A strange sound drew his attention to the boy-who-lived. Who had a glowing org of lightning in his hand. The sparks gave his face an eerie look. His eyes appeared red in the light the orb casted. "A thousand birds cry out in anger. The question is where shall I strike?"
Then Harry moved.

Ninja wizard, chapter 9

With a sound similar to fireworks, Harry attacked. The ground below Snape became illuminated by a red spellcircle that had appeared. He sank as if he was trapped in quicksand. Dumbledore noticed that 'Tom', contrary to before, didn't do anything. The cloak prevented any kind of visual information, so aside from the red eyes Dumbledore hadn't seen much of the boy's appearance. Snape became totally submerged just as Harry's attack passed overhead. Harry's feet skidded over the floor as the boy came to a stop. The blue-silver glow of the attack vanished. Harry closed his eyes.
"Your defense saved him," he stated.
"Coincidence, since the defenses are automated." Harry's green eyes looked at the goblin leader.
"What about me?"
"You attacked after mister Snape attacked you and your comrades. I would have been surprised if you hadn't retaliated. If I would have 'saved' mister Snape, it would only be because we would like some time with him ourselves."
"I see," Spectre spoke, "If you do not mind, we would like to see which vault we have."
"We?" Dumbledore questioned.
"Technically only Harry but we are almost like brothers."
"Very well, do you have the key?" the head goblin walked them to one of the desks. Harry walked to him as well.
"No, we do not. This is our first trip to Diagon. We were not aware of any items we should have possessed already," the clone replied.
"I see, we could do a bloodtest. Although many try to avoid the procedure."
"I won't, I am not afraid of the pain," Harry jabbed his thumb at Spectre, "He does far worse when we fight."
The goblin's eyebrow rose but he remained silent.
"Very well. You need to bleed on this paper and it will tell you which vaults you currently own."

A piece of paper was placed before thwe boy who lived. A dagger was also placed on the table Harry ignored the weapon and instead simply bit his thumb, much to the surprise of the others minus one. He almost automatically started a string of handseals, although no Chakra was emitted, to smear the blood all over his hand and pressed it down on the paper. Runes appeared all over the parchment. Clearly the goblins could read them as the head-goblin nodded after looking at it.
He turned to Dumbledore, "you are registered as the last known owner of one of the keys. Please return it."
The headmaster reached inside his robe and retrieved said item.
"Leave the wand!" Spectre called out.
Dumbledore raised his hands showing no wand.
Spectre mirrored him then pointed to one of his sleeves. Spectre lowed his arms and three kunai fell in each hand. He raised them threateningly "We're still assassins. We have learned to notice weaponry, concealed or not." In reality the wand leaked energy, that energy was visible to Spectre's sharingan.

Harry looked at Dumbledore as well, "We've taken some important people from your side. McGonagall was worried about me and YOU said she couldn't visit because my 'safety' could be compromised. Moody was ordered by YOU to capture McGonagall after she ran away from Snape's attack. We distracted the searchparty with some techniques. Moody asked for information so he wouldn't be caught off guard again. He later made a deal to help Minerva after he heard how she was attacked and that YOU did absolutely NOTHING to stop Snape. As for Tonks, she clearly followed Moody and you as well but when he changed sides, the only thing she asked was "why?". Then Snape attacked and you did nothing, AGAIN by the way. And now her pretty head is all confused and what's not. Now that this little history lesson is over, I like my key back so I can shop until I drop and made a mess of whatever my family has in this facility."
"Harry!!" Dumbledore spoke, "Your parents wouldn't want you to throw their money away."
Harry smirked, "It isn't THEIR money, is it? It's mine now that they're dead. And how would you know what my parent's wishes were. They're dead. And I'll bet that by some cosmic coincidences you are involved in that as well."
"We could invest some of it in the creation of a superior army bent on destroying the world," Spectre mentioned.
"Nah, we want to rule it, not destroy it," Harry replied.
"Okay, then I will leave the paperwork to you."
Harry shook his head, "Destroy, definitely destroy."
"What!!" Several shocked faces looked at the two shinobi.
A couple of people drew their wands, but were hesitating to use them. More then one glance were directed to the goblins.
Harry and Spectre were not necessarily worried. Up until now the power the wizards controlled had been proven to be pretty much useless against the two. If only because the ninja were much faster. Spectre was cautious because nobody shows you their complete bag of tricks.. and as perfect the two ninja seemed, they were still human - or rather Harry was, Spectre wasn't sure what he was but called himself human anyway.

