Chapter 3

He slowly opened the door to see quite the contrary of what he was in: blackness. He turned to reach for the doorknob but the whole threshold seemed to have disappeared as well. It was as if he was in the twilight zone, trapped in his own world. He yelled and cursed madly at whoever was to watch or hear him. Suddenly he remembered. All about his life. His wife and son crying, his son getting older and having kids of his own. Everyone grieving so sadly - the accident. "Oh my god!" He shouted to himself. "I'm dead!" It was all clear now, oh so very clear. Suddenly a huge white screen flashed before his eyes. Taken aback, he falls to the floor. The screen flashes, "You're Right" and he lays, continuing to watch. The screen appears, he is in his car on the way from home, thinking about the good old days whenever his father took him and his brother to church. He's on the phone with someone - his brother. His brother seems to be very timid about the loss of their mother and eventually, after a brief conversation, hangs up, as well as Craig himself. Then right at that moment it happened. It all started in that second. A huge truck appears and crashes into the side of his vehicle. He crashed through the windshield blood falling like rain from his torso. He laid there on the burning hot cement, dying slowly.

Then the screen flashed, after showing him his own death, "But It's not over". The screen disappears and blackness once again arose. A chain rattling was heard. "Oh no -- not again!" He tried to run but instead ran into a wall. He felt and realized he was not in a vacant oblivion, but in a small closet. Again the sounds became louder and closer. "Oh noo- Oh nnoo", he cried. "I want to see my son, my wife!"

"There with me now, Craig." A voice said. Then slowly his face suddenly appeared out of the shadows. A face pinned with nails and needles, with such tormenting eyes. He laughed madly as, like a strike of lightning, his chain struck his chest and threw him into the soundless darkness. He released him from the chains as he fell in darkness, his stomach falling, his mind going blank. He landed and for the last time saw his loved ones, his mother smiling before him, and his friends. All crying in sorrow and grief. The screen went off. His mind did the same.. he was gone, dead, and annihilated.