"You sure this is him?" Frank asked, turning the head of a lifeless man towards the sky. Blood dripped on the side where a bullet went through unceremoniously.

"Yeah… Mickey Caldwell." Joey said, looking down at him. "Met him a couple of times. I know his face."

Frank stood up from his position, brushing his hands together in a repulsed manner. "So you were best buds or something?"

"No I just knew him from LaSalle." Even though Joey said that, he still kind of felt pity for the guy. It's not like Caldwell ever did anything for him. But somehow, in the back of his mind, he might've thought Caldwell was a decent man. He didn't know anymore whether his old stone heart was cracking or just being too optimistic. Either way, he wasn't like this with people before.

Caldwell wasn't the only one with a bullet in his head though. Everyone there shared the same fate. It was almost as if they were all taken hostage. But how could that be, Joey wondered.

"Ugh, kinda gives you a sick feeling in your stomach…" Penchelo comments as he looks at the row of dead people.

"What are you talking about? You've been seeing shit like this your whole life. It's part of the job." Frank tells him.

"Yeah killing, sure. But you don't usually see sumthin' like this." Penchelo's face bore a mixture of part disgust and part fear. "Like some macabre-type shit."

"You guys check the area. There might be people who got away." Joey ordered his men.

He glanced at the buildings surrounding them. Not one outline of a human being was visible. There were probably people there, but simply too scared to make even a peep. Rey was inside one of the cars, talking on the radio. After a while, he got out and went toward them.

"Any news?" Joey asks.

"Uh, Estrada wants to talk to you." pointing at Penchelo. He looks surprised but obliges nonetheless.

Rey continues, "Smithy has no idea either. He talked to his cop friends but they didn't know anything about this."

"So that checks off the SWAT guys. I was sure those crazy fucks did it." Frank remarks.

As they pondered on what could have happened, staring at all those bodies littered on the pavement, one of the men out on the corner suddenly started shouting.

"Hey! Who are you? What the hell are you doing there?!" the goon shouts.

Joey and company headed in his direction. But then the goon started to raise his gun, "I'm fucking warning you! Put down your guns!"

The moment he finished a hail of bullets struck him. Suddenly, everyone was sprinting to the corner with guns in hand. Joey reached the place ready to shoot some assholes, but he stopped as he saw a familiar face within the group of assholes.

"Woah, hold up! Hold up! Well, if it ain't the governor himself." Philip says in a seemingly capricious tone. Gibbs was there as well.

There were a lot of guys in their group. All were packing some serious weaponry.

"Came down here to grace us with yer presence, governor? Mighty kind of ya to meet us common folk. Heh heh." Philip continues as he waves down his hand. At once his guys put down their guns.

Joey came out with it outright, "Did you do this?"

Philip didn't speak at first. He was gauging Joey's group, almost as if he was waiting for a sign.

"Er… no, governor. -Well, I mean if yer talkin bout the dead guy then-"

"I'm talking about that" Joey pointed at the throng of dead people lying on the pavement.

Philip took a glance and turned silent. "…Nope, never seen 'em before. Did ya see anyone pass us by, Gibs?"

"No, man. We just got here. Don't really know what happened." Gibs answers.

"Yeah… well, uh, you know. Actually, we did see some guys in red a few moments back. They went the other way though so-"

"Why are you here?" Frank interrupts him, he sounded upset.

"Oh, err… Marco sent us. Uh, y-you know to-"

"Wait. Who's Marco?" Rey abruptly asks.

"That sleezy-looking guy with you, right? That your boss? Joey says.

"Er, right ye are, governor. It's been a while hasn't it? I'll be sure to tell 'em you said hi." Philip cackles a bit.

Rey continued to stare at him and his men. It felt like something didn't tick with him but he just kept silent.

"Anyhoo," Philip continues, "we'd love to stay and chat but we've got other duties to attend to. Sorry about… that there." He gestured to the bodies behind them nonchalantly.

"We'll keep a look out for any suspicious characters, governor. Cheerio then!" They all turn back and pretty soon had gotten in their cars, driving off far away from where they were.

"Now what?" The goon, Ari, says.

"They're Torrence men." Rey suddenly speaks. "They weren't wearing the colors but I'm pretty sure."

Joey looks at him, "Yeah, I kinda figured when he mentioned Estrada's men."

