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"So, what now?" asked Reid, bored by the fact that swim practice was over, the season was almost over, and there was practically nothing to do. They were emerging from the locker rooms, their uniforms back on.

"I guess we go back to the dorms…" sighed Pogue, equally bored. Ever since he, Caleb, and Reid had already ascended, things were boring, like there was nothing to look forward to.

"Sounds good to me, sleep isn't a bad idea," yawned Tyler. No one seemed to keen on going to English/Lit for their last period until the weekend.

"We have to go to class, guys, you know that," countered Caleb.

"Always the virtuous one," said Reid angrily. They grabbed their bags form their dorms and went to class, seating themselves in the usual spots, all next to each other. The teacher walked in slowly, being as old as he was, he probably couldn't walk in any other way.

"That's pathetic," said Tyler, levitating the pencil off his desk as his eyes went black for a second. Caleb took the time to smack the back of his head as Sarah filed in next to him and he smiled a cute and sweet smile to her. She smirked and looked at her books. The teacher began blabbing about nothing important when a fragile-looking girl emerged into the room and handed the teacher a slip of paper. Caleb noticed Reid lean forward in his seat. Reid was watching her very closely.

"Um…I'm a new student here," she said in a soft voice. "They told me to come here."

"Ah…yes," said the professor in an old and crackly voice. "Rain, such a different name. Take the seat up there next to Mr. Garwin. He'll get you off to a good start." The girl smiled as she followed the professor's finger to where Reid was sitting. She pulled her purse-backpack over her shoulder and climbed the stairs to where Reid was. She smiled at him quickly and sat down. Reid was still staring at her. Something was different about her. She had straight, dirty-blonde hair, and these crystal blue eyes that he saw even when she was not looking at him. She was thin, but not too thin, and curvy. He liked her immediately, but the shyness was something he didn't like. The class went by quickly, Reid was staring at Rain for about three fourths of it, the other forth, was spent attempting to pay attention to the teacher. When class ended, Rain picked up her bag and quickly left the class, not saying anything to anyone. Reid was going to do something about it. He caught up with her as she stepped outside the door and grabbed her arm to turn her to face him.

"I'm Reid," he said, holding out a hand as he released his grip on her arm.

"Rain. Sorry, I didn't really talk much. I wanted to see where you guys were in that class. I won't have to pay much attention…my school went past that a long time ago." She wasn't shy, which was good. Caleb, Sarah, Pogue, and Tyler emerged from the classroom next.

"These are my friends, Caleb, his girlfriend Sarah, Pogue, and Tyler," said Reid, pointing to each person. Everyone smiled at her genially. "Could I give you a tour of Spencer?" asked Reid with his signature smirk. Rain noticed the disapproving look Caleb was giving, but ignored it.

"Alright," she said with a smile. "I want to change first. My dorm is number…." She pulled out a piece of paper. "F13." (Friday the Thirteenth, haha!)

"Alright, well, I'll meet you up there then," said Reid, his smirk reappearing.

"Alright." She pulled her bag back over her shoulder and walked away hastily, a smile firmly imprinted on her cheeks.

"Reid, don't even think about it, she seems like a nice girl," said Caleb with his disapproving look returning.

"I wasn't, and I know. She does seem nice, and I want to help in her any way I can," said Reid, his smirk still firmly in place.

"Bet you're glad you didn't miss class now, huh?" asked Tyler under his breath. Reid shot him a glare and Tyler shut up immediately.

"Just don't do anything stupid," sighed Caleb.

"Reid can take care of himself," Sarah defended.

"Thanks, Sarah," Reid said gratefully. "See you around." And, with that, he walked calmly to his dorm. He changed and pulled on his signature fingerless gloves which he wore everywhere except when the uniform code prohibited it. He pulled on his hoodie, noting how cold it was in the school. He went to Rain's dorm and leaned against the wall outside her door. What could be taking her so long? After about five minutes, she came out the door. She was wearing a light blue long-sleeved shirt that hugged her curves softly, and cutely, and made her eyes even more glistening. She was also wearing a pair of tight, faded, ripped, hip hugger jeans. She looked good.

"So, you ready?" she asked with a grin spread hugely across her face.

