"Go on, go on, just goooo to the window, that's it, fly, fly! Wait- no! AH! NO!"

Naruto had planned to spend that morning lazing around, eating ramen, and waiting for Sasuke to come back from his mission.


Somehow, this had turned into being held hostage in his own bathroom, by the biggest bug Naruto had ever seen in his life.

Part of him was glad Sasuke wasn't there to hear Naruto's extremely unmanly scream when he had seen the thing, but he mostly wished Sasuke was here. He could put up with the jibes, and the mocking, he just wanted the bug to go away.

Sasuke dealt with the bugs in their house. It was just the way it worked.

"I've been stuck in this shower now for over 2 hours…this is ridiculous…"

Plus, he didn't know how long it would be until Sasuke came back. Which meant he could be here for a while… -grooowl- ahh! He was hungry! Damnit…he wanted food, but he couldn't exactly leave the safety of the shower…he hadn't had breakfast, and had simply walked into the bathroom to use the toilet, which meant he was in his pyjamas, hungry, and he still needed to go to the toilet…

"…Sasuke…come home…"

When Sasuke arrived back, he dumped his ninja-stuff in the hall, and glanced around. Something was wrong. Normally by now, he would have been greeted by Naruto who would have told him everything that had happened while he was away. Not that Sasuke cared, Naruto just liked to talk.

But now, silence. Naruto didn't have a mission…and it was fairly late…where the hell was he?


Sasuke blinked, was that Naruto?



Sasuke frowned and looked around. "Yes…where are you?"




Sasuke shook his head, and walked to the bathroom. When he opened the door, his eyes went wide and he snorted. Naruto was crouched down in the shower. When he saw Sasuke, he leapt up, and cried, "THERE'S A GIANT BUG!"

"…are you kidding me?"

"No! It's HUGE!"

"Yeah, yeah…where is it?"


"What, that? You're pathetic."

"It's not that bug, it's THAT BUG!"


If asked after, Sasuke would deny having ever screamed at the bug that was at least the size of his hand. He would say he calmly, clinically, disposed of the bug and proceeded to mock Naruto for being a wimp.

If you asked Naruto, he would claim Sasuke spazzed out and threw a kunai at it, and when that missed he set the entire bathroom on fire.

Naruto and Sasuke now live in a bug-free apartment, because of some zappy-things they bought, thus they are free to live and love in peace without fear of being harassed by killer bugs.

And so, they all lived happily ever after. ('cept the bug that got fried.)