs and stopped just behind the technician. "What teams do we have off-world?"

"SG teams 1, 5, 12, and 17, sir."


"Not yet, sir." The technician responded. A moment later, "Receiving signal now, sir." Looking up at Landry he continued, "It's SG1, sir."

"Open the iris." Landry ordered as he left the observation deck, heading to the gate room.

Within seconds of the iris sliding open, Daniel stumbled through followed by Teal'c, Sam, and finally Cameron. Cameron came through backwards, shooting as he did.

"Close the iris!"

Cameron continued to shoot into the event horizon until the iris was closed. No sooner was it closed than two subtle thumps were heard. Not until the wormhole disengaged did Cameron lower his weapon and visibly relax.

"What happened SG1? We weren't expecting you back until tomorrow." Landry grilled, concern lacing his voice.

"Priors, sir. That's what happened." Cameron responded angrily, finally turning away from the stargate to face his CO.

"Priors?" Landry asked suspiciously. It wasn't exactly the Priors' MO to drive his teams off a planet in a shooting match.

"Indirectly, sir." Sam responded. "Before we ever got to the planet, the Prior convinced the people that we were evil and they should – at the least – run us off the planet, although their ultimate goal seemed to be our deaths."

"Indeed it did." Came the annoyingly calm voice that was characteristically Teal'c. Landry didn't think he would ever get used to that.

Landry nodded silently. These Priors were really starting to be a pain in the ass. Opening his mouth to dismiss SG1, he found himself cut off before he had even begun.

"And this is the gate room. That," the familiar voice paused, "is SG1. Looks like they have once again barely escaped with their lives." Every eye in the gate room turned towards the blast doors and the two people standing there: a young woman that no one recognized, yet looked familiar, and a general with graying hair and a huge grin on his face, enjoying everyone's surprised looks.