"Of course," Reid replied confidently. He grabbed her hand and not s half a second later, an earsplitting bang of thunder shook the school. She blushed a bit, but kept on walking. Reid thought it meant there was electricity between them, not that he wanted a full-time girlfriend like Caleb had with Sarah; too many commitments. He looked at her, something in her eyes was different, lighter, and slightly sinister looking. When he glanced at her again, they were the same, soft blue he had seen when he first met her. He let go of her hand nonetheless though.

"So," began Reid after a few minutes.

"So what?" she urged.

"Tell me about you, where your from, how you ended up at Spencer, your family. I'm very curious, something that doesn't happen often." He laughed a short humorless laugh and looked at her, smiling.

"You first," she smirked.

"I asked first," he said with a grin.

"Fine, my family comes from Salem, they were one of the founding families of that colony. My ancestor was killed, burned at a stake for accusations of being a witch, garbage if you ask me. I came here, to Spencer, because my school mysteriously burned to the ground last year…bolt of lightning. Which is weird because our school had nothing on the outside that would have caught fire. Anyway, my mom got a job transfer over here, so she sent me here."

"Very cool, except the burning, and the fires, and the lightning, well, that's kind of cool, but what came from it wasn't."

"I appreciate the effort."

"No problem."

"So, your turn," she urged.

"My family, along with Pogue's, Caleb's, and Tyler's were the original founders of the Ipswich colony. There were five of us, but the other met a violent end. I never see my family much, my dad died a while back, my mom…well, I don't talk to her. No siblings to speak of. My family's been going to Spencer since it opened in the colonial days, actually."

"Pretty amazing," she grinned.

"So, Rain, is that your real first name?"

"Yeah, my parents are big on different names. Of course, I guess they are, after all, no siblings to test the theory on," she joked.

"Same goes for Pogue. I mean seriously, who names their kid Pogue?"

"I think it's a pretty cool name, actually," she smiled up at him.

"What do you think of Reid?" he asked, wondering why he wanted to know so badly.

"Seems like a guy who is really good with talking to girls. Sounds pretty hot," she smirked.

"I agree," he said confidently.

"So…how are you planning on spending the weekend?" she asked, biting her lip in anticipation.

"I was thinking…that I might take a very hot girl to Nicky's with me. I still have to ask her though," said Reid, turning up his charm a lot. She couldn't help it, those eyes, that hair, that adorable face.

"And who is she?" asked Rain, trying to hold in a YES screaming to burst form her mouth.

"Her name is different from most girls, and as far as I've seen, she's pretty fun to be around. I like her a lot," said Reid with a smile.

"Oh, really, and what is this very different name?" asked Rain, almost about to burst.

"She looks exactly like my fifth girlfriend," said Reid, still as perfect as ever.

"And how many girlfriends have you had?" asked Rain, still about to shout.

"Four." Reid hadn't had that many girls he would exactly consider girlfriends, but more…friends with benefits. The four he had considered girlfriends, really meant something to him.

"And her name?" asked Rain, loving the line he used.


"So, you gonna ask her now?" asked Rain hopefully.

"I think I will," said Reid, the charm still making her go crazy. "Rain, would you like to go out tonight, to Nicky's, with me?"

"I do believe I will," she said with a grin.

"Seriously?" asked Reid, not believing he scored so well.

"Why not?" she smiled. "So, as you know, I'm not really from around here, so what is Nicky's exactly?"

"A bar restaurant thing. It's got foosball and pool, and it's a pretty fun place, of course, there are a few fights every now and then, but we can take care of ourselves, and I can take care of you." Rain smiled inwardly, her heart sputtering for a second. He was so cute. Too bad he wasn't really defending himself, just his powers. She smiled up at him knowingly. Reid's immediate thought went to how she could possibly know, but decided she didn't and just ignored it.

"So, I better go, see you tonight," said Rain with a soft smile. She stood up on her tiptoes, her face, just inches from his, but when Reid thought he was about to get a kiss, she moved her head to the side and whispered into his ear. "I know," she said quietly, and then walked away, leaving a bewildered Reid behind her. Reid didn't have to think twice, he sprinted to his dorm and yanked his cell phone from his pocket. He dialed Caleb and it rang four times before the machine picked up. He was with Sarah. Sarah's voice rung loud and clear in the voicemail.