Harry's eyes narrowed and a enormous wave of killer intend was released, "Attack me and I promise you, I will strike back!!" A kunai was pressed against Harry's neck, "Okay Weasel, stop the threat. Killing them will not help us at all. Let's go to the vault, grab some money, shop a little bit and think about our whole situation," Spectre lowered his voice, "Your personality is starting to worry me. I promised to stop you, at any cost." Harry calmed down somewhat, yet the kunai lingered a few seconds more. Spectre slowly removed the weapon. "KEY!!" he called out. Nobody reacted.

With an annoyed look he glared at Dumbledore. Not that the headmaster noticed it, Spectre's face was still covered by the hood of his cloak.
"Hey, D! You still have Harry's key. Give it to us."
Dumbledore sighed but threw the key to them. Spectre threw the single kunai he carried to the key. It and the key disappeared.
Moody's voice shouted something before a purple beam crossed the distance between the former-auror and the aged headmaster. A shield was raised. The attack dispersed harmlessly but against the follow-up Dumbledore's shields could do nothing. It punched through it like it wasn't there.
"That was a wrong move! Dumbledore!! A portkey!! If I had my doubts over which I should be on, this confirms I am on the right side!! I , Alastor Moody think that Albus Dumbledore should not be trusted!! For he has abused his powers and reputation!!" This attack wasn't physical or even supernatural in nature, it was a mental assault. It was an attack on Dumbledore's reputation, something he couldn't defend himself from. The fact that Moody was a respected member and had a similar reputation helped considerably in the attack.
Harry had an almost feral smirk on his face, "Go on, dig a deeper hole for yourself," he whispered.

Dumbledore glared at the young boy. The boy had shown abilities never seen before in the wizarding world. Harry was strong, too strong. He raised his wand. "I wouldn't do that if I were you," Spectre told him, his killing intent rising, "Of course, you can still try but we will respond to a threat and this time I will not hold Harry back. Your choice."
"Harry is not your toy, Tom!! He will defeat you!" Dumbledore shouted.
Spectre's eyebrows rose, "He will defeat me? Who do you think has helped him to reach those heights he has now. Not you or your lapdogs..."
"TOM!!" Dumbledore's wand was pointed at Spectre and started shooting beams.

Spectre jumped several meters into the air, making a few backward flips. "You don't know when to stop do you?!" Spectre shouted when he landed. Skidding on the ground. He held up his hand then aimed it at his opponent, With a shout of 'Chakra Sen'eijashu' four snakes slid around Spectre's wrist before launching themselves at Dumbledore at an incredible speed. Dumbledore couldn't dodge. He braced himself for impact, closing his eyes. Nothing came, so after a few seconds he looked up again. The snakes had stopped inches away from his face. His vision traveled across their bodies to the person to whom the snakes were connected. The hood was still in place, not allowing anybody to see the face it covered.
"Why?!" Dumbledore breathed.
"Because I can, I keep you alive because there are worse fates then death. You are guilty of neglecting Harry's protection. On the outside it probably worked perfect. However it was the inside that was flawed. Harry has known nothing but scorn from his family and direct surroundings. A lesser child would be destroyed by now, Harry rose above that. He even swore to protect those who harmed him. You consider me as a threat but you did plenty of harm already. When Minerva (some people noticed the familiarity he used ) came, you berated her. You threw her action in her face, like she was at fault!" Spectre shouted the last bit.
"It would have caused the wards to drop! Harry's protection.."
"was, once again, designed against outside interference, inside however," Spectre didn't finish the sentence. "You chose a hell on earth for Harry. You are very fortunate that he turned out the way he did. If you would let us go to Harry's vault."
"Yeah Dumbledore, as much as I like to see you dig yourself a very deep hole I do have better things to do."
"Harry!! You need to be protected!!" Dumbledore's attention shifted to the Boy-Who-Lived.

Spectre and Harry noticed a familiar family enter the building, the Weasley family looked at the situation. "If Dumbledore says you need protection, you need it!" The mother told him. "Riiiight!" Spectre drawled, "Monkey say, Monkey do? Sorry, I don't see myself protected by D here. After all he tends to keep people alive."
"Isn't that the point, protecting people to keep them alive?"
"Let me reprase that, Dumbledore lets dangerous people live, giving them a chance to try again."
"Is it really necessary to kill those people who made a poor choice?"
"Perhaps not but I rather not take the risk."
"Is that why you hide your face?"
"No," Spectre looked at the speaker, the eldest child of the family, "I do not hide, nor do I deny what I have done. I will speak truthfully, unless I find the question outside the current matter but then I will say so and remain silent."
"So if we would ask what your plans are?" Dumbledore said.
"I would not answer that question as it has little relation to the current situation. Besides, plans, especially future ones, are known to change."
"So, what have you done? You claim you do not deny what you've done. What is that exactly?"
"I have helped train Harry after we came in ... contact. He learned from me, as I learned from him. That are the facts." The clone looked at Harry, "Now if you don't mind WE have some money to spend." The two shinobi turned away, Moody and Minerva following.
"I will not allow that!"