"It's not only that. That guy said their boss was Marco. One of Torrence's top guys was a man named Marco Betrucci. He's probably talking about the same one."

"But those guys helped us out, you know." Frank adds.

"Maybe…" Joey muttered.

Just then, they heard a car roaring into life. All of them looked back to see one of their cars driving off and into the distance. They returned to the pile of dead bodies and were greeted by Jake.

"Hey, your buddy just left. That Penchelo guy. Said he had to get back to his turf pronto." Jake informs them.

"What?! He took some guys with him?" Franks asks.

"No, just him. After he was done talking, went back to his car and drove off."

Joey returns to his car and turns on the radio. "Smithy? You there? Hey!"

A few moments, then Smithy comes on. "What? What the hell's wrong?"

"What happened to Penchelo? He just ran off and left us!"

"Really, he did?" Smithy sounded more amused than surprised.

"What the fuck did you say to him?!" Joey went on.

"Nothing. I didn't talk to him, Estrada did. He made me leave while they were talking, okay? You don't need him and you've got bigger problems to take care of."

"Fuck…" Joey mutters under his breath.

"Anyway, I take it Caldwell's out of the picture now. That only leaves 2 of LaSalle's men."

Smithy clears his throat, "Alright, listen. You're gonna have to go after Oskar Brekovich next. A Russian immigrant, 6 foot 8. Big guy, can't miss him. They call him 'Big-O' for obvious reasons that I just pointed out."

"You sure it's not something else?" Ari sarcastically remarks, evidently directed at Frank.

"Shut up, goon!" Frank exclaims.

"Now, I was banking on the SWAT guys to take him out" Smithy continues, "and have you guys going after Seth Mason instead. But oddly enough, his area is relatively peaceful compared to the others."

"So? Maybe he's laying low." Joey reasons out.

Smithy snorts derisively, "I thought you met this guy before? Really now, does he look like someone who would do that?"

Even though Joey was irritated with his mocking tone, he couldn't help but agree when he thought about it more. Seth was insane right down to the core. When Joey met him a while back, he had been spouting bullshit and paranoia like it was going out of fashion. Joey didn't really care much then but he also didn't doubt that Seth had a couple of screws loose.

"He's a mad dog without a leash, and those things never walk quietly." Smithy warns. "At any rate, it's pointless to go there. But that's not the only reason. It looks like Oskar and his men forced their way into the auction house."

"Shit. So that means…"

"-Yeah. They're probably fighting a goddamned war down there now. It won't be ending anytime soon unless you go and help them out."

"Alright alright, we're heading out." Joey orders the guys there to get ready. Jake returns to his group while Rey sprints back to his car.

Joey was about to sign off when Frank takes hold of the receiver, "Ah, I know we're fucking badasses and all but it's not like we got a Terminator on our side to take them down like that -though Rey's got the robot thing down."

Smithy scoffs from the other end of the line. "I know that."

Frank gets pissed at his response, "So what the fuck are we-?!"

"But you're not going through the front door."

Delaware Avenue had never looked more like a war zone than it did now. Gunpowder residue wafted the air like a suffocating fog. Bullets were flying in opposite directions while explosions could be heard every few minutes. The SWAT officers were firing on the auction house's front doors, behind makeshift barricades. Naturally, the men in the building fired right back. They were using AK-47s, grenade launchers, and the like. Both sides had received heavy casualties but neither of them planned to stop anytime soon.

Joey's car reached the place first. They all got out and started to observe the carnage ahead of them. Suddenly, a stray bullet shot through the windshield of his car. Everyone instinctively bent down.

"Fuck! Everybody stay low!" Joey exclaims.

The other cards had caught up and stopped near them. Joey motioned for Rey and Jake to follow them.

"Hide your guns. We gotta find the SWAT chief first." Joey says before moving forward.

The four all stayed low as they hurriedly moved to the front. They couldn't find him at first, trying to shout his name at the closest SWAT officer because of the noise.

"Brooks! Where's your boss?!" Joey asks.

"Fuck- get out of here! …All of you…shit!" A SWAT officer replies, half-distracted.

After a few more attempts of the same, they finally find Brooks all the way out in the front. His hulking stature propped up against a chain of APCs and cop cars. A couple officers were shooting by his side, unloading round after round behind the barricade.