"Hey, everyone, this is Caleb's phone" – giggle – "Caleb, quit it, I'm setting your voicemail message, and yes, that means get your lips and tongue off my neck. Caleb can't answer his phone right now, so please leave a message." Reid laughed to himself in spite of what had happened. The beep went off and Reid rushed through what he had to say.

"Caleb, emergency, Rain knows, and I have no clue how, I didn't use in front of her and I didn't say a word. Call me back ASAP. Oh, and I'm taking her to Nicky's tonight…meet me there, bring the guys, she has some explaining to do." He shut the phone and threw himself onto his bed, making Tyler wake up in the other bed across the dorm.

"Dude, what the hell?" asked Tyler angrily.

"Shut up, we've got a problem," said Reid.

"What did you do with her?" asked Tyler with a groan.

"Nothing, man, why do you always assume that crap? No, she knows," said Reid slowly.

"Wait, knows…what…about Ipswich and the real deal that we are? How could she, what did you say, what did you do?"

"That's just it, I didn't say or do anything in front of her. She just knows. She told me that right before she left."

"This makes no sense. What do you know about her?"

"She's from Salem…her ancestor was burned alive for witchcraft and crap like that…wait. Remember the old stories?"

"I haven't read them since I was a kid. What about them?"

"The Sons of Ipswich, us, have the first-born male or each family. The Daughters of Salem, another group we thought had completely been destroyed, was the first-born female. She would know by our last names only if that were true. What's her last name?"

"How the hell should I know?" asked Tyler in shock that Reid had managed to pull that together.

"We're breaking into the hall of records tonight. Her file will be there, and I'm due to meet her at her dorm in…an hour. Come on, let's go." Reid stood and Tyler followed him out the door. They snuck out to the entrance and broke into the record room. They found her file quickly. After all, how many people could have the first name of Rain?

"Rain Lucy Bridgewater. It's her, that name I've seen it before. She's a Daughter of Salem. No denying it. So, now what do we do? It's a rivalry, and now that we both know…oh my gosh…read the books Tyler, using doesn't hurt them and they're born with their powers. They don't ascend like us, but get better as they get older. Their eyes don't turn black, but get a shade lighter, so they can use more without being noticed. So…now what do we do?"

"I don't know," said Tyler. It sounded more like he didn't care. "I haven't even ascended yet. Not till next month. Ask Caleb, he's the smart one."

"Fine. But you have to come with me and her to Nicky's tonight. Oh my God! When I felt the school shake because of the thunder. She did that. She felt a spark and she made a spark. I know it because her eyes were lighter for a split second."

"Maybe you're just crazy," sighed Tyler as they snuck back out of the room and back to their dorms.

"No, she's one of them, I can tell."

"You've never met one of them," objected Tyler. As they got back into the dorm, Reid's phone vibrated in his pocket. Reid looked at it. It was Caleb. He flicked it open and held the phone to his ear.

"She knows?" came Caleb's outraged voice. "I don't believe you. You said something or did something." Even Tyler could hear it. After that, all he could hear was one end of the conversation.

"Caleb, I swear I didn't do anything. She's a Daughter of Salem, no lie, I swear…yes…no, we looked at her records. Bridgewater…she's from Salem…yes, her ancestor was tried and lost…burned. I never said…Caleb calm down…no, I didn't do anything in front of her…no. Yeah…we're meeting at Nicky's at seven. See you there." Reid closed the phone with a snap and swore loudly.

"You should go and get her…should she know that we know?" asked Tyler anxiously.

"I don't see why not, personally. I ain't listening to Caleb. He's not the boss of me since I ascended. Hell, he never was the boss of me. See you in a bit, Tyler." Reid left the room and slammed the door behind him. Tyler rolled his eyes and slumped back down on his bed and went to sleep.

Reid was thinking like crazy, more than usual for him. It wasn't that he wasn't smart or that he pulled that excuse of his brain hurting. He didn't care about school and he didn't try, but he was smart. How would he tell Rain that he knew about her? It was burning through his mind like fire that couldn't be extinguished.

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