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Chapter 46.

At the hospital

"Karen, breathe honey, breathe" Will said as he was sitting behind her back, trying to support her, rubbing the lower of her back to help ease the pain.

"Don't tell me to breathe" she snapped at him and dug her nails deeper into his legs that she was holding for support.

The doctor had examined her and it was time any minute now, she was almost fully dilated and the started to prepare for the delivery.

"Alright mrs Truman, mr Truman, are you ready to bring your baby into the world?" the doctor asked as he came in, wearing his scrubs and mouthcover.

Just then Karen had another contraction and screamed out her pain as she dug even deeper into Wills legs.

"I take that as a yes" the doctor said and sat down in between Karens parted legs. "OK, I can see the head already crowning, this little guy are really in a rush to meet the world. Push mrs Truman."

Karen pushed for all she was worth, sweat ran down her face mixing with her tears. Will bathed her face with a wet cloth now and then as he was trying to help her and support her.

After half an hour Karen leaned back into Will and relaxed. Her face was red and sweaty from the exhaustion and pain. A nurse brought the washed and cleaned baby to Karen and placed it on her chest. Will looked over Karen's shoulder and tears started to run down his cheeks as he watched his son look up at them with big, blue eyes and yawned. He was surprisingly calm. Karen was crying now as she was watching her son yawn.

"Welcome to the world little one" she whispered with tears running down her cheeks. "Welcome to the world little Lucas William Stanley Walker Truman."

"Really? You finally settled on a name?" Will said and smiled.

She turned her head slightly and said:
"Yeah, I've been thinking about it for a week or so, and that's what I came up with, is that OK? You don't mind me naming him Stanley?"

"Not at all" Will said and kissed her red, sweaty forehead, "not at all."

"His first name will be Lucas anyway" she said and smiled up at him.


A couple of days before Christmas, Karen and Will brought their firstborn home. He was a gentle kid, not crying or fussing much at all. They were both happy that they got to celebrate Christmas at home with their child and friends and family.

Grace and Jack had been at the hospital when Karen gave birth, they had been waiting in the waiting room and when Will came out and told them, they had both started crying and a hugging fest started. Will left them and went back inside. Jack and Grace sat down and hugged each other. Everything was just fine between them nowadays. Jack had a boyfriend now and was in a steady relationship since a month or so and his career was bright as he now had the lead in the musical "Beauty and the Beast" where he played the prince. Grace still hadn't found a boyfriend, but she had been dating this guy for a while now and things was starting to get serious between them.

On Christmas Eve, everyone was gathered in the library to open their presents. It was Lucas though that got the most presents, clothes and toys and stuff.

He was with them in the library, sleeping through most of it and only waking up every now and then to look around and yawn.

At one point when he woke up he started to fuss and Karen got up to go and feed him. It was that time now. Karen went up to the nursery and sat down in the big comfy chair that she had been sitting in that day she had gone into labour.

She unbuttoned her shirt and put Lucas to her breast to feed him. She felt him start sucking and she leaned back in the chair, humming slightly. She was so happy at that very moment. Everything had gone well this time and she was truly happy that she had finally got the family she always wanted.

Suddenly she heard a sound from the door and looked up. It was Will.

"Hey" he whispered.


"That's one of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen" he whispered as he was watching his beautiful darkhaired, hazeleyed wife feed their two-week-old son.

He entered the room and stood next to the chair, leaned down to kiss Karen first and then straightened himself up to watch their son eat.

She looked down at their son as he was eating, a big smile on her face and glitter in her eyes.

'My God' Will thought, 'she's so beautiful and it's really true that love heals everything.'


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