Title: Un-Touchable (part of the Un-Series)
Fandom: Star Ocean 2
Pairings/Characters: Claude, Dias
Rating: G
TriAce and Squeenix don't like to share. Thus, they aren't mine.
Notes: The Un-Series will be a bunch of loosely connected ficlets tied to adjectives with the prefix "un". They are my attempt to get a better look at the Dias-Claude dynamics... both on a platonic and a relationship level.




Every time he fights, Dias becomes an untouchable being. It has to do with more than just the fact that he wields his sword with an unsurpassed skill, almost too fast for the naked eye to follow, and zigzags across the battlefield with a surety, a confidence in his victory, that Claude envies.

It is more than Dias governing another person's destiny in the moment before he delivers the finishing blow, with a sword that can either cut or kill, and does so without mercy once he has made up his mind.

Those things Claude has become accustomed to; sometimes, they stir admiration, sometimes envy. Sometimes, he can even relate, since he does the same, has done so before this became a living - his living, and theirs - albeit a little less gracefully and sure of himself than he would like.

What makes Dias unreachable is the look he wears whenever he fights. He is different when they are sparring, all taunts, good humor and just a hint of impatience flashing through his eyes.

When he is fighting for real, Claude sometimes thinks that is how angels look. Not romantic angels or guardian angels, or whatever notions human fairytales have born, he doesn't believe in those - never has, and after everything, probably never will. But he thinks that maybe, if they exist, angels are the strongest of all beings and watch the doing and suffering of the people with remote, pitiless eyes, exactly the way Dias watches his enemies in battle.

And not just his enemies. Claude isn't a psychologist, and he doesn't like to pry, so all that is left for him is guessing, which he is loathe to do. Too many misconceptions, too many misunderstandings are born from making a guess at the unknown. All he does know for certain is that to this day, he has become the target of that look only once.

Claude remembers how he approached Dias at the end of a battle, and Dias turned to him, looked at him and his eyes, cold and distant, seemed to say, 'You are nothing. You are less than nothing, and crushing you would be as easy as breathing.'

He remembers how he could do nothing but stare back as a bolt of something turned his insides to ice. Not really fear, more the realization that Dias seemed to view him as small and insignificant, and that he was, indeed, small and insignificant in that moment for no reason other than this one.

The moment did pass, however, and Dias' eyes - well, 'softened' is the wrong word for it - but something in them shifted and changed, and they returned to the way they used to be, teasing and impatient and just a little bit warm.

Claude doesn't know what makes him change, or why, or what makes him return. What he does know, though, is that spending his time with Dias means accepting Dias, all angles, sides, chinks and idiosyncrasies included.

Still, he can't help but think, disloyally, that he prefers the Dias he can touch.


A/N: Many apologies. I'm aware that this sucked. It was a try at getting a different perspective on their developing relationship (with this piece set somewhere near the beginning), and it was sort-of spawned by the thought that, hey, what's the difference between an RPG hero and a villain, anyway? If we want to get really technical about it, they both kill people. " So yeah... don't ask how my brain turned that into this. I don't know, either.

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