Ninja Wizard.
ch01 Training

"Bushin no jutsu!" A cry in the middle of the night.
In a abandoned clearing in the park, a young boy was suddenly joined by two mirror images.
The boy looked at his animated illusions.
Black messy hair, check, Baggy clothing, Check, Green eyes, Check. Lightning-bolt scar, Check.

The boy smiled, ever since he had transported to the roof of the school he had practiced.
He had remembered a ninja cartoon his cousin used to watch, before his parents discovered what it was about and didn't want Dudley to watch it anymore.
His clones dissappeared in a 'poof' of smoke. Next, he tried his transformation, "Henge!"
Vernon Dursley stood in the clearing, Another shout later, his aunt made an appearence before changing back into the boy..
The boy smirked, he checked if he really was alone. "HENGE!" and a redhaired girl appeared...naked.
The boy checked the body for flaws. It would captivate any male, who had working hormones that is.
He smiled and transformed back.

With a small hand-movement, leaves started blowing around him.Obscuring the view of the boy, the leaves fell to the earth.
The boy was gone.

The boy appeared in front of a home, He made a cross seal and shouted "Henge!" again.A 'poof' later, a weaker looking image of the boy appeared.
A broken pair of glasses on his nose. A malnurished look and none of the muscles he had, showed in this image.

Another leafswirl and he entered the house.He opened the cupboard and entered it.
He gazed at the forehead-protector he had made.On black cloth, a piece of metal lay. Ingraved on it was a lightning bolt.
"Once I mastered all the basic techniques, I'll wear it," The boy vowed. Then he closed his eyes and let sleep claim him.

Note, Harry is eight at this moment.

Shit! Another fic.
And I have nine others to complete.
I was insprired by those 'Harry-learns-to-control-magic-early fics.
like Harry Potter, The ArchMagus by the DragonBard
and Harry Potter and the Hero's TheJackOfDiamonds.
AND IT JUST WOULD NOT LEAVE MY MIND, (Any fanfic writer should know that feeling.)
I added my own Naruto-style twist.

Please, Tell what you think of the prologue.