Harry turned around slowly, "Do not push it, you have no IDEA what we can do. Especially when we're pissed. That is a line you start to cross. I could kill you where you stand, before you even realised that I moved at all."

"Nobody can move that fast!!" The youngest boy of the red-headed family shouted. Harry's eyes flashed as he smirked. With a nod to Spectre, the two moved. They seemingly disappeared and suddenly reappeared behind Dumbledore. The headmaster's cheek suddenly sported a thin red line. In addition, Harry's kunai was touching the kid's forehead. Not drawing blood, yet. Spectre's voice rang out to the stunned people, the chakra-embodiment stood behind the headmaster, "Don't go assuming our skills are any less then your powers. Just because we don't use magic, doesn't mean we are weak. In fact it is you who is weak. Weak in body.. and mind." The young boy growled as his mother brandished her wand, pointing it at Harry, "Let Ron go!!"Harry slowly moved his gaze to the woman, "The way forward is blocked, your son can take a step backwards." Harry turned back to the boy, "Their is no shame in turning back. The boy, apparently called Ron, looked at Harry. With a cry of anger, he moved his head away from the blade only to use the space to attack.

The incoming fist was a sloppy one. A simple tap against the arm, left the boy open to counterattack. Ron was smashed into the wall, his fingers uselessly trying to lessen the pressure on his throat. Harry softly whispered some words before tossing the boy aside. Spectre walked to his creator. The cloaked figure stopped next to him.
"Those words are not funny, Mimic!" He told him. Said ninja walked looked him, "Perhaps not, but I found them suitable for the situation." Spectre looked at him, even if the genjutsu didn't show it, "Those words were spoken by Itachi to Sasuke. I find it hardly a comparison." Harry merely smirked, something dark hidden in his eyes. Spectre noticed it, "You have changed, for the worse I might add. It is true you have power, but you start to use it recklessly. Where is the boy who swore he'd protect those he cared about?"
Harry walked past Spectre, "He grew up, realizing that he had a fool's hope."

Spectre's hands rose up, bringing the hood backwards. The wizards gasped as a young boy the same age as Harry showed his face. Blonde hair, blue eyes and strange whisker-like marks. "Was I a fool, when I set those dreams. Willing to give my life for those who are precious to me? Answer me!!" The boy glared, "What is it to you, Uchiha? You go ahead, gaining power from Orochimaru. While everything you did was, according to you, in my spirit!!" A finger was pointed at Harry, who appeared to be frozen in shock, "You have said many things, where those all LIES?!"
"No," Harry's voice trembled, "I-i-i forgot. I got used to working in the shadows. Here, I am being dragged into the spotlight. Everybody tells me what I can or cannot do. It is enough to get on anybody's nerves."
Spectre's face was shadowed once again by the hood, "That's okay, but even then you should not attack recklessly. Even if we are better then they are. A true kage only attacks if somebody is threatening him or someone precious to him. With the boy you overreacted. "
"True, but they are asking for it!" Harry growled slightly, his green eyes flashing red.
"That's ENOUGH!!" Spectre told the shinobi, "I understand that you're angry but once again going weasle, however tempting it is, WILL NOT help us. We are feared by them." The clone looked at Dumbledore, or rather his hood faced the headmaster, "I do find it interesting that you as headmaster have control over people outside your school. You have no authority at all over Harry, that includes the house he lives in, no matter the wards. The key and the bank account(s) or even the decision to go to your school."
"But Hogwarts is the best..."
"We don't care. You are the headmaster of the largest school on these two islands, true, but the best? Somehow I feel like I should doubt that."
"Harry!! Your world is here. YOU BELONG HERE!!" Dumbledore told the shinobi.
"I belong where I belong. I belong in a world I cannot reach but in my mind. Spectre is the same."
"You follow him, Harry?" Dymbledore asked softly.
"No more then he follows me," the boy told the headmaster, "Together we became stronger. We tested our limits and together we went beyond them. We are one, we will not and cannot be seperated," The bot smiled challenging, "Should you try then you will be sorry." The look in Harry's eyes promised he would act on what he said.
"Leave us. Nobody will get hurt I will promise that," Spectre spoke up, "Unless provoked we will not fight." The hood moved a little to Harry's side. The boy nodded.
"You have our words. Can we have yours?"
Dumbledore was nervous. 'Tom' had sunk his fangs deep in Harry. The blond-haired face wasn't the real body, something the headmaster realized as he tried to peer inside the hood. The presence of the faceless boy was too different from the face. Albus' gaze turned to the Boy-who-lived, he too was different. He had much anger, similar to the boy who would become the most feared wizard of this generation. Once again stormy-grey eyes found the darkness surrounding the unseen face, the true identity was still unclear . He could be an incarnation of the current dark lord but 'Spectre' as Harry had called him was not fond of battle. He forced Harry to stop when the boy-who-lived was losing control. His voice even had concern in it.
"Welll!!" The cloaked figure spoke, forcefully.
"I cannot sp..."
Spectre's hand rose, a finger point to the door, "You command most of the people outside that door. I ask not the word of everybody. I ask for yours. Those who will listen to you and follow you, will not be hurt. The others will be harmed in so-called self-defense. They attack we WILL strike back."
Dumbledore looked around him, and sighed. "Very well, I guess I have no choice. I'll do as you say."