Brooks turned around and fired his HK416 rifle, then crouched back in position again.

"This is some fucking shit right here! Goddamn it! -What the fucking hell are you doin' here?!" Brooks had noticed Joey and the group as they came closer.

"We came here to stop this shit already!" Joey says.

"Is that right? You here that, boys. We're goin' home cus the cavalry's here!" Some of the officers burst out a chuckle even in their situation. "I don't have time for your fucking practical jokes so just fuck on right outta here!"

"It ain't just us. We got a lot of guys back there ready to fight." Joey fires back.

"Then send 'em to fucking Vietnam for all I care. I don't need no backup. My guys eat fucks like these by the fucking dozen, you hear!"

"Come on, man!" Frank interjects, "These guys have crates of weapons down there. You ain't gonna fucking finish them off like this!"

Brooks patience was thinning, "You mob fuckers don't know how the other side of the law works, so just let the big boys handle this-"

"GRENADE!" one of the SWAT officers shouts out.

A grenade comes flying through the air, landing just beside the APC where Brooks and company were situated.

"Shit!" Brooks blurts out.

Everyone scattered away, all except Rey who rushed to the time bomb, grabbed it, and flung it right back to where it came from. The grenade had almost reached the front doors again before it exploded in mid-air.

"Holy shit!" Frank exclaims in shock.

"That was… wow." Jake adds, completely in disbelief.

Brooks looks at him, mouth agape. "…Fuck, you wanna join the SWAT, son?"

"Nah, I'm good." Rey replies in his usual monotone voice.

Joey gets back on track, "This'll end much faster if you just accept our plan."

"-Huh? And what plan is that? Brooks replies.

"There's an underground tunnel that leads to the auction house." Joey informs him. "It was an emergency escape route under the basement. I'm gonna take a small group and sneak up on them while you and the rest keep them distracted."

Brooks stares at Joey without a word, brow furrowed and breathing heavy.

"Can you do that, chief?" Joey says.

Brooks takes out the magazine in his rifle and reloads it with a new one. He gets up and busts out a round on the auction house.

"Fuck. Fine. Do whatever you want!"

Joey orders Jake to get his men and runs off.

"You can go do your shit underground" Brooks shouts as they are about to leave, "but this thing is definitely finishing up sooner than you think… tank's gonna be here any minute now!"

"Woah, shit! A fucking tank, man?!" Frank says with great enthusiasm.

"Once my baby gets here, I'm gonna rip those fucking doors clean off and crush anything that gets in my way!" Brooks suddenly cracks out a grin just thinking about it.

Nevertheless, Joey and the rest went back to meet up with Jake.

"Alright, I'm just gonna need about 10 guys to go underground. Jake, you stay here and lead the rest of your crew. Take out as many as you can and just keep them preoccupied."

"Gotcha." He replies.

Then Joey and his group ran off to one of the side streets, while Jake and his crew charged forward.

Joey and company find themselves inside an alleyway a few blocks down the auction house. There was a lone abandoned shop with a display window and door that were both boarded up. The sign up top read: Watches Emporium.

"This is it, right?" Frank asks as he reads the sign.

"Yeah. That's what Smithy said, an abandoned watch store in an alley." Joey answers back.

Rey, Ari, and the remaining goons in their original group were there. Joining them were another 4 from Jake's crew, including the African-American they met before.

"Hey you, Afro Jack! Come here. Rey! You guys take out the boards." Joey orders. He feels up his injured arm, trying to gauge the pain. He winces a bit.

"I gotta name, ya know." The African-American guy says. "It's T-Bag, bitch."

Joey shows an incredulous look on his face, "…Okay, I'm just gonna keep calling you Afro Jack then."

They finally removed the boards on the door and got it open. The place was totally filthy from top to bottom. Cobwebs hung on the ceiling while rats scurried about. Dust settled all around them. Rey reached for a light switch on the wall and found one. He flicked it but nothing came on. The only light available was from the open door and a few cracks on the boarded up display window.

Frank covered his nose with the back of his hand. Ari couldn't help but sneeze. On the side of the room was a long display table that should have housed the watches, but there was none. The rest of the room was pretty much empty save for a couple of cement bags and empty crates that were left there.

"Alright, check the flooring. A part of the floor should be loose." Joey tells them.

