A.N: Okay, there are two reasons that I'm finishing this story up so quickly. One, because I've already got so many other, and more popular stories going on that are demanding updates. And two, I didn't get enough inspiration over here. Not to mention that I only wrote this story because of a little brainstorm that I had when I was bored! So anyway, here we go with the epilogue.


Luke's plan had been very simple; run away and hide until Danny was older, and then find a way to defeat Palpatine. This idea, however, took a little too long for Vader... I mean, Anakin. So he changed the plan around.

The Emperor trusted 'Vader,' so Anakin said that he could pretend to still be on the Dark Side, and pretend to bring Luke before the Emperor. There, they could try to talk some reason into Palpatine's fat head.

Of course, that didn't work, and old Palps attacked them. But Luke and Anakin were expecting something like this, so it was very easy to kill the old 'Emperor.'

With the Rebellion's help, Luke and Anakin helped resurrect the Republic, and bring peace to the galaxy. Yoda came out of hiding, and told the Skywalkers that Leia was part of their family as well.

Unfortunately, Anakin wasn't completely happy. He was still in the black suit. Luke and Leia did some research, and found a place where they had a machine that could heal anyone.

It was powerful enough to make Anakin look only a few years older then his children. They asked the people, who had performed this operation how the thing worked, but they didn't wish to reveal their secrets. But Anakin didn't care. He was just happy that he was a regular human again.

As we all know, Leia married Han and had three kids. Thanks to Anakin, who had once been an imperial, the Republic was able to destroy any remaining imperials before they retaliated.

Mara, of course, came around and married Luke. She helped him raise Danny, and she helped add another member to the Skywalker family; Ben.

Danny grew up to be a very strong Jedi with a great sense of humor. All together, this was the best ending to the Skywalker's story…

The End