(A/N: My first poem… I guess it's… good.)


I Wish You Were Here

Silent Ravencroft


I told you long ago

That I loved you

It still is true

I can never love another

The way I loved you

Sitting here

Before your stone

I trace the letters

With my fingers

'Logan' they say

And I remember

How it was almost mine

I still wear your ring

But it doesn't shine anymore

She's two next month

I'll bring her one day

She looks like you

I wish you were here

So you could touch me again

Love me again

You will never know

How much I really love you

They say I'm crazy

They tell me you're gone

I tell them I know

But I wish you weren't

I wish you were here…


(A/N: I really like this one. I got the idea while listening to country music one night. And now it's a poem! Oh and in case you wondering their daughter is Melody once again.)

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