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She stood on the ancient stone balcony and watched the sun set over the dark blue ocean. For the last time. She felt the fresh ocean breeze on her soft white skin. For the last time.

The tall lean brunette wore a simple white dress. It was perfect. It was beautiful but simple as it billowed around her warm body. It was worn for a special occasion.

She tore her gaze away from the glistering waves to look down onto the balcony. As she examined it a thought crossed her mind.

I was like in Romeo and Juliet. The balcony, the shared hate of the morning, and the fact that they would all be dead in the end.

Hermione sighed when she looked up towards the sun, seeing that almost half of the bright orb was hidden behind the dark line of the horizon. The time was passing by much faster than normaly. Sometimes it would seem like and eternity but now that certainly wasn't the problem. She would have an eternity to ponder about time.

She watched the last part of the life-giving star slip away. Her hand reached out, as if hoping to hold it, shining forever. Too late.

The cold breeze blew around her warm body, playing with the white dress. The dress representing the puritity. The purity that she was about to be robbed off. But she has already accepted her fate. She knew it was innevitable.

Not accepting would make it much much worse. Sometimes she wondered where the Gryffindor bravery and slight hard-headedness went. It was gone. She felt empty. She was not yet.

The last sunray disappeared. It was the time. The so-called Romeo could come.

He did not climb up the balcony but she knew that he was there. It was sudden.

She felt his arms around her and his body on the back of hers. Only thing that was really missing was the heat of his body. She would soon be as cold as him. Soon.

Hermione felt his cold lips on her warm neck. There was no way back, there never was. He brushed her curly brown locks out of the way.

Then she felt sharp pain in her neck which took over her senses. She felt life draining out of her. She actually saw her life flash before her eyes. It was true what they said.

She felt her heartbeat slowing down before the final two beats before it stopped completely. Then she was in a tunnel. She was walking towards a bright end but then someone took her hand and pulled her to the side into a hidden door.

He pulled his long sharp teeth out of her neck. A single drop of blood fell on her white dress. The patch of red on the white represented everything that just happened. It was her loss of purity. She was no longer like pure white lily. No more.

She came back to herself, no longer healthy colour and no longer breathing. She was cold like him. Now they were the same. Perfect for each other. Forever.

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