They got down and started inspecting. The floors looked pretty normal even with the dust and grime. Though the whole room had marble flooring which was pretty unnatural for an ordinary, dilapidated watch store. It didn't take long before someone found something.

"Hey! Guys, there's something here! Ari exclaims. "Look at the corners here. They don't look even; kind of elevated."

Joey looks at it. "Pull it up. Come on, you guys help him."

Ari, T-Bag, and two others try to get a grip on the loose flooring. They get as much as they could and pull, but it was barely moving.

"Shit! This weighs like a fuck ton or sumthin'?" T-Bag yells.

"…It… It's moving a bit… but... it's freakin' hard. Like it won't move." Ari says.

They stopped to take a breather. Rey finds a crowbar under the counters and hands it to T-Bag. "Here, use this."

T-Bag goes for it one more time, forcing the crowbar in between. The other three help out as well.

"Shiiiiiiiiiiiiit! ...Come …on…!" T-Bag grunts through gritted teeth.

They suddenly hear a pop sound. The huge marble tile had risen considerably now, enough for their hands to get a good grip on it.

"Fuck! It's working, man!" Franks says.

"Everybody help out!" Joey shouts.

The rest try to get a grip on the marble tile, even Joey with his good arm. "Come on, pull!"

They all try to pull it up, but it was still hard as hell just to keep it from falling back down. With all their strength, they had made a big enough opening for someone to go through.

"Frank, try to fit inside!" Joey says.

"What?! Are you fucking nuts?" Franks blurts out.

"Just go already! …We can't fucking hold this forever!"

"Shit, man!" Frank reluctantly complies. They make space for him in front of the opening. It was still pretty narrow but barely manageable.

He tries to slink in the opening face-forward. "Fuck! I hope you guys don't crush me in half."

"Just…quit yap-…Fuuuck…! T-Bag tries to complete his sentence but couldn't concentrate enough from the fatigue.

Frank had his body halfway through when a panicked expression struck his face. "Oh-Oh, shit!"

"W…What?" Joey asks.

"I-I can't feel any surface down here. There's nothing there!"

"Doesn't matter, just keep going!

"But what if it's a fucking 10-foot drop?!"

"Damn it, Frank… Fucking go!" Joey motions to the two other goons near him. "Push him down."

They nod and go over to Frank who still had half his body there.

"W-What- Hey, shit!- No- C-Come on!-" Frank protests before the two forcibly push him down the opening. Frank tried to grab onto the marble tile before slipping and falling down the hole.

"Frank!… …you alive?" Joey shouts.

There was no reply for a few moments until… "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck you Joey! Shit, man! Fucking shit!"

"What's down there?" Joey asks, ignoring the profanities.

"It's the fucking sewers!" Frank replies. "Goddamn it! You pushed me into sewage water! …*sniff* -fuck, I smell like shit!"

"Alright… someone go in next!" Joey tells them.

"Boss… I can't hold it much longer!" Ari says; his arms were already shaking.

"M-Me too…fuck…" Another goon admits.

"Shit… okay… on the count of three, we all let go.

"One… …two…" Before Joey could get to three a mechanical whirring had started to come alive. In an instant, all that resistance from the marble tile they were desperately trying to hold had disappeared. Now the tile itself was moving backward on its own accord. They looked around to see Rey beside the counter, his hand pressed on some kind of switch.

"Oh, so that's what it does." Rey calmly remarks.

Suddenly, they heard Frank screaming one long "Fuck" down below.

The fighting was still fierce on Brooks' side. Jake's crew had joined them, taking Big-O's group by surprise. They managed to take down a number of guys in the auction house, but more of them were still coming out. Plus, their barrage didn't seem to wane because of the sheer number of weapons and ammo they had at their disposal.

"Damn, they just keep coming." Jake exclaims as he fires another round at them.

"You and your pansies are welcome to hightail it outta here anytime!" Brooks fires back, but Jake ignores him. "Though I gotta admit these fuckers are fucking stubborn as hell. Heh. It's only a matter of time-"

"Captain, look!" One of the SWAT officers shouts out.

Their eyes dart toward the front doors where a man stood just a few inches past it, supporting a rocket launcher on his shoulders. He started to take aim.

"RPG! EVERYONE, MOVE BACK!" Brooks screams.