Noise rose around them. Harry and Spectre turned around towards the entrance to the mine. Where the Goblins were waiting. Harry and the two wizards got in. Spectre looked at Dumbledore, "You always have a choice," he spoke. Then he too, jumped in the cart. Dumbledore watched as the cart vanished from sight. Minerva looked at him with a glance of pity. Dumbledore sighed again, he knew he had gone too far. For once he truly felt his age.


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Harry's Jutsu list
Naruto name/ english translation

Bunshin no Jutsu(Clone technique)
Henge no Jutsu(Transformation technique)
Oiroke no Jutsu(Sexy no jutsu)
Kawarimi no Jutsu(Replacement technique)
Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu (Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique)
Kage Bunshin no Jutsu(Shadow Clone Technique)
Shunshin no Jutsu (leaf swirl transportation)
Sensatsu Suishō (Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death)
Makyō Hyō Shō (Demonic Ice Mirrors)
Suna no Tate (Shield of Sand)
Rasengan (Spiraling Sphere)
Magen: Jigoku Kōka no Jutsu (Demonic Illusion: Descending Hell Technique)
Zesshou Hachimon Hōgeki (Eight Gates, Initial.)
Chakra Bunshin (Chakra Clone)
Hien (Flying Swallow/ the technique of Asuma's trench-knives )
Doton: Doruku Geeshi (Earth-style: Earth wall )


Orginal jutsu
Kyouzou Bunshin bunshin no Jutsu (Mirror Image Clone technique - A shadow clone that keeps being fueled by the caster)
Shadow weapons (Harry uses clones to form weapons and later skips the clones and just produces the weapons. Naruto uses them in Wave and against Kakashi in Shippuden)
Chakra Kyūin Jutsu Grasp of the reaper (Translation coming) (Energy draining technique, Lethal Version)
Chakra Kyūin Jutsu ? (Energy draining technique, NonLethal Version)
Chakra no Tate (Shield of Chakra - More like Gaara's technique then the puppet technique.)
Chakra Kyū (Chakra Coffin - See above.)
Chakra Sen'eijashu, (Based on Orochimaru's technique but with snakes made out of Chakra)

Air-Walking - More like Bleach.

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"Harry!!" Minerva gasped, "You're blind!!"
Harry looked at her, "I can see just.. fine?!"
Spectre voiced what Harry suspected, "Byakugan!!"

"So you are ill," Olivander looked at the two, "Ironic that the Boy-Who-Lived should be carrying the illness."
"What is this illness?" Spectre asked.
Olivander looked at the clone, "The early discovery of one's magic and alteration of it."
"So what is it?"
"It's more known of in the east with their monks and martial artists. When magic is first discovered it is transformed by will. Known to us as 'accidental magic'. These bursts aren't controlled. By the time the young wizard or witch is called for magical school, the child usually fears this ability by the events around him. It's the first moment that it is discovered magic can be attributed to a state of mind. They learn that wands are the only tool for magic. The children of wizards learn this from their parents. Muggleborns however do not learn this from a wizards and a generally left alone. Some of them do not see magic to be feared, but to be proud of. They 'attribute' it to different state of mind. They see other examples of magic. Comics, TV-shows, they all lend their hand to different magic. Muggleborns try to copy those things and do not attribute it to wands. To most of us, they are diseased, ill, and thus shunned. Their memories are removed and once it is sure they lost the ability they are released again. You'll make quite the scandal."