Brooks, Jake, and the rest of them hurriedly retreated away from the barricade of cars just as the rocket zoomed toward it. The rocket hit the APC where Brooks had been covering and exploded on impact. A giant ball of flame erupted, and seconds later the APC blew up in a fiery explosion as well.

"F… Fucking hell! Ugh..." Brooks mutters. He was staggering, trying to get to his feet.

Jake's ears were ringing as he lay on the floor; head still spinning. Suddenly, another explosion had occurred. Brooks turned around to see the other APC up in flames. But it didn't stop there, the cop cars next to them were on fire now, ready to explode at any moment. It had become a chain of exploding cars.

"Goddamn! Come on!" Brooks started running with all his might. He pulled up one of his officers off the ground and pushed him to move. Then he took Jake by the shirt and literally dragged him by his side.

The cop car on the right exploded wildly; one of the car doors was blown clean off, smashing itself on the head of a goon nearby. It wasn't a pretty sight. Then another explosion and another. Brooks and co were still running when he took a glance back.

"Get down!" Brooks yells.

He pushes down both the officer and Jake to the ground. A rocket narrowly zips past them and hits another car ahead. They stay on the ground with Brooks taking out his radio.

"Shit! Ramirez, where are my snipers?! Go take out that fucking RPG already!" Brooks screams at the radio.

"We can't get a clear shot yet!" the radio responds.

Brooks can't help but unleash another flurry of curses. Suddenly, a large piercing flash soared above them and smashed right at the center of the auction house. It exploded violently, leaving torn-off limbs and burnt flesh in its wake. Brooks' eyes widened, showing a manic look of joy.

"Fuck yes! Come to poppa, my little angel!"

The tank came rolling closer to them, firing off another shot into the auction house. The tide of battle was firmly on their side now. Another goon with a rocket launcher came out and fired off a round but it barely dented the massive tank. His guts would spray everywhere seconds later when the tank returned the favor. And then the firing had stopped.

"Hold it!" Brooks commanded.

They waited for the rubble and dust to clear out. Once it did, they found a woman coming out of the entrance way.

"Please… please, don't shoot…" the woman says in a barely audible voice. She was scared shitless, her eyes reddened to exhaustion.

"Say it! Louder!" a voice behind her demanded.

"We… We've got hostages in here!" she said in a louder voice now, "Put-Put down your guns… o-or everyone else gets… gets a bullet in their h…h-head."

"Fucking hell! Put down you guns, nobody fire anything!" Brooks orders.

Then an enormous man emerges from the entrance, just beside the sobbing woman.

"That's him, captain." a SWAT officer says.

"Yeah. Oskar." Brooks replies.

Oskar held a megaphone in his hand and started to use it, "Police, put down your weapons."

His thick Russian accent echoed throughout the area. "We have many hostages inside. If you want to see them alive, you let us through."

"Like I'll fucking do that you sick fucking Commie freak!" Brooks fires back.

Oskar steps back and draws out his gun, "Very well. Then this woman will be first victim."

The woman screams as he cocks the pistol and aims it at her.

"Okay, okay! Stop! Let's... Let's talk it out first!" Brooks concedes.

"No more talk. Unless you accept our demands." Oskar says.

"Okay, fine! How bout this… I go inside with you, and we'll talk about your demands. But you gotta let the hostages go. Deal?"

Oskar thinks for a moment, but eventually agrees. He orders his men to bring out the hostages, about 7 of them. Brooks puts down his rifle, but checks on the handgun strapped to his ankle.

"If they try to do anything, shoot to kill. Got that?" Brooks tells his officer. "Once they take me and you get the hostages out, wait 20 minutes before you start firing on these fucking cocksuckers again. Remember, once I'm in. 20 minutes."

"Cap, what about you?" the officer asks.

"Don't fucking know. Don't fucking care." Brooks simply answers him, before heading out to the auction house.

He reaches the smoldering entrance way where he meets eye-to-eye with Oskar. They were both hulking men that towered over everybody. Oskar had a nasty smile on his face while Brooks looked stone-faced as ever.

"You let the hostages go, that's the deal." Brooks barks.

"Of course." Oskar tells his men to let the hostages go. One by one they scurried away from the auction house and into the SWAT officers.

As the last of them left, Oskar ushered Brooks inside but he didn't budge.

"I thought we had a deal, politeski?" Oskar says with a hint of hostility.

But Brooks is unfazed by it. "Is that all the hostages?" he demands.

Oskar turns to one of his goons, who slowly nods back. "That is all, politeski. Let's go talk."

This time Brooks had no say in it as a goon behind him points a gun at him. They walk inside, but not before Brooks takes a glance at his watch and back to the SWAT officers. Oskar and his men walk into a long hallway with Brooks and two others just behind. They stop halfway, in front of two oak doors.

"Inside." Oskar commands to the SWAT chief.

Brooks glares at him for a moment, almost as if trying to intimidate him. He turns away and opens the oak doors. It was large room filled with expensive furnishings that were pushed to the side. A number of Oskar's men were waiting there, but what he saw next filled him with anger: three women and a man lay kneeling in a corner, bound and gagged.

"You fucking scumbag! You still got hostages in- argh?!" Brooks had been struck in both legs. He came crashing to his knees, and then another one smacks the butt of his rifle on Brooks' jaw.

"Stupid politeski. So gullible." Oskar laughs as he kicks Brooks in the stomach. "You're our hostage now."

"Fucking Commie…" Brooks slurs, his mouth dripping blood now.

Oskar kicks him hard again, this time targeting his face.

"You killed my men, politeski. Now you're going to pay back each and every one."

Joey and the rest of his group were now walking inside the sewers. There were no intersections so they just had to follow the way onwards. The place was pitch black with only a handful of flashlights at their disposal.

"Damn it. Keep that light steady. You hear me, Afro Jack?" Joey exclaims.

T-Bag had moved the flashlight down on his feet. "Shit, I thought something tried to get in my kicks! A nigga ain't supposed to be down here, ya know!"

"Stop freaking out, you pussy!" Joey shouts back.

Frank was trying to dry out his clothes, "Fuck, man! Does shit water ever come off? I liked this shirt, dammit."

"…Wait." Joey says. Everyone was silent, clutching their weapons just a bit tighter. A second passed before Joey spoke again. "…You didn't see that?"

"See what?" Rey asks.

"Thought I saw something shine up ahead."

They all squint their eyes, trying to see anything in the dark.

"I… don't see anything." Ari concedes.

"Oh s-shit, man! Maybe you saw a ghost." T-Bag stammers.

"What kind of fucking ghost shines?" Frank argues.

"An-An… An angel, that's what!"

"That's not a ghost, you dumbass."

"Alright, just shut it with the ghosts!" Joey tells off the two. "Come on, let's just keep moving!"

They all keep going forward, reaching the very end of the tunnel without any incidents. Rey spots a door on the left.

"This is it. This must be the entrance."

Joey clutches the door's handle, it wasn't locked. "Get your guns ready."

He slowly pushes the door to reveal a flight of stairs. One by one, they go up.

At the top, Joey finds another door in front of him. He pushes it open to find complete darkness once more.

"Gimme the flashlight" Joey says. T-Bag hands it to him. "We split the group into two. The area ahead is too fucking dark. Rey, stay with your flashlight until we get out."

Joey slowly enters the room, followed by Frank, then T-Bag, and then a goon…

"Come on, hurry up! Stick with me." Joey says.

Once the second goon had gotten up, that completed the first group. Rey waited a moment before he started up the stairs.

"-Wait!" Ari suddenly blurts out in a hushed tone. He stops Rey in his tracks.

"What the- mrmph!" Ari quickly covers Rey's mouth.

Back in the room upstairs…

"Everyone still here?" Joey asks, shining the flashlight behind him. "…Where's the other light? What happened to-"

In an instant, bright lights started flashing inside what turned out to be a very large room.


Joey heard those words, but his eyes were still adjusting to the sudden illumination. He could finally make out his surroundings, only to see a dozen men pointing their guns at him and his group. Suddenly, a man comes forward. He had greasy, unkempt hair. A big scar that ran from his right cheek down to his jaw, and he wore a bulletproof vest that had spray paint on it outside his shirt.

"Well, well, well. Looks like we caught us some big fucking rats!" the man speaks in a menacing tone.

Joey was stunned as he saw the man in front of him. He never expected this man to be here, out of all places that he could have gone to. The only thing he could say